Cats Who Have A Striking Resemblance To A Famous Person

Cats are incredible creatures. They’re very independent but can also be very affectionate and social. Cats also have beautiful coats of fur with unique markings, and sometimes, those markings can make them look like someone familiar. These cats’ resemblances to celebrities and public figures will leave you in stitches. You may never look at your cat the same, again.

Salvador Alley Cat


The great thing about cats is that they sport all different types of patterns on their fur. And sometimes those patterns resemble every-day things (or people). Take this kitty – his resemblance to artist Salvador Dali is uncanny! Dali was known for his unusual facial hair and the way he twisted his mustache up and off his upper lip. In July 2017, Spanish officials exhumed his body to get some DNA samples and amazingly enough, his mustache was perfectly intact. It was described as being preserved in the “classic 10-past-10 position.” Dali was embalmed in 1989, so it’s impressive that the ‘stache lasted that long!

Ron Purrrrlman


There’s something about this orange tabby that looks suspiciously familiar. We know what it is — he resembles actor Ron Perlman. The feline’s mesmerizing eyes and billowy cheeks make us think of the star, who is known mostly for his role in Hellboy. It isn’t the first time Perlman has been compared to somebody else. Some say he looks like singer and actor Tom Waits. In fact, Waits was once credited as Perlman on a poster for a movie. Perlman, who has Hungarian Jewish and Polish Jewish ancestry, has a very distinct look — just like this adorable cat!

Kitty Minaj


You’ve probably come across this cat picture in the past. Somebody took a lime and made a little hat for their pet out of the peel. We think it’s adorable, but the cat definitely doesn’t agree. Singer Nicki Minaj looks a bit different than the kitty because she has a big smile on her face. But other than that, the two do kind of look alike. Nicki has no reason to be angry because she chose to wear a green wig. The cat, on the other hand, probably resisted the makeover. We kind of feel sorry for the little guy.

Furball Brody


Again, here’s another case where a cat was blessed with a very unique-colored coat of fur. Just like his doppelgänger Adrien Brody, the cat has a “mustache” on his upper lip and a nice head of hair on the top of his head. But that’s not all. There’s something about the eyes that make the two look like brothers from another mother. They both have a woeful look about them. Adrien is known for several films, including The Pianist, King Kong, and The Budapest Hotel. And now he’s also known for looking like a cat. Or is it the other way around?

Pussy Driver


This is one of our favorite cat/celebrity comparisons. You may recognize Adam Driver from the HBO series Girls. If not, then you definitely know him as Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This cat has the honorable distinction of looking like the character who killed Han Solo. In our opinion, the resemblance is all about the eyes and the ears. Their facial expressions are also very similar. Driver’s film career is in an upward swing. He will appear in future Star Wars films and has several films in production. He may not be a household name yet, but give it time.

Nick Offerpuss


Actor Nick Offerman always looks so angry even though he’s a really funny guy. He’s known for the TV series “Parks and Recreation” and “Fargo.” Just like actor Jeremy Renner, he has a strong resemblance to Grumpy Cat. When you make an expression like that, there’s no way you can escape the comparison. Both of them look really annoyed by whatever it is that they’re doing or witnessing. We love the intense look in their beady little eyes. What you may not know about Nick is that he is a surprisingly good dancer, and he is also an accomplished woodworker



Everyone knows that Voldemort, or He Who Must Not Be Named, was Harry Potter’s evil nemesis in J.K. Rowling’s famous books and films. Even though he was the member of the Slytherin House, there’s something very cat-like about Voldemort. Specifically, he resembles a hairless cat. When you look at them side by side, you can’t help but notice the similarities. Let’s face it, there’s something creepy and unnatural about hairless cats. The same could be said of Voldemort. Their skin looks strange, and you don’t know if you want to touch them or not. Just looking at them gives us the shivers.

