Woman Won $8.5 Million But Never Received Money Due To “Malfunction”

Every year, over 50 million people visit casinos hoping to make it big. Over 90% of these visitors leave with nothing. In 2015, a loan officer vacationed at a casino and hit the jackpot: over $8.5 million! Her winning only lasted minutes, however. She never received the money due to a “machine malfunction.”

There’s a lot more to Veronica Castillo’s case than meets the eye. Not only has this malfunction never happened in at least 20 years, but it also shouldn’t be possible. Does the casino owe Veronica her winnings? Check out the story that has the internet fired up.

What Started As An Average Trip To The Slots…

In 2015, Portland, Oregon native Veronica Castillo spent the day at Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester. The 45-year-old loan officer wanted to spend some quality time with her mother. She certainly wasn’t expecting to make national headlines.

Veronica Castillo with a flower in her hair
Facebook/Veronica Castillo
Facebook/Veronica Castillo

Although gambling relies on chance, Veronica knew her way around numbers. She decided to test her luck at the slot machines, a game where everyone–beginner and veteran gamblers alike–has equal odds.