Funny Shower Curtains That Somehow Were Created But We Couldn’t Be Happier About It

Shower curtains are like the open canvas of your bathroom. It protects your privacy while also acting as the border to sane thoughts. Let’s be honest, the most bizarre thinking happens when you’re being enclosed by your shower curtains and staring blankly at your tiles while water runs down you.

A good curtain can make or break your experience in the shower, so it’s important to spend the time to attain a good one. Customizing your curtain to enhance your experience is becoming much more popular and they are becoming very creative. This is a list of some of the most original and hilarious shower curtains to date.

Coming up, if you didn’t think you could be terrified by a shower curtain then you haven’t seen what’s just ahead.

Hulking out

Hulk And Spiderman.jpg

If I walk into a public washroom and see the Hulk and Spiderman at the urinals there’s only going to be two ways to react: pass out or run for your life. The latter is more than likely what will happen and the screeches coming from my mouth would be absurd. This is an amazing curtain that involves both fandom and hilarity.