Caterson Cooper


How such an attractive man looks like such an unattractive cat I’m not sure, but the resemblance is hard to ignore. Not only does their white hair match, or their chiseled facial features look alike, but look at that attitude. Both of them look like they know the answer to the million dollar question, or are about to completely school you on a certain topic. Either way, I’d most likely listen to this cat announce the news if Anderson Cooper was on vacation.

Benedict Cumbercat


Benedict Cumberbatch is one of Britain’s most popular actors. But he also has a huge following in the United States. He is known for the TV series Sherlock as well as several films, including Doctor Strange, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Imitation Game. The great thing about this cat is that his expression exactly matches that of the actor’s. The two both have long lean noses, and the slant of their eyes are also very similar. If Benedict was a cat, we’re sure he’d be gray just like this one. There’s an undeniable resemblance between the two of them.



We suspect a little cheating here on the part of the cat owner, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. President Trump is known for many things, including his orange-like skin tone and incredible comb-over. His particular hair style has made him the subject of ridicule for many years but even more so since he was elected President. This cat looks like Trump because for one: He is orange, and secondly: He’s sporting the same hairstyle. In addition, the cat seems very satisfied with himself, a look Trump also possesses from time to time. Yes, it’s all about the hair, or, ahem, fur.

Schnookums Brimley


By now, you’ve probably started to see a pattern. There are a lot of angry-looking cats out there. There are also a lot of angry-looking actors. Wilford Brimley is known for his distinct, gravelly voice and what some call his walrus mustache. That’s what makes this cat comparison so amusing — the whiskers! Brimley is known for many acting roles, including his Quaker Oats commercials. He also starred on the TV show The Waltons in the 1970s. One fun fact you may not know about the star is that he used to the bodyguard for one of America’s wealthiest men — Howard Hughes.

Kitten Eastwood


When you think of Clint Eastwood, you may think of the way his face gets so serious in many of the roles that he plays. In this photo, the actor/director looks like he’s about to kill somebody. He is so fierce! The cat also has a very determined look on his face. And, we better just say it, they both look elderly. Look at all the wrinkles! The resemblance is undeniable. When you combine their expressions with their wrinkles, you can’t help but draw comparisons. Clint is one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. So what if he looks like a wrinkly cat.

Jeremy Mouser


Sometimes, actor Jeremy Renner looks so serious — just like this cat. Yup, we think Grumpy Cat resembles the oftentimes angry-looking star. You must admit, they need a little persuasion to put their frowns upside down. Renner has appeared in numerous films, including The Hurt Locker, The Avengers, The Bourne Legacy, and Mission: Impossible. He often plays an action hero who gets caught up in some pretty big drama — thus the look on his face. It’s hilarious when you look at the two pictures side by side. There’s no denying that Grumpy Cat is Jeremy Renner in disguise. Wonder how he feels about that?

Kitty Lee Jones


Tommy Lee Jones is also a very serious actor. Sure, he’s appeared in some comedies such as Men In Black, but he’s typically associated with action films that require serious acting. And there’s no question that this cat, who is in serious mode, looks identical to the actor. Some cats just always look like they smelled something bad. And let’s face it, Tommy Lee Jones has that look about him too sometimes. But we won’t give him a hard time about all that. The actor has starred in some great films, such as No Country For Old Men and The Fugitive.

Pussy Whitaker


We love Forrest Whitaker. He’s one of our favorite actors. But what makes him so unique is his left eye because it droops slightly. He has a hereditary condition called Ptosis. It’s characterized by a drooping of the upper eyelid. The condition is also referred to as “lazy eye.” Forrest once said of his eye, “It’s a genetic thing. My dad had it and now I have it.” Well, apparently this cat has it too. The reason they look like one another is because of that pesky little eye condition. But we have to admit, the kitty is quite adorable.

