The Real Reason This Bride Invited Her Husband’s Ex To Her Wedding

Creating a guest list for your wedding can be tough. Of course, you invite your parents, your siblings, your close friends, but it gets tougher when you have to choose whether or not to invite coworkers and distant relatives.

People don’t usually invite their partner’s exes to their wedding (unless they’re Meghan Markle). This bride invited her husband’s ex to her big day because she wanted to share an important message with her.

An Extra Guest

The day you get married is often the most significant day of your life up to that point. It’s not an event that people take lightly. Inviting your husband’s ex just isn’t something that most people are okay with.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

A lot of the guests at this wedding were pretty confused about the decision.

Creating A Scene

Jeremy Musser and Katie Hild were all set to get married. They planned to have their wedding in 2017. She spent a whole year making sure the day would be perfect.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Part of her vision was that she wanted Jeremy’s ex-partner, Casey, to attend the wedding.

All Getting Together

Katie had something important that she wanted to say to Casey. She was determined to call attention to Casey on her big day. Katie had it all planned.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

She wanted to tell her something important before it was too late. A wedding is a perfect time to make a big announcement.

How It All Started

Jeremy and Katie met back on April 17, 2013. Both Jeremy and Katie were still in college at the time.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Katie remembers the day super well because, on that day, her life changed forever. She knew she had met the man of her dreams.

Budding Romance

As soon as they met, the couple became inseparable. The got along immediately. This is as close to love at first sight as you can get.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Things were going well, but just six weeks into their relationship, one of them had some huge news to share.

The News

Katie got a text from Jeremy. In the text, Jeremy admitted that he had a son. Katie was a bit surprised, but this didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Yes, they were young, but a lot of men have kids and don’t end up staying with the mother of their child.

A Bit Of A Shock

Katie asked Jeremy how old his son was. She assumed the kid was probably two or three years old.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Jeremy told her that his son, Landon was born on April 28th, just a week before Katie and Jeremy went on their first date. Jeremy had a newborn.

Katie Almost Ended The Relationship

Katie was pretty shocked that Jeremy never told her that he had a child. This was a huge surprise. Katie thought about ending the relationship because Jeremy hadn’t been totally honest with her.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

She texted Jeremy back and told him that he must be so excited to be a father.

The Introduction

It wasn’t long before Casey and Katie met each other in person. At first, Katie and Casey really didn’t get along.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Not only did Jeremy have to deal with being a new father, he also had to deal with his ex and his new girlfriend fighting all the time.

Casey Moved On

Just when Katie and Casey had started to figure out their differences for Landon’s sake, Casey started a new relationship with a man named Tyler. Casey and Tyler got married, but Tyler and Jeremy didn’t get along.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

The two men would fight over the smallest things, and Jeremy didn’t like that Tyler was trying to be Landon’s dad.

Katie And Jeremy’s Wedding

A little while later, Jeremy proposed to Katie and Katie enthusiastically said yes. Katie decided that it was important for her for Casey and Tyler to be at the wedding.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

She wanted to say something to them in front of all her friends and family.

The Announcement

Katie and Jeremy were just about to say their vows when the officiant told Casey and Tyler to stand up.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Katie pulled out a piece of paper and began explaining why she had invited the couple to her special day. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Katie.

A Heartfelt Speech

The bride began by thanking both of them for coming along to their big day. She also wanted to show her appreciation to Casey for letting her become part of Landon’s life all these years.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Katie continued that she wanted to “respect, work, listen, and communicate together as co-parents.”

A Lucky Little Boy

Katie had become a massive part of Landon’s life, and marrying Jeremy was the next step in officially making Landon, Casey, and Tyler part of her family.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Katie promised to love Landon for the rest of her life, no matter what. She knew that committing to Jeremy also meant committing to Landon.

Hugs All Around

Landon now has two sets of parents who love him. He knew he would be surrounded by so much love.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Katie told Landon that she has been incredibly lucky to have been in his life since the beginning and that she enjoyed watching him grow up over the past four years. She told him that she’d be there for him every step of the way as his “bonus mommy.”

A Special Gift

Katie had more than just a speech planned for Landon’s mom. Katie also bought Casey an extra sunflower bracelet just like the one she handed out to all of her bridesmaids.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Katie and Jeremy gave roses to their mothers as part of their ceremony. Katie wanted Landon to join in by giving Casey her very own rose.

Building Bridges

It turns out that Jeremy had a surprise of his own up his sleeve. He announced that he had a message for Tyler.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

He thanked Tyler for stepping up and raising Landon as his own son. He said he wanted them to put their differences behind them. They decided to grab a drink together in the future.

Becoming New Friends

It wasn’t until the end of the wedding when all the guests were saying goodbye that Tyler plucked up the courage to talk to Jeremy.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

He said that he’d like to be friends with Jeremy and hang out sometime. Katie’s words brought a whole family together.

Extending The Love

Katie wants the entire world to understand that everyone needs to communicate if they want to co-parent productively.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

No child should have to deal with their parents not getting along. Landon is so lucky to have the love of two parents and two step-parents in his life.

