The Best And Worst States For Military Retirees

Don’t you just love when someone else does the leg-work for you? If you’re thinking of retiring from the military, you can stop asking Siri your questions and take a look at this list, which breaks down the most important factors for you. In 2018, WalletHub ranked the best and worst states for military retirees based on the economy, quality of life, and access to healthcare.

The average age for officers to retire from the military is 45-years-old, so depending on the situation, they could be working for another twenty years. That’s why the economic environment is a key factor in this decision making. Quality of life is, of course, important to anyone, and access to health care is a must for military retirees who may have been injured while serving. Here are the top five states for veterans to retire, as well as the bottom five that should be avoided. The irony of the worst place for veterans to retire is too much to handle!

#1 Florida


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What stands out the most about Florida is its high quality of life. WalletHub ranked the state #5 out of 51 for that sunshine, beach, fishing, and golf links. When it comes to the economy and business opportunities, Florida is paving the way for veterans by making it easier to start a business in the sunshine state.

Florida State Official Adam Putnam said, “We’re going to waive the application fees on almost every occupational license that’s out there.” There’s also no state income tax or taxes on military pensions.