Kitty Pop


One of Iggy Pop’s signature moves is removing his shirt while performing during his concerts. Iggy loves showing off his abs. Well, we can’t really blame him. At 70 years old he looks pretty good for a senior citizen. That may be hard to believe, but anyone over the age of 65 is considered elderly (even if they don’t look it!) Take a look at the hairless cat next to Iggy. Both he and the singer have one major thing in common — their wrinkles! Of course, if the cat had fur they probably wouldn’t resemble each other at all. But since he’s bald, they do look alike.

Missy Busters


You may recognize the man on the right as Jamie Hyneman, one of the hosts of the TV series Mythbusters. One of his signature looks is, naturally, a black beret. This cat almost looks exactly like Jamie, and it’s not just because of the hat. Notice how his whiskers look like Jamie’s mustache! Jamie is known for his no-nonsense attitude. He’s also incredibly smart, having earned an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Villanova University. He is also a jack of all trades with many skills. He’s a dive master, wilderness survival expert, linguist, and chef, among other things.

Grimalkin Ramsey


Gordan Ramsay is another one of those celebrities who somehow made a name for himself by being so, so angry. The Scottish-born celebrity chef is renowned around the world for his combustible temper and penchant for cursing. His TV credits include Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, and Hotel Hell. When you look at Gordon next to this cat, the likeness is striking. Both the cat and Gordon have a very severe look on their faces. And those eyes! You wouldn’t want to cross either of them because they’d probably hunt you down and make you pay for it.

David Meow-ie


Obviously, the similarity here is all about the eyes. Both the cat and the late musician David Bowie have different colored peepers. Heterochromia is rare for humans and involves irises that are two completely different colors, such as blue and brown. Bowie didn’t have this condition. He had anisocoria, which is characterized by unequal pupils. The singer’s left pupil was permanently dilated. According to legend, he got into a fight at the age of 15 with a friend, and his eye was permanently damaged. His friend’s punch scratched his eyeball, which paralyzed the muscles that contract the iris. Either way, both the cat and the singer are quite cute!



This poor cat resembles one of history’s most evil people — Adolf Hitler. The cat has what appears to be a black mustache underneath his tiny nose. Hitler sported what is known as a toothbrush mustache, which was centered on top of his lip and was shaved at the edges. Before Hitler embraced the style, it was popular in the United States in the 19th century. After Hitler became synonymous with the mustache, the look went out of fashion. In addition to the toothbrush, it’s also known as the Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, postage stamp, and soul stache.

Tomcat Selleck


Hmmmm. This cat looks very familiar. That’s right, he is the one that looks like Adrien Brody. Interestingly, the cat also looks like actor Tom Selleck. Again, it’s all about the mustache and the tiny dark crop of fur on top of the kitty’s head. You don’t have to look twice to see the resemblance. Tom has been around for a long time, so being compared to a cat is probably one of the least strange things that have happened in his life. Tom currently stars on the CBS series “Blue Bloods” but is also famously known for this role as Magnum P.I.

Bat Cat


This cat not only resembles Batman, but he carries the perfect demeanor to match the likeness. Even if you weren’t trying to draw comparisons between cats and people, immediately upon seeing this cat you think: Batman. Whoever owns this cat must get a smile on their face every time they seem him being serious. This cat never needs a Halloween costume, as they are forever Batman. We wonder if they have another cat named Catwoman. That would just be too purr-fect. Quickly, to the cat cave!

Feline Of Hip Hop


Cats can be quirky creatures. Sometimes they love you to death and rub their furry bodies against your legs, and other times they are very aloof as though they couldn’t care if you existed. Take this cat. He’s just hanging out in his gray hoodie just like rapper Eminem. While they’re not exactly twins, they both project a bit of an attitude. And it’s more than just the clothing they’re wearing. It’s the facial expression that clearly says, “Don’t mess with me,” or better yet, “Back off.” You’ve got a love a cat (and a hip hop star) with attitude!

