Hilarious Moments That We Have Live TV To Thank

Like everyone else, news anchors and reporters can be stressed out or make mistakes while on the job. The only difference being their actions (and reactions) are filmed and televised live, for all to see. These are some of the craziest candid moments to have ever happened on live television.

Transparent Dress Reporting Live

This is why there are rules to what you can and cannot wear in front a green screen. She starts to give the presentation of for forecast for a few seconds before she realizes that things are see through! “Oh. I’m going to have to change, she said. “Look at this! That’s a bummer. I thought it was light enough!”


After her co-workers teased her, a male came in to try and save the day by giving her his blazer to put on over the dress. To play off the situation, she starts dancing when she puts the blazer on before she starts to do the forecast again.