People Lost Their Minds When These Popular Websites Went Down


There are always pretty funny overreactions when a major website temporarily “kicks the bucket.” Unfortunately, it happens to the best of ’em.

Unfortunately, not everyone can mentally handle having their favorite site go down, though. In fact, some go absolutely cray-cray when repeated attempts to log onto their beloved website royally fails.

To vent their frustration, some people flock to the web to give the world a “piece of their mind.” However, what you usually end up getting instead are some hilarious opinionated outbursts that’ll leave you in your chair rocking from side to side in laughter.

Don’t believe us? Then check out the reactions given after these 20 websites went offline. You’ll cackle like a hyena. We did.

People Freaked When Instagram Went Down for 15 Minutes


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this year, the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, crashed for about 15 minutes causing a lot of people to just about lose their minds. Coincidentally, the site went down on April Fools’ Day. However, for a lot of people, this was no joke, and they certainly weren’t laughing. Frustration and anger filled the Twitterverse on this day that shall live in infamy.

When #Instagramdown… I am down.

Ain’t feeling this #aprilfoolsday stuff.

? Teejay Hughes (@TeeJayHughes) April 1, 2016

Instagram being down = the worst #AprilFools prank ever. #Instagramdown

? 9GAG (@9GAG) April 1, 2016

Instagram stop trying to be funny. #Aprilfools #Instagramdown

? NikkieTutorials (@NikkieTutorials) April 1, 2016

Aussies Flipped Out When Their Country’s Census Website Crashed

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

In August 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ website crashed, preventing thousands of people from completing a very important census survey. Some say a malicious attack was the culprit while others believe the site just couldn’t handle the heavy traffic. Whatever the reason, Twitter lit up with the hashtag #CensusFail almost immediately.

Guess who’s not doing the census? All of Australia! #censusfail Def trust the gov to keep our info safe! Maybe decent #broadband would help!

? Richard Doreian (@rdoreian) August 9, 2016

Hey ABS! Have you tried turning it off and back on again?#censusfail#ITcrowd

? rafael epstein (@Raf_Epstein) August 9, 2016

When someone who can’t configure a web server tells you the same web server is very secure, be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID! #CensusFail

? THE Russell (@THE_Russell) August 9, 2016

When Facebook Went Offline, the World Nearly Lost It


Source: Facebook

In January 2015, the most popular website in the world went down for about 40 minutes and people nearly lost their minds. We’re talking about Facebook, of course. Lizard Squad, a hacking group, was reportedly responsible for the not-so-cool crash. When the social media giant disappeared for a bit, millions flocked to its competitor, Twitter. The hashtags #facebookdown, #RIPFACEBOOK and #ThingsIDidWhenFacebookWasDown quickly started to trend.

#ThingsIDidWhenFacebookWasDown Wasted minutes of my wild and precious life on #Twitter, instead of wasting them on #Facebook. #facebookdown

? David Ruggero (@ThatSeattleGuy) January 27, 2015

#facebookdown #ripfacebook

? Nathan Seyeau (@NathanSeyeau) January 27, 2015

#ThingsIDidWhenFacebookWasDown Took a photo of my food and showed it to my friends in person to get Likes. #FacebookDown

? mrbrown (@mrbrown) January 27, 2015

These People Couldn’t Function When Google Drive Went Offline


Source: Deviant Art

For people who use Google Docs and Google Drive regularly for work, they received a rude awakening on October 9th, 2015. Users who tried to open documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from Google Drive were greeted with error messages. Some couldn’t load Google Drive’s website at all. The source of the outage remains unclear, but naturally it didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter.

google drive has been down for ten minutes and the entire time my life has been flashing before my eyes on a short loop

? Leah Williams (@mymonsterischic) October 9, 2015

Google Drive is down. Our team’s reaction was pretty spot on. #GoogleDrive #FridayFeeling #BeADriver @beccamarshall

? Social Driver (@SocialDriver) October 9, 2015

Preparing the bibliography for a meeting in 20′ and OF COURSE Google Drive is down. FML.

