Epic Holiday Baking Fails

Finding it a little tough to get into the holiday spirit? Well, fear not! You are not alone. There are many people out there who try to ring in the Christmas spirit ahead of time by baking cute and delicious desserts. A lot of fun and festive holiday recipes are online that have simple enough instructions to make you think that achieving the finished product will be a piece of cake.

Three little chefs

Unfortunately, not everyone is as kitchen-savvy or crafty as they like to think they are. The end result is a huge mess of icing globs, deformed Christmas figures, and a whole lot of sad, sad Christmas cookies. Here is a list of the most hilariously heartbreaking Pinterest and holiday recipe fails that will surely help you get into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Windowpane Cookies

The first in a series of unfortunate Christmas cookies: the windowpane cookie. This Instagram user had hoped to achieve the cookie on the left, but when they pulled them out of the oven, they got these hard-looking pancakes instead. Where might they have gone wrong? Let us count the ways.



In their caption, they explained that they tried to cut corners by using store-bought sugar cookie dough and that they did attempt to use cookie cutters, but clearly, the cookies didn’t hold their form. If you wanted to try something like this, perhaps don’t think about forgoing the recipe from scratch. Some cookie dough recipes are formulated so that they hold their shape throughout the baking process. The next slide shows a similar cookie attempt, but botched in a different way.

Stained Glass Disasters


On the left, we have Martha Stewart’s adorably perfect Stained Glass Cookies. On the right, we have user Sarah’s exploded-candy-covered sugar cookies. Sarah writes that she followed Martha Stewart’s instructions to a tee.. well sort of.


The actual recipe calls for eight minutes of cookie baking time, followed by adding crushed candy to the center hollow of the cookie, which you bake for an additional three minutes to melt and set the candy. Sarah explains that even after adding the candy, the cookies needed extra time to bake. Unfortunately, that extra baking time did not fare well for the candy centers, creating a dark sticky mess that is completely opposite from the bright stained-glass effect she was going for.

When Size Matters

What is Christmas without some impeccably decorated gingerbread houses? The left picture shows us some charmingly miniature gingerbread houses that are meant to complement a nice steamy mug of delicious hot cocoa. In this case, size does matter.

When Size Matters


In the photo on the right, the person who attempted the project must have interpreted the directions all wrong because their gingerbread house looks way too big to sit on the edge of any mug. On the plus side, their house did stay together and looks like it could be a perfectly fine gingerbread house to stand on its own if they took the time to decorate it as such.

Meringue Monstrosities

Meringue Monstrosities

When user Zizi attempted the Christmas Tree meringues from Australian baking blog Raspberri Cupcakes, she probably wasn’t expecting the green globs that came out of the oven. Zizi claims that the meringues looked perfect before they went in, but they experienced quite a bit of cracking during the baking process.


She can’t quite pinpoint where exactly the recipe went south, noting that she’s “not really in the mood to try this again.” If you see the recipe for yourself, you will see that the recipe calls for a long baking time and a lot of opening and closing of the oven door. Zizi mentions that she’s not sure how to prevent meringue cookies from cracking, but we can certainly say that we sympathize with her. Cooking with meringue can always be a finicky process anyway, as you will see in the next slide.

Meringue Monsters II: Attack of the Blob


The goal: the pristine meringue Christmas tree cookies on the left. The result: rows of green blobs topped with a smattering of sprinkles and sadness. The issue here seems to be that the hopeful baker on the right probably didn’t achieve the right meringue consistency before they baked the cookies.


Many commenters suggested that the baker should have followed the directions (as given by blog Smart School House) more adamantly. They should have used the correct ingredients and truly waited until those egg whites formed soft, but stiff and firm peaks of meringue goodness. Or maybe we should just all forget about meringue and leave that to the professionals.

Don’t Danish

User Chasaidy C just wanted to create the Candy Cane Cherry & Cream Cheese Danish she found on Pinterest. What did she end up with? We don’t even know. She shares her Pinterest Fail simply stating, “I am incapable of creating recognizable shapes out of crescent rolls.”