Tomcat Dynamite


Napoleon Dynamite may have been a nerd, but he was a very lovable one. You can’t help but root for him when he’s at his lowest point. And even though he doesn’t really have any “skills,” it’s impossible to look away when he finds himself in awkward social situations. Then there’s this cat, who obviously has his own problems fitting it. It’s probably the giant glasses that he’s sporting. Just call it a hunch. This cat would be the perfect companion for Napoleon. They could hang out together, and Napoleon could sketch his feline, just like he did with the liger.

Hairy Styles


When One Direction went on hiatus, many fans feared that the world was ending. But several of the boy banders have gone on to have successful solo careers, including Harry Styles. One of the singles off of his album is named “Sweet Creature.” Perhaps he’s referring to the cat who resembles him? This photo is great because they both look a little frisky. Yes, it’s all about the tongues. It’s a little weird when a cat sticks out his tongue, but it’s sexy when a member of a British boy band does it. They’re pretty much two peas in a pod.

Vladimir Pusstin


It must be strange to be compared to a cat, particularly if you’re the president of Russia. And from what we know of Vladimir Putin, he’d rather be compared to a more magnificent animal, such as a mammoth, grizzly bear, or tyrannosaurus. But the fact is, he clearly resembles a hairless cat. Even though Putin has hair, and the hairless cat obviously does not, there’s something about the feline that reminds us of the European leader. This side-by-side picture is very striking. There’s something very soulful about their eyes. And, of course, the tilt of their heads makes them look quite alike.

Mouser Stalin


Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until he died in 1953. And it seems he has been reborn as a cat. While Stalin was a white man with a black mustache, the cat is black with a white mustache. So even though they’re coloring is opposite, they clearly resemble one another. We love how the cat is sort of gazing off into the distance. We also feel the cat may be a female due to the pink collar around its neck. We wonder how Stalin would feel about that? It doesn’t matter. He’s dead.

Kitty Cyrus


Like many young adults, Miley Cyrus went through a wild period. She partied hard, posed naked, and did practically anything and everything she wanted. It looks like this cat is channeling her inner pop star as well. Both of them don’t seem to give a (expletive) about what the world thinks of them. As long as they are having a good time, can we really blame them? The best part, naturally, is their wide-open mouths with their tongues sticking out. They make a great pair. Not only do they share the same facial expression; they also have similar coloring.

Martin Scratches


Martin Scorsese is one of Hollywood’s most famous filmmakers. Many actors and actresses dream of working with him and starring in one of his films. But what makes Marty so distinct are his fabulous eyebrows. Without them, he’d probably look like an average Joe. But his facial hair gives him personality. The same could be said of this cat. He has beautiful white fur, but his face is framed by these enormous patches of hair that look like eyebrows. He’s absolutely adorable. Both he and Marty also have very intense looks on their faces. We can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking.

Nicolas Claws


Nicolas Cage is known for his action roles. He’s appeared in dozens of Hollywood films and doesn’t shy away from playing heroes as well as nefarious figures on the big screen. One of the characteristics that makes Nic so identifiable is his eyes. You know that if he stared at you in the face he could look into your soul. While that may be a little disturbing, it’s also intriguing. He and this cat have a similar look. Both of them have haunting eyes. It’s as though they are trying to speak to us through them. Well, we’re listening (er, watching?)

Cat Blanchett


Cate Blanchett is one of Hollywood’s classiest stars. There’s something about the Australian actress that exudes elegance and decorum. Maybe it’s the accent, or maybe it’s the way she holds herself. She also dresses in fashionable clothes and doesn’t get caught up in Hollywood drama. The cat is mimicking Cate’s sophisticated look. Both of them seem very satisfied with themselves but not in an annoying way. It’s as though they know they are amazing just the way they are. They seem to be saying, “Go ahead, try me. But you won’t see me getting flustered.” Calm. Cool. Collected. We love it.

