The Strange Disappearance Of Nicholas Barclay

Having a child go missing is any parents’ worst nightmare. Sadly, most missing children die within the first 24 hours. That’s why it was miraculous when one missing child, Nicholas Barclay, was found alive and well only three years later.

The Barclay family was overjoyed to hear that their son had been located, but when he returned home, something just wasn’t right. Read on about the strange disappearance and equally strange reappearance of Nicholas Barclay.

Vanished Into Thin Air

Nicholas Barclay was only 13 years old when he vanished from his hometown of San Antonio, Texas on the evening of June 13, 1994. That day would be burned into his family’s memories for terrible reasons.

The police investigation and the events that would come from his disappearance not only shocked Nicky’s family, but it shocked the world.