The original recipe, which was sourced from a blog called Shower of Roses, looked simple enough; the baker can (supposedly) create them by just shaping cans of crescent roll dough into the desired shape and topping with cream cheese and cherry pie filling. Unfortunately for some people, these recipes take on a mind of their own in the oven.

Questionable Cookies…

When this Instagram user attempted the gluten-free Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies from Design, Dining, and Diapers, there was a point in the process where something went amiss. The recipe looks simple enough, a gluten-free chocolate cookie topped with white peppermint icing and garnished with a candy cane flavored Hershey’s Kiss. The Pinterest user seems to have gotten the cookie part down, although a smooshed version of it, but with some icing that looks…questionable.



Crushed candy cane pieces would have been a way cuter touch instead of a whole Kiss, but unfortunately the user’s vision didn’t quite translate well into the finished product.

…And Questionable Pretzels


User Laura Ward attempted these Christmas Pretzel Kisses, which entails melting a Hershey’s Kiss into a round pretzel and topping it with a red or green M&M. Well, Laura writes that she could not locate round pretzels anywhere and instead, opted for a regular mini pretzel in the traditional twist shape.


That still didn’t work out, however, because the Kisses didn’t melt into the pretzel and instead ended up looking like something else, although we’ll leave that part up to the imagination. Fortunately, we’re sure the resulting taste is just as it should be considering it’s only three ingredients, but it’s a shame it couldn’t look as good as it might taste.

Peppermint Pushers


There are a lot of ideas online that include melting down peppermints into a flattened version of their original form, to create a tray, plate, or ornament with a cool peppermint pattern. Coincidentally, there are a lot of Pinterest fails that depict people attempting these projects and producing melty peppermint messes.


This Instagram user attempted one such project, in which they melted peppermints into the shape of a cookie cutter. Unfortunately, the peppermints they used seeped right underneath the cutter, creating a green, sticky mess. Tragic. A lot of people forget to keep in mind that some ovens vary in terms of temperature so that’s why their baked goods don’t turn out like the recipe they copied.

Swirly Twirly Epic Fails


Another holiday baking project that many people attempt is colored pinwheel sugar cookies. This recipe (and many others like it) for Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies from I Love My Disorganized Life, has been featured at least twice on Pinterest Fail because a lot of people just can’t seem to get it right.


User Kristie B. doesn’t know where she went wrong, because when she tried to roll the dough into a log, it wouldn’t hold its form and started melting. She resorted to just rolling up the dough into balls and baking in the traditional way. In her defense, the recipe from the blog calls for “your favorite sugar cookie dough,” and as stated earlier, some cookie dough recipes are specially formulated to create these types of cookies. And some are not.

This Version Of Olaf Is An Outcast



Ahh, the beloved Olaf from Disney’s hit Frozen. Olaf the friendly snowman is sweet and funny but also a little quiet. He definitely deserves a better baked version of himself than this monstrosity.

See, the one on the left was created by someone who knows their way around a sheet of fondant, while the one on the left was made by someone who tried to use plain frosting to recreate the look. As much as we don’t really love fondant, it’s a necessary ingredient if you want a baked good that ends up looking like the one on the left.

Oh Christmas Tree, I Drink to Thee

Okay, so admittedly, this next one isn’t baking-related, but we thought it was pretty darn hilarious! Pinterest is chock full of wine bottle Christmas trees and although they are pretty impressive, they can be pretty daunting. Trying to situate the lights to create a cool lighting effect can get pretty confusing, not to mention worrying about it all crashing down.



This Twitter user Maddie Linder found an easy alternative: just take all the empty alcohol bottles you have lying around the house and stick them onto the branches of your fake tree! No one will judge you for having that many bottles just lying around the house..

Christmas Tree Massacre

Speaking of Christmas trees, this Instagram user unsuccessfully attempted the cupcake version from Just a Taste. Making these is actually pretty simple. The base is just a cupcake with vanilla frosting. While the tree looks entirely made of frosting (which could be a dream come true or disgustingly overwhelming, depending on how you feel about frosting), it’s actually made from a sugar cone that is painted first with green icing, then decorated with a special icing tip to create the pine needle effect.