? Mu?andra (@ammit_) October 9, 2015

People Were Fuming When the Obamacare Site Went MIA


Source: Is That Baloney

The country’s online insurance marketplace,, didn’t exactly get off to an easy start when it first launched in 2013. When it came time to sign up for healthcare through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) three years ago, many people simply were not able to. Heavy traffic forced the website offline, creating lots of frustration for folks eager to get health coverage. Their wrath was made known to all who would listen on Twitter.

HealthCare .gov will be offline throughout the weekend, so you have something to do when you get back to work.

? Vince Coglianese (@TheDCVince) November 22, 2013

Hey guess what…it kicked the lady who works for obamacare offline as well. 1.5 hours if my life wasted with no return on investment

? Jimmy Renslow (@jimmyrenslow) December 19, 2013

@megynkelly #KellyFile I try to keep my language clean online (and offline, too!), but Obamacare is a clusterf&#% of EPIC proportions…

? Connie (@cjh1955) December 4, 2013

A Glitch Took Down Southwest’s Website: Fights Got Delayed & Folks Got Annoyed


Source: Flickr

In July 2016, a technical glitch caused Southwest Airline’s website to go down for about three hours. The outage resulted in more than 900 flights canceled and a lot of unhappy travelers. Of course, they took to Twitter to spew their unhappiness.

I pray to God that this Southwest glitch clears up by this Sunday. I’m just tryna go home fam.

? pakaleng (@heyykelsoo) July 23, 2016

Everyone please pray this Southwest glitch doesn’t cause us any more issues than this 45 min delay. I can handle that.

? Maggie (@maggiedjones) July 22, 2016

Hoping for a straight answer from @SouthwestAir as to whether Sunday flight 1906 will be cancelled due to their Wed “glitch” #southwest

? waterintowino (@waterintowino) July 22, 2016

Donald Trump Blamed for Website Crash of One America News Network

Source: One American News Network

When little-known One America News Network announced plans to feature Sarah Palin talking with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush…the widespread anticipation of the interviews caused the OANN website to crash. We can’t say we’re surprised this happened. These four politicians are very “colorful” to say the least, and we all know how much Donald Trump “loves” Ted and Jeb. Despite the great interview lineup, you can’t please everybody as Twitter proved once again.

Hey @oann I like your TV station but who did you hire to put together your website. The crash is reminiscent of #Obama’s healthcare website

? DeplorableDH4Trump (@MikeandDawnNY) August 29, 2015

This is crazy. It appears that @realDonaldTrump caused a website crash at @oann based on his referral to check it out! LOL.

? Defiantly (@DefiantlyNet) October 14, 2015

@realDonaldTrump made OANN News website crash because it was over loaded with Trump Supporters #TrumpTrain #Winning

? Sandra Schneider (@sandyaschneider) October 18, 2015

Newsweek Crash Blamed on Russian Hackers


Source: Newsweek

When Newsweek’s website crashed in September 2016, people blamed Donald Trump once again. After all, the site went down shortly after it published an article on how the billionaire’s company secretly conducted business in Cuba in the 1990s. After the story went live, some people believe Russian hackers took the website down as “payback.” And, yes, you guessed it — conspiracy theories soon took over Twitter.

Newsweek website was taken down shortly after coming out with the Trump story taken down by the Russians

— marc j victor (@marcjvictor1) October 1, 2016

Russian hackers take down website of Newsweek. Trump called Putin at 2am…the reason he was up and tweeting at 3am. Bromance still strong!

— JC (@CivilScream) October 1, 2016

Russian hackers brought down Newsweek’s website after the they came out with Eichenwald’s article about Trump!? Hmmmm

— kevin martin (@kevinmartin823) October 1, 2016

People Panicked When Netflix Went Offline


Source: Imgur

When Netflix went down for about two and a half hours in October 2016, it unleashed a massive flood of tweets and posts from folks who desperately wanted to get back to watching their favorite shows. When many tried to log onto the site, they were greeted by an empty, blank page. For Nexflix fans, the crash was like a bad dream come true.

Netflix is down! Panic!!