Taking The Internet By Storm

Katie had only planned on making this announcement to the guests at her wedding, but pretty soon, everyone was talking about the event on social media.

Facebook/Katie H. Muss
Facebook/Katie H. Muss

Marrying Jeremy wasn’t just about becoming a wife, it was about creating a new, wonderful blended family. This is a story that everybody can learn from.

Break A Leg

Kevin was living a happy life and was above average in terms of his health. He was generally a positive person and wouldn’t let the slightest negative incident affect his spirit. Little did Kevin know, but one accident would change the course of his life forever.

One day, in 2001, Kevin broke his leg in a terrible accident. It’s an injury that typically requires a cast, a minor surgery, or another common procedure to heal. He pushed through the pain and probably figured a few months in a cast would do the trick, but this break became far more complicated than anything Kevin could have imagined.

Bad News Get Worse

The break in his leg struck a nerve, and Kevin was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). The condition is often associated with burning pain, extreme tenderness, an overwhelming swelling of extremities, along with varying degrees of sweating from warmth and or/coolness to flushing, discoloration, and shining skin.

The doctors treating Kevin’s leg had told him it was one of the worst cases they had ever seen. Typically, treatment is most effective when the condition is caught early, but Kevin’s personal injury was about to take a devastating blow and his current plans would have to take an even more drastic turn.

Losing Himself

The nerve damage from the break was simply too great and his condition worsened, causing him more pain each day. He did everything he was told to do in order to quell the pain and begin the healing process. The doctors also did everything they could to help Kevin heal but, in the end, they had no choice but to amputate the leg.

Kevin was forced to acclimate to his new life confined to a wheelchair, and he was about to face the biggest test ever laid before him. Kevin’s life was in disarray, but he began to prove just how ironclad his spirit was.

“It Could Always Be Worse

It would be easy for Kevin to fall into a fit of depression. Anyone facing the possibility of losing an important extremity would be tempted to simply give up on life itself. Instead, he decided to pick his head up and continue a new life while saying, “You can’t let it get to you.” Everything he had planned for himself would need to be rearranged, but Kevin realized “it could always be worse.”

He picked his head up, brushed off his fears, and dove right into his new life with a renewed sense of purpose. His friends and family were not surprised.

Kevin Continues To Live His Life

Kevin’s ability to look past his injury and cope with his new reality impressed his friends and family. Even though Kevin was surrounded by so much support, he continued to be an inspiration to everyone around him.

His brother spoke of Kevin’s unmatched bravery stating, “The most amazing thing about Kevin, all that he’s dealt with he’s never complained. Him being in a wheelchair never phased him one bit.” The only thing that was missing in Kevin’s life was someone to share it with. Small fears of remaining lonely were inevitable, but Kevin remained optimistic.

He Finds True Love

There was a hole left in Kevin’s heart that needed to be filled. What point is moving on with a new life without someone to share it with? Would he meet someone? Would that person look beyond the wheelchair and see the real Kevin? One bright and shining day, he met Kim and it was love at first sight. The hole had been filled and there was an instant connection between them. She recalls thinking, “He’s the most amazing human being I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

Despite making an instant connection, the new couple had some very real-world challenges in front of them.

Love At First Sight

Kevin was surprised by the way Kim looked at him. Sometimes he felt as though people pitied him with their eyes or spent time with him because they felt bad.

Even with girls he met, he felt like they were just feeling sorry for him. He had gotten used to women constantly staring at his leg or going out on a date with him out of sympathy. But Kim was different. “It was love at first sight,” he said. “She looked at me as if I’m not in a wheelchair.” Kim and Kevin’s love began to blossom into something real.

The Couple Gets Engaged

Kevin knew she was the one woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, there was no question about it. Kevin knew their life would be difficult; even the proposal wouldn’t be as traditional since Kevin couldn’t get down on one knee. He decided to go for it anyway.

One beautiful day, Kevin found the perfect moment and called Kim outside to meet him, and from the confines of his chair, asked her to be his bride. And of course, she said “YES!” But no one was prepared for what would happen at the wedding…

The Big Day Arrives

Months passed and the big day had finally arrived at Caprock Winery in Lubbock, Texas, a popular venue for wedding ceremonies offering a traditional Texas wine tasting experience in a beautifully picturesque landscape.

Everything was planned out perfectly, and the day could not have looked better. The flowers had been delivered and set it place. Guests began to arrive and found their seats facing the altar to witness Kevin and Kim’s union of hearts. Even as their friends and family traded stories of the two lovebirds, little did they know that Kevin had staged a glorious surprise for everyone, especially Kim…

Seats Begin To Fill

People traveled from all over the country to see the couple get hitched and witness the perfect union of two people deeply in love. Close friends and family in attendance had already found their seats and the ceremony was about to begin. Music softly filled the air as the sun shined outside.

Meanwhile, Kevin was waiting for his big moment in a private room. Laughing and talking, he patiently waited for his big moment, and no one could guess he was hiding a shocking secret. He was cool, calm and collected, and didn’t appear the least bit nervous about what was about to happen.

