Why This Bus Driver Instantly Called The Cops When A Boy Boarded His Bus

Bus drivers transport hundreds of people on a daily basis. They see various faces get on and off their buses. Some are regulars and some they will only see that day. That’s precisely the experience Tim Watson has on his daily bus route. But one fateful day, a couple of new faces would become stuck in his mind forever. When a man and a little boy boarded his bus on June 5, 2015, Watson couldn’t have imagined what he would have to do next. But thanks to his sharp eyes and instinctive actions, Watson would become a hero.

It Wasn’t Going To Be A Typical Day

When Tim Watson arrived for work one Friday morning, he didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. Most days were typically the same for the bus driver. He’d start his route and watch the collection of passengers pass through his bus at every stop.

tim watson bay area bus driver

In the eight months that Watson had been working for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, he’d seen his fair share of passengers. Some were happy to be there, while others had seen better days. Each passenger was preoccupied with their lives and he knew to stay out of their business – until one little boy entered his bus.