Mother Fails Maternity Test For Reasons Most People Don’t Think Are Possible

Lydia Fairchild was a mother of three in Washington. When she split with her boyfriend, she anticipated rough seas ahead for her family. But she never predicted that government officials would threaten to take her children away because her DNA test said that she wasn’t related to her kids.

Despite having doctors and witnesses during Lydia’s childbirth, court officials still doubted her identity as a mother. When Lydia became pregnant with another child, DNA results said that the embryo in her womb wasn’t related to her. So, what happened? Read on to learn about a phenomenon that few people believe exists.

It All Hit Her When She Was Low

Around 2006, Lydia Fairchild broke up with her boyfriend, Jaime Townsend. The pair had three kids, and their separation would impact the family in a way that nobody had anticipated. Lydia was 26, had no job, and now had to care for her children on her own.

Lydia Fairchild, her boyfriend Jaime, and their three kids
Youtube/Omar on fly
Youtube/Omar on fly

In Washington state, Lydia applied for government assistance in order to have enough money to provide for her children. When she approached the Department of Social Services, things rapidly went downhill.