? Noel (@noellinnane) October 1, 2016

every time Netflix goes down it forces me to have an existential crisis and critically examine my life priorities

? Fanghoul Siscream (@MangoSirene) October 1, 2016

when @netflix goes down

? Phil (@fill3up) October 1, 2016

Pokemon Go Players Were Super Sad When Hackers Crashed Game


Source: Imgur

When Pokemon Go announced additional rollouts to 26 more countries in July 2016, a group called PoodleCorp crashed the company’s servers. Why? We don’t know, but it frustrated players. They let their tweets be known.

Pokemon Go hackers be like “don’t talk to me or my Dragonite or my Dragonite or my Dragonite or my Dragonite ever again”

? ?Ina? (@leopahs) October 3, 2016

When the Pokemon servers go down…

? PokemonGo (@CatchPokemonGo) July 16, 2016

People Annoyed When UK Government Website Crashes After Brexit Exit


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Servers for the site failed to cope with the huge surge of people unhappy with the United Kingdom’s recent decision to exit the European Union. Thousands of people flocked to the site to sign a petition calling for another vote. When they couldn’t do so, they flocked to Twitter instead.

Petition to have a 2nd Referendum caused the Gov website to crash. Let’s just make everything crash and go on strike! #sulking #Brexit

— Ena Q (@Enaregina) June 24, 2016


— Lyle Yiannopoulos (@Lyde15) July 2, 2016

Petition to build a motorway around the UK so that continental Europe can gorp at the horribly compelling ‘brexit’ car crash as it drives by

— Stuart Clarke-Frisby (@stuartfrisby) June 19, 2016

Excited Canadians Crashed Their Government’s Census Website


Source: Canindia

Canada’s enthusiasm to complete its 2016 census actually caused the government website to go offline. The site just couldn’t handle the heavy traffic. Who knew filling out a census survey could be so exciting? Luckily, the crash only lasted for about 45 minutes.

Canadians have crashed the census page. Canada: YOU ARE A PACK OF DANG NERDS

? Spoopy Li’l Tree? (@karengeier) May 3, 2016

Seriously: What kind of nation gets so excited to fill out a census, it breaks the website? What is wrong with us? (the answer is nothing)

? Jules Sherred (@GeekyJules) May 3, 2016

Never been so excited to fill out a census; and I get the feeling a lot of people feel the same. Page keeps crashing. #Census2016 #GoodData

? Chris Kelly-Bisson (@Chrisiferous) May 3, 2016

Shoppers Lose It When Amazon Is Nowhere To Be Found

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In August 2013, the popular online retailer, Amazon, went “bye bye.” Fortunately, it was only for a few hours. However, for consumers who were eager to get their shop on…they just about lost their minds. To compensate for the extra time on their hands, they flocked to Twitter like this Amazon author:

Where were you during the great Amazon server crash of August 19th 2013 at 3:09pm EST? #amazondown #panicmode #authorsfreak

? Shane Scollins (@shanescollins) August 19, 2013

When Twitter Crashed, Folks Had To Anxiously Wait To Vent


Source: Facebook/Twitter

A technical problem in October 2015 brought down the popular social media site, Twitter, for millions of users. Of course, those who somehow managed to get through the “Great Twitter Blackout” decided to tweet about it. Their responses were pretty funny including this one:

Whoa. Can’t access Twitter on my desktop. Only mobile. Of course, my first impulse is to tweet that Twitter is down. #dilemma

? Kelsye Nelson (@Kelsye) October 15, 2015

Leslie Jones Website Goes Offline After Hack, Fans Quickly Come To Her Defense


Source: Instagram

In August 2016, funny woman, Leslie Jones, became the target of hackers who managed to get into her personal website and steal her private information and personal photos. Her site went offline shortly after the attack. Angry at the hackers, her fans quickly took to Twitter to come to the SNL star’s defense.

Disgusted by these trolls going after Leslie Jones. Nobody should ever be forced offline for making a bad movie…well, except Kevin Smith.

? Greg Method (@gregmethod) August 25, 2016

Leslie Jones website hacked and taken offline. This makes me so angry!! I got you #LeslieJones! Damn those hackers!

