Americans No Longer Want To Live In These States And They’re Moving On To Greener Pastures

With 50 states in the nation, it’s hard to choose where to settle down. One thing is for certain, though, there are some states Americans no longer want to live in. Whether it’s the high cost of living in sunny California or the unemployment rate in Mississippi, people are flocking out of their native states to find greener pastures elsewhere in the United States.

Survey data, polls, and resident testimony made it clear which states are less favorable among Americans. Keep scrolling to see which states people no longer want to live in; some might surprise you.

Georgia Has Become Too Expensive

While it might come as a surprise to see Georgia on this list, there is a reason. People tend to visit Georgia, typically Atlanta, but they don’t move there. On the contrary, it seems people are trying to leave the state. What it comes down to are expenses.


Governing magazine acknowledged that rent costs were up 28% in the city since 2000, compared to the nine percent raise in other states around the country. In 2018, A HotPads report found that the renting prices were rising three times faster than that of other cities. It’s no wonder people want to find other places to settle down!