Moments In Time When Your Relationship Was In Danger

Being in a relationship has a lot of ups and downs.

No matter how they end up, relationships take a lot of work and effort. There’s a level of trying and then there is a level of insanity that puts your relationship in a scary situation. Examples include figuring out the pros and cons of your parent’s interest or if you’re really meant to be together in the first place.

Looking at these photos will make you feel much better about wherever your relationship stands.

Ask Google

I personally think this is really sad. Bo Burnham would be the king if he could make up a song with this Google search. If you actually type this into the search engine, there’s a good chance you’ll get results different than this, but there are always some questionable Google results out there.

Too Much In Common

Nothing brings a couple closer together than having a common hate for the same people. It’s probably why they don’t get invited to that many parties in the first place. It also makes you wonder what else is in the jar. Hopefully, based on their hatred of humans, they have a mutual love for dogs and cats.

Don’t Be So Negative

When it comes to your significant other’s favorite TV shows, don’t be a Debbie Downer and insult what they like to watch. If you do, you’re going to have to write an apology letter saying you were wrong.

15 Is Too Many

Seriously, man? 15 inflatable animals? It’s his funny attempt at describing his kill count. Inflatable animals are great, but maybe having actual animals like dogs and cats will get this guy some dates. You could only imagine what his Tinder profile would look like with all the inflatables with him.

GPS Stalker

A relationship like this pretty much means that she doesn’t trust you. Maybe you shouldn’t have lied to her and said you were going to watch football with the boys when you really went to the strip club. Trying to have a fun night out just got a little more creepy.

Group Therapy

To keep couples from arguing and fighting, Ikea came up with a Relationship Saving Station. The store is a maze as it is, so this would be wise to knock off that stress.

Lost And Found


They look like they’ve been married since the Cleveland Indians last won the World Series, way back in 1948. How does Jan always lose her husband when they’re out together? It’s adorable enough as it is, but let’s hope it’s a cute thing and not because his age is getting the best of him.

Best Game Ever

The next time you’re out with the boys, you should try this out. It’s better than having to pick credit cards out of a hat. This actually sounds like a fun game, but when your girl calls, all the fun will be sucked out like a Dementor taking away your soul.

I Love You?

This is a… creative way for someone to say “I love you”? They should work on their love letter skills for the next time they want to pour out their feelings.

Damn You, Taco Bell

How did he end up with mild sauce and not hot? Obviously, his mind was not in the right place at the right time when he went to Taco Bell. Every girl will have the same reaction the minute that question is popped out. For this guy, he’s clearly looking for a way out.

Uneducated Fan

A Star Wars bumper sticker like this will have your partner scratching their head. Not sure about you, but this person doesn’t seem to understand the relationship between Darth Vader and Princess Leia. Apparently, that kind of result will end up with one of your kids being born as an Ewok.

Pros & Cons

Horror films usually keep people wide awake at night, and better yet, when a scary part comes on, they’ll hold onto you for dear life. It’s much better than having to force yourself to watch Lilo and Stitch.

So Over Relationships

Oh, relationships. They can be great at times, but other times it’s a pain in the butt. If you’ve ever had to live with more than one girl, you know the struggle of trying to put yourself out there. That’s why as adults, we drink these beverages to forget about the mistakes we make.

Status Update

Well, that escalated quickly. Maybe Jessica didn’t see anything in Matt, or he just got bored and flirted with the new cute girl in his math class. That pretty much sums up what high school relationships are all about. They don’t last long and it’s on to the next one.

Graphs Don’t Lie

Consider this good relationship advice. When you’re angry, it’s probably because you’re hungry. After you and your girl get food, you’ll probably end up apologizing to each other for whatever reason.

And So It Begins…

She stays over for the weekend and all of a sudden this happens. Two weeks later, it turns into 10 more. By the time you make it to your one-year anniversary, there will be hundreds of these laying all over your floor. On the bright side, it’s better than having condom wrappers all over the floor.

One-Ply Is Not Enough!

It really isn’t. You’ll be lucky if it doesn’t’ fall apart from you the second you actually use it. A lot of people don’t seem to know how to buy toilet paper these days. Hint: Charmin Ultra Four-ply will do the trick for the next time you need to hit the toilet.

Please Don’t Fart

It might not be long before his relationship status changes to single on Facebook. You’re not a comedian if you make a social media post when your boyfriend decides to pass the gas. You know what though? This could be an act of redemption after he made a status about her loud snoring.

Ride Or Die

It’s amazing to see couples go above and beyond to the point where they are in Grand Theft Auto. Ladies, when your man is in the back of the police car, don’t be foolish and steal the cop car. They don’t look like the couple who could be the next Bonnie and Clyde.

Three Little Words

If you use this all the time, it will lose its edge. But really, this sums up relationships in a nutshell. Whenever you did something wrong, it’s always a classic case of the blame game. Eventually, it will lead to ‘I’m sorry’ and everything will be good after that.