Mom Who Just Needs 5 Seconds Posts List Of Rules On Bathroom Door

Everyone knows that a mom’s job isn’t exactly the easiest. There’s no clocking out at the end of the day, you don’t get a vacation, and sometimes your boss (in this case, unruly toddlers) can be an unpredictable pain in the butt.


A Mother’s Only Sanctuary

Rarely do mothers get to have their own peace and quiet. Usually, the only sanctuary mothers can escape to is the bathroom. Even then, kids try to weasel their way in to see what’s going on in there. Curiosity over “bathroom activity” is normal for a toddler to exhibit, especially when he or she is learning about the dos and don’ts of bathroom etiquette. These behavior cues are usually introduced right around the age of the dreaded potty training period, but most of the time these rules need to be reinforced for the kid to get with the program.

While repeating these rules and setting boundaries over and over could be a frustrating time, one mother turned her breaking point with her kids into a humor-filled list of rules that has parents nodding their heads in agreement and howling with laughter.

The post first received attention when it was posted on the popular Australian Facebook page Practical Parenting. The photo taken by the frustrated mother captured a list of rules displayed on the front of the bathroom door.

A Mother’s Only Sanctuary

Since the initial post, the response to the funny but relatable rules has been overwhelmingly positive. Sympathetic parents took to Facebook to comment on the sign, which has now gone viral with over 13,000 shares by parents all over the world. Immediately after the original post made its debut on Facebook, parents turned their stressful moments into a mutual laugh fest.

One mother said, “My sister told me once I had kids, I would never go to the bathroom alone. No kidding this was so funny. I laughed to the point of crying.” While another chimed in, “Please don’t tell me that it gets worse!? I got a 4 and a 2-year-old who does this. I’m waiting til they grow out of it but I guess now.” Although there are only four rules, they’re cardinal rules for any parent dealing with bathroom-invading children.

The signs read as follows:

“If mom is in this bathroom, you are not allowed to..”

1. Knock, unless the house is on fire or someone is bleeding and/or dead.

2. Scream questions at me if the shower is running! Hot tip! I can’t hear you!

3. Wait for me within inches of the door and then yell at me when you get slammed in the face like that’s my fault.

4. Slip me notes of any kind, especially the ones with those check boxes. Ask yourself this question before knocking… Can I survive the next two minutes without mom?

The signs read as follows:

The clever mother finished off the sign with a check box with the options “yes” and/or “no.” Let’s hope for the kids’ sake that they checked off the right box!