That’s… That’s Not How Women Work

There are some men in this world who are very confused about the way women actually work. Women are strange creatures with strange hormones. Men don’t seem to know what we want or what we are.

Keep reading to see some people who are very confused about half of the human population. Women aren’t really these magical, complex creatures, no matter how hard the world tries to tell us that we’re special emotional unicorns.

What A Girl Wants

I can promise you from the bottom of my heart that no woman in the whole world has ever wished that her chips were less crunchy. Chips are supposed to be crunchy.

Photo Credit: galinula / Reddit
Photo Credit: galinula / Reddit

Yeah, sometimes they’re annoying to eat during a meeting, but I’d rather just eat my chips when it’s ok to be noisy than eat a stale, non-crunchy chip.