What It’s Really Like To Live In Iran Today

For many people living in North America, Iran is a completely unknown place that is simply close to Iraq. Our first thoughts jump to mosques, deserts, and women in hijabs. The Middle Eastern nation is the continuation of the oldest civilization in history, yet, the country isn’t only historical sites and sand.

The Rich Kids Of Iran, a distaste for suit ties, and a love of heavy metal set Iran apart. I bet you never thought you’d share a passion for parkour with the women of Iran. Expand your knowledge of one of the oldest, and most fascinating civilizations in the world as it continues to make news headlines.

Iran Has One Of The Youngest Populations In The World

The youth of Iran has been growing for years and don’t seem to be stopping. Seventy percent of Iran’s 80-million population is under 30 years old. The high youth population means that the under-30 crowd is very active in politics.

Photo credit: @Honey Nasser / Pinterest
Photo credit: @Honey Nasser / Pinterest

Iran is the most politically active of all 57 nations in the Islamic world. Their citizens gain the right to vote at age 15 and have greatly influenced politics. After the 2009 presidential election, the youth population formed a democratic political movement that still lives on today.