Steve Purrschemi


The eyes are the windows to the soul, right? If that’s the case, both this cat and Steve Buschemi’s eyes are telling the same story, there’s not much going on inside their heads. They both look equally as clueless, and the way they are both sort of looking at the camera says it all. Their overall facial structure, eye color, and the way their eyes are both a little off make these two ones in the same, except that one is a cat and the other is a human. The kitten looks like Buschemi when he first started acting a little weird looking yet still young, strong, and eager, while the real Buschemi looks, well, you get where this is going.

Taylor Swiskers


Taylor Swift is already essentially a cat. If she likes you, she really likes you, and if she doesn’t, she has no problem letting you know. Also, her loyalty seems to stretch about as far as a common housecat that is willing to jump from owner to owner depending on who is willing to give her the most food and attention. But, besides her personality traits, this feline is a spitting image of this pop star. The color of the fur and hair couldn’t be more on point, and they both look like they know something you don’t know or they’re about to tear you apart in their new album.

Harry Potter’s Best Friend


In this picture, it looks as both Rupert Grint and the cat are watching Hermione Granger approaching them from afar. Look at those sly smiles and googly eyes, it’s honestly hard to tell them apart. Although they both look completely lovestruck, it doesn’t make either of them any less adorable. The only thing that Rupert is missing is a set of whiskers and these two could be brothers. Their hair his the same color, and the cat’s white markings are essentially the same color as Rupert’s skin tone.

Bruce Hissis


Although cats already don’t take much grief from anybody, I would definitely get out of this cat’s way if I saw it walking down the street. Not only does this cat look like Bruce Willis, it also looks like the only cat that Bruce Willis would ever be okay with owning. This is so since the cat looks like a crime-fighting world-saving bad boy himself. Check out that look on its face, that’s not normal for anybody except for Bruce Willis, especially if you’re a cat. These two are made for each other and I hope that one day their paths end up crossing.

Justin Fleaber


These two little boys both look like they think they are too cool for school at too young of an age. Justin Bieber still looks like he’s 11 years old, and this kitten was probably the runt of the litter. Although they may both be young, they certainly look eager for power and fame and even have the self-confidence to back it up. They are also both trying out the bad boy look in hopes of attracting some babes but we’ll see how it works out in the long run for them.

Scratchelina Jolie


I don’t know about you, but I was completely unaware that a cat could even have the slightest amount of sex appeal until now. This cat looks like an experienced model that knows exactly what she’s doing because she’s been doing it for years, just like Angelina. Even though these are two different species, if there was a cat that not only looked like Angelina but also possessed her personality, this is it. I would be equally as standoffish asking to pet this cat than asking Angelina or her autograph.

Fuzzy Osborne


It appears that Ozzy Osborne isn’t the only cool cat that we know. It looks as though we have found the cat manifestation of the man himself. Both of these guys look like they have partaken in their fair share of partying, yet refuse to let old age slow them down. Nothing that some circle sunglasses can’t cover up.

Their died is also probably similar while the cat catches birds and lizards, Ozzy’s go-to is live bats on stage. Together, I’m sure they could cook up quite a dinner!

Albert Meowstein

cat-looks-like-celebrities-albert-einstein (1).jpg

This cat may not have come up with some of the most revolutionary mathematical discoveries of all time, however, he sure does look the part. Playful, yet serious, this feline has got it down.

Grey hair, tongue out, he’s basically Albert Einstein. he even looks like he’s taking the picture to get it over with so he can hurry back to his laboratory to work on his latest theory. The only thing separating the two is a couple of hairballs and some whiskers.

Ron Purrrrlman 2


It’s hard to say whether cat number one or cat number two looks more like Ron Perlman. This kitty looks a little bit older. He appears to have had a difficult life (or maybe just a very bad day). But it’s the expression that really nails it. Looking at them side by side, you can’t help but compare how similar they look. The one difference is the color of their eyes. Obviously, Ron’s aren’t yellow. Plus, the actor isn’t covered in white fur. But if you can get past those two things, you’ll see how much they look alike. It’s pretty neat.