The Vanderbilts’ Manhattan Mansion Is For Sale If You Have $50 Million

Manhattan’s Upper East Side has become known for its wealth and prosperity. To many, the idea of an 18,504 square foot home in Manhattan seems absurd and way out of their price range. Even for the wealthy, 18,000+ square feet of living space might give them pause thanks to its $50 million price tag. In the early days of New York, before the turn of the 20th century, Robert B. Lynd developed the mansion in the heart of what would become one of the most fame-ridden places in the world. Naturally, one of the richest families in America had to have it and in 1924, the Vanderbilts moved into the mansion.

The Most Famous Street In Manhattan

The white mansion boasts four rows of three large, rectangular windows apparent from the street view.
Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Douglas Elliman Real Estate

In case you couldn’t tell by the treetops, this photograph doesn’t reveal all seven stories of the mansion. The twelve giant windows visible in this shot are only a few of the house’s many perks.

The mansion sits on East 72nd Street, known as the stomping ground for the great artists and fashion designers of the world. It’s just one block from Central Park; although, owning 18,000 square feet of historical property might make other landmarks less thrilling.