Wardrobe Essentials For Women Of A Certain Age

As we get older, it can be difficult to determine the best things to wear day-to-day. Styles are ever-changing, so something that was flattering in a woman’s early adulthood probably won’t look the same in her later years. This dilemma might make some older women lose hope, but there are actually many items that will still look sophisticated and stylish at any age. Women of a certain age should consider adding these must-have wardrobe pieces to their closets.

Always Own A Trusty Blazer

Finding the perfect blazer can be a game-changer in an older woman’s wardrobe. There are several varieties including single and double-breasted, which make them very versatile.


Try not to get a blazer that’s too snug around the back and don’t hesitate to get it tailored perfectly to your body. Blazers can be great for casual style when paired with some jeans or dressed up with a sweater, skirt, and heels. The most important areas of your body to focus on with a blazer are the shoulder fit and the sleeve length.