? SilkyC (@SilkyC) August 25, 2016

More sickening online abuse. #IStandWithLeslie Leslie Jones Website Goes Offline After Massive Hack, via @billboard

? Andrea Pearce (@APearce41) August 25, 2016

Folks Went Bonkers When Fantasy Football Crashed


Source: Facebook/Premier League

In the United Kingdom, sports fans freaked out last month when they suddenly discovered they were unable to make their Fantasy Football bets by the 11:30 a.m. deadline. Premier League, the company behind the site, soon felt their wrath courtesy of Twitter. Oh, by the way, football actually means soccer in the UK.

Have one hour left to make a 15 man squad and the @premierleague app and website are screwing me over.

? Pranav (@OleOleCheIsea) August 13, 2016

@premierleague should have spent some of your billions on a better hosting set-up for your Fantasy Premier League website.

? Toby Rogers (@tobyroguk2) August 13, 2016

@premierleague I cant log on to fantasy football, I’m therefore going to miss the deadline, your website is so rubbish.

? Oliver Campbell (@The_Oliminator) August 13, 2016

Shoppers Became Agitated When Puma’s Site Disappeared


Source: ps941

When the popular shoe site, Puma, released Rihanna’s very own sneakers called “Creepers,” people couldn’t wait to purchase a pair. Unfortunately, many people weren’t able to right away thanks to the overwhelming traffic the shoe site received after making the singer’s sizzling footwear available for purchase. You best believe Puma got a mouthful from the Twitter world.

Good job @PUMA for having the website crash two minutes after Rihannas sandals go on sale…

? Kyle Ringle (@TheK_King21) August 5, 2016

How puma’s whole website just gonna crash?????? Wtf??????

? Coral (@coraljade2) August 5, 2016

@PUMA wtf I’m trying to get @rihanna creepers and your website crash fix it now

? ? (@rihweready) May 26, 2016

Fandango Website Crashed Thanks To Excited Star Wars Fans


Source: Facebook/Fandango

Last year, Fandango struggled to keep up with demand when advanced tickets for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens went on sale. Shortly after the tickets became available, lots of fans rushed to purchase them two months before the movie even hit theaters. They were greeted, however, with an an error message for about several hours. As you can imagine, it drove them nuts.

Wow, @Fandango just crashed. Those JEM tickets must be selling like mad!!

? Scott Mendelson (@ScottMendelson) October 20, 2015

A collective “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” is heard from all @starwars fans hitting Fandango right now! #TheForceAwakens

? Darth Jer (@ToppsJer) October 20, 2015

I felt a great disturbance in Fandango, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

? Andrea Peterson (@kansasalps) October 20, 2015

Prince Fans Forced TMZ Offline After Reporting the Singer’s Death


Source: Facebook/TMZ

The world was left speechless when TMZ first reported the death of legendary singer Prince. After publishing the article online, heavy traffic caused the site to briefly crash. Many fans were hoping that the celebrity-gossip site got the story wrong…and that Prince would take to social media to let everyone know he was really okay. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

Prince was so big, that his death made @TMZ website crash. #RIPPrince

— Robert Knowles (@Robknow23) April 21, 2016

only Prince could crash the TMZ servers.

— alyssa kritsch (@alys) April 21, 2016

The death of Prince has crashed TMZ. I don’t think I have ever seen TMZ crash before.

— Jeremy Bennett (@JBHuskers) April 21, 2016

Cyber-Monday Shoppers Annoyed When Target Website Did a Disappearing Act


Source: Facebook/Target

Last year, shoppers hoping to avoid the crowds at Target during Black Friday opted to take advantage of Cyber Monday instead. Unfortunately, they had another problem to deal with: heavy website traffic that forced the Target site to crash. Clearly, the lure of online bargains was just too much for the giant retailer to handle, leaving many online shoppers PO’d.

@target Website crash cyber MON & you blow it off. Trying to shop & staff yank sale tags to setup for SUN. I WAS shopping today. I’M DONE

? Janette Wiggs (@NettoAnn) December 6, 2015

What bothers me more than the website crash yesterday, is that @Target refused to ever even respond to my questions. Time to shop local…

? Aaron Pitt (@Ais4Action) December 1, 2015

Offer killer deals for one day only, BUT crash the website so the deals are unattainable. I see what you did there @Target

? Mallory Frizzell (@MalFrizz) November 30, 2015