The Biggest Trials Of The Past 20 Years That Still Have People Talking

Let’s be honest, we all have a little guilty pleasure that revolves around high profile trials. Some of them have staying power because they involve powerful people stealing billions from the American people. Others are completely mind-boggling. This list takes a look at the biggest trials of the past two decades that attracted a heavy media presence with it.

In cases where national and worldwide media are on-hand covering a trial, it adds a sensational element that piques public interest. This ends up inflating the proceedings even more. It’s a nasty cycle that we’ll never be able to break. Every one of the trials you’re about to see has been dubbed the “trial of the century”. So which one do you think takes the cake?

O.J Simpson

This remains one of the most high profile trials of all time. It’s the case that set the bar for the many 24/7 news channels we see today. It’s what made CourtTV (now TruTV) a household name because it seems like everyone in the world was locked into every minute of that trial.

Julie Jacobson-Pool/Getty Images
Julie Jacobson-Pool/Getty Images

There were a lot of layers to this incident that made it so captivating. From the low-speed police chase to finding O.J in the back of his white Ford Bronco, it had a bit of everything. It was also one of the most sensationalized court cases in history. The entire country held their breath when the jury gave a ‘not guilty’ verdict on October 3, 1995.