Here, it looks like the user might have over-done the green frosting because their tree seems to have collapsed from the weight of it all. What could have been a festive dessert decoration, looks like a Christmas tree that got ransacked for all its presents.

Orna-meant to Turn out Better


When Pinterest user Barbie saw these cake ball ornaments from A Step in the Journey, she thought it would be an easy feat. She was wrong. She recounts her tale, saying that once she got to the dipping part of the entire process, she quickly realized it was a project that would be left unfinished.


The melted chocolate did not form well to her unshapely cake balls, so they were nothing close to what she had hoped they would turn out to be. It’s okay Barbie, we’ve all been there. Baking, in general, can be quite a process and there are some things that cannot be executed properly if not all the proper precautions are taken, such as working with melted chocolate or candy melts.

Rudolph Is Calling in Sick This Year

There are many recipes for these Oreo Reindeer Pops like the ones from Oh! Nuts blog. It seems like the simplest Christmas treat to make too, because you only have to cover an oreo in chocolate and add the face using candies while the chocolate is still wet.



Unfortunately for this Instagram user, her expressionless reindeer actually came out looking quite distressed. We’re not quite sure what she used for the face, but it all melted creating an open mouth and wide eyes for the poor reindeer. It probably looks like it’s in pain because there’s a stick up its.. you know.

The Beard Is Weird


The Golden Santa Bread recipe from Taste of Home is quite a popular one, but considering the curly detail of Santa’s beard, it does look quite complicated to make. For user Amanda, the complication turned out to be quite true.


Her Santa bread unexpectedly kept rising and rising until she ended up with a puffy Santa with a small hat and a small beard. Sadly, her Santa came out looking more like an innocent version of Davy Jones ala Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s safe to say that we don’t think Amanda will be trying this one again any time soon, we know we wouldn’t.

When You Can’t Bring Frosty to Life


The bottom picture is an Instagram user’s fatal attempt at making melted snowman cupcakes. To give them credit, their cupcake snowman does look like a sad,melted snowman puddle, but not like the “cute” version depicted in the top picture.


The top picture is actually a Better Homes and Gardens recipe for Chocolaty Melting Snowmen cookies. The base of this project is not even a cupcake at all; instead, it is a chocolate cookie. Cookie or cupcake, the melted snowman decor would look cute on either dessert, if you can get it to look right. But it’s okay, we probably would have done the same thing.

Rolling out Your Best Efforts

User Bubbles was merely trying to impress their family at the next holiday gathering when they attempted the Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake from A Treats Affair. Needless to say, no family members were impressed because Bubbles probably didn’t attempt to bring this to the table. The spongy mess of a cake didn’t even get its creme filling inside of it somehow.



When commenting on what might have gone wrong, Bubbles writes, “I don’t know. I thought I did everything right.” It’s okay, Bubbles. We’ve all been there and we’ve all accepted defeat. Sometimes we are all better off just buying something from the store and calling it a day.

Frosty with an Attitude


Oreo cookie ball truffles are a popular and easy snack to make. They can even be made festive for the occasion, as proven by the picture on the left which shows some charming snowman heads with mini oreo hats. To the Instagram user who created the ones on the right, we have just one question: Why are they pink?


It seems as if this user tried to use red sprinkles to decorate their snowmen, which might have worked out, but kind of makes the snowmen look like they have a little case of the chicken pox. We’re not judging, though. Even if they didn’t come out like the desired finished product, we’re sure they tasted just as scrumptious.

Santa, I’ve Been Berry Good This Year

Another holiday recipe that is widely replicated is the Strawberry Santas recipe pictured on the left. Unfortunately, many have tried and failed, as you can see on the right. Again, it looks simple enough, but it proves itself to be quite difficult. Even though it seems as if you simply cut a strawberry in half, pipe in some cream, and top the pointy end with another little puff of cream, it can quickly turn into a nitpicky project.



This is probably because the materials you are working with are so small, in addition to the fact that you have to find strawberries that are the perfect shape for your project. You would also have to work quickly, to avoid having the cream melt all over the place. Maybe you’re better off just dipping strawberries into the cream. It would taste the same anyway.