Here’s How Often It’s Recommended You Should Be Cleaning Common Household Items

The importance of maintaining good hygiene in the home has never been more relevant. This is a good time to check in and take a look at how often we should be cleaning our everyday household items. Spoiler alert: it’s more frequently than you might think.

From computer keyboards to TV remotes and even air-conditioning filters, there’s never been a better time to give your home a good antibacterial spruce-up. Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep your abode in tip-top shape.

Kitchen Counters: Daily

It might go without saying, but keeping the area where you prepare your food clean is a huge priority. Every time you cook raw meat like chicken, it’s not just the knives you use that need a good cleaning. Studies have shown that it’s difficult to know exactly how far dangerous germs like Salmonella can spread, so wiping down your counters daily is vital.

kitchen counter cleaning
Jason Briscoe/Unsplash
Jason Briscoe/Unsplash

The best product to use is an antibacterial spray or a sanitizing product that kills all the nasties. No one wants to end up with food poisoning when it could’ve been avoided by simply washing down the surfaces.