Age Is Just A Number: These People Shared The Honest Reality Of What #GettingOldMeans

Getting through a groggy Monday that’s filled with crappy traffic can only mean one thing — making a #GettingOldMeans Tweet from the good people of Twitter. Apparently, everyone has something to say about this ordeal.

By adulthood, you should have understood that old people go to bed early, their hangovers last for more than one day, and they complain about everything. If that’s not a reality check for you, I don’t know what is.

1900 Shouldn’t Be An Option

I’ve always wondered about that. Is it there just in case someone over 100 years old might need new slippers on Amazon?

Photo Credit: @DaSkrambledEgg/Twitter
Photo Credit: @DaSkrambledEgg/Twitter

I hate the ones that you have to scroll all the way back through month by month until you get to the year, date, and month. Who has that kind of time?