Here Comes The Bride

Everyone was sitting patiently while waiting for the big moment until the couple could finally say, “I do.” Everything was in place for the ceremony to begin. Just then, the doors opened and a hush fell over the crowd.

Every head in the house turned to see Kim standing extravagantly in the doorway linked to her father’s arm. The officiant asked the congregation to stand up as the bride was escorted down the aisle. Kim most likely believed this was her special day, but she did not realize how special it was about to become. This was no ordinary wedding…

What Is Kevin Doing

Kevin turned his head and stared in amazement at the beautiful woman that would soon be his wife as she walked down the aisle. His mind was racing, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal what he had been holding inside for months.

As she slowly approached, he waited for the perfect second to reveal his big secret. The couple’s eyes were locked onto each other and Kevin knew Kim had no idea what was about to happen. As she approached even closer, he decided to reveal his big secret. He leaned forward and everyone began to wonder what on Earth he was doing…

Kevin Stands Tall

Kevin had been confined to that chair for nearly 13 years and no one ever expected him to get out of it. He was told many times that he would never walk again. And just like that, he leaned forward and jaws began to drop around the room. Gasps of his loved ones filled the air, and Kevin began to push himself up.

After a small struggle, Kevin brought himself to an upright position in front of everyone gathered for the wedding. He was standing for the first time in over a decade. Kim was stunned in utter amazement at what her soon-to-be husband was doing.

The Best Kept Secret

And for the first time ever, Kim was staring at her husband-to-be standing in front of her with a distinctly proud smile across his face. Hundreds of questions were probably racing around in Kim’s mind, and where should she begin? How had Kevin been keeping this from her for so long? What was going on?

In his spare time, Kevin had been taking physical therapy classes throughout the entire year prior to the wedding. He pushed himself and worked against all odds with only this moment in mind. Kim’s reaction was the one thing he had been looking forward to.

The Greatest Wedding Gift

All of the hard work, secrets, and white lies had been worth the wait; Kim’s reaction was priceless, and some of the cameras caught a glimpse of the moment. While the tears were streaming down her cheeks and trickling across her lips, the smile wouldn’t dissipate from her face. Kim could not appear more surprised, happy, and shocked all at once.

What she was feeling inside is anyone’s guess, but her heart was probably flooded with nothing but positive feelings. There has never been a wedding day surprise quite like this one. No material object could replace this present, but that wasn’t all…

Kevin Walks To His Bride

Still stunned, Kevin began to take steps towards Kim and the crowd witnessed Kevin walk towards his bride to meet her at the end of the aisle. Not only had Kevin worked to muster up the strength to stand next to the love of his life on their wedding day, but he had also learned to take steps to take her as his wife.

Kevin held out his arm so Kim’s father could give the bride away. The couple held a strong and passionate embrace in what was the first hug with the both of them standing up together.

What Wheelchair?

Kim never expected to see Kevin stand, let alone walk on his own. She saw beyond all of that at the sweet, kind-hearted, and positive man he was on the inside. The fact that this man had just endured months of physical pain as he trained his body to do something he was told would never happen just speaks volumes of his love for her.

“I don’t see the wheelchair at all, I never have. It doesn’t bother me because it’s the person inside, not who they are physically and his heart makes up for any lack of limb that he has.”

Love Was The Only Medicine He Needed

The witnesses to their matrimony could not hold back their emotions either, and there was not a dry eye in the house. Would you be able to hold back your tears? Gigantic smiles, raucous cheers, happy hugs, and plenty of tissues were passed around the entire venue as everyone celebrated the perfect union. Kevin’s mom had the perfect words for the awe-inspiring moment, “It seems like love was the medicine he needed.”

Most people plan every second of their wedding and, even though they know what is going to happen next, still manage to let their emotions get the best of them.

Seeing Him Walk For The First Time

Kim had planned every second of her wedding, but could never prepare herself for what she had just witnessed. She could not contain herself, nor contain the love she felt for this man.

She had accepted the fact that Kevin might not ever walk again and would be in a wheelchair throughout the remainder of their days. She was probably never so happy to be so completely wrong. She even admitted, “I just saw him walk for the first time ever and I’m blown away, I thought I’d fall over backward, I honestly did.”

Nothing Will Stop Him. Nothing…

The couple read their vows, said the two famous words, and gave each other a long and passionate kiss. Kim could not be more proud of the man she chose to spend the rest of her life with. “Nothing has stopped him before, but now that he’s walking there’s nothing that’s going to stop him, nothing.”

The next time you think you know someone, there is always something they can do to surprise you. There is no amount of love that can keep us from accomplishing the unbelievable and overcome any obstacle that life throws at us.

Love Is All You Need

It’s true what they say: love is all you need. Love is an incredibly powerful motivator that gives people hope and pushes them to do extraordinary things. If Kevin and Kim had not met and fallen so madly in love, Kevin’s life could have been extraordinarily different. Yet it was his love for her that pushed Kevin to accomplish what was thought by many people to be impossible.

It is stories like this one that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that true love exists. The tale of Kevin Taylor and Kim Didway is not the only extraordinary story of the power of love, however.