New Year’s Traditions From Around The World

Ringing in the New Year often involves celebrations, parties, and tradition. Maybe your family always cooks the same meal to end the year, or maybe you have a friend that always throws the best New Year’s bash. In America, it’s tradition to have a New Year’s kiss and countdown from ten, but what about everywhere else in the world?

Each country around the globe has a different way of making sure the new year brings health, prosperity, happiness, and luck. There are even certain clothes and foods people eat on December 31. Read on and learn about the different traditions for New Year’s Eve, and who knows, maybe you’ll find one you want to adopt this year.

Get Spooky In The Cemetary In Chile

If you can’t sit through a horror film then don’t even think about visiting Chile for New Year’s Eve. In one small town, Tulca, it is tradition to spend the last night of the year at a sleepover in the local cemetery.

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Fernando Lavoz/NurPhoto/Getty Images
Fernando Lavoz/NurPhoto/Getty Images

The locals believe that their dead relatives come back to the graveyard to celebrate the end of the year. The townspeople will make fires, bring meals, and decorate the graves for an extra spooky celebration.