People Who Are Clearly Far More Advanced Than The Rest Of Us

We’re living in the age of technology, but some people are way ahead of us, and we’re just struggling to keep up. Engineering has never been more popular, and the world is just bursting with good ideas. So don’t be surprised if you see someone with a very high IQ putting all your ideas to shame.

Hand-Free Cell Phone

Our culture strives for everything hands-free these days. Even the simple act of holding a cell phone has become a thing of the past. This device is perfect for anyone who has their hands full. Obviously, the ideal solution would be to buy a good smartphone mount or purchase a Bluetooth headset, but this is a reasonable compromise.

Genius Of The Future

How can this kid be so creative without getting a wedgie? Sure, he definitely got some assistance since he’s short and young, but now he’s on his own. Kids, take a note from this. You are the future and he’s ahead of the game.

How To Not Get Grease When Making Bacon

Michael Scott would be jealous of this. It’s one way to not burn yourself on that hot grease when making a fresh batch of bacon in the morning. That would suck if it was a non-skillet pan.

All Of Life’s Necessities In One

Okay, this looks cheap and lazy, but it’s pretty clever. Think about all of the times you lost your TV remote or your cell phone somewhere on the couch. This is a solution to all of our problems! If they go missing again, you know that they’re together in that rubber band.

Four Hole Bowling Balls

Bowlers who have problems with the different weight of the balls usually switch it up. This could help improve your game every step of the way. Just think about it — four holes instead of three could enhance your strength and speed to knock down those pins and get those strikes!

Cereal Without The Bowl

This is one way to eat cereal without using a bowl. This is the perfect way to start off your morning. You don’t even need to wash any dishes too! You’re kind of stuck eating the entire box, but honestly, it’s not that hard.

We’ve Been Expecting This For Quite Some Time

Finally, a household appliance with all your needs in one! It might be way before its time, but we still have a ways to go to work out all the kinks in this bad boy. You know what, this might be the perfect purchase for when I get my bachelor pad.

Wine With A Bottle Cap

Somebody got creative for Winesday! Taking a bottle cap like this one will save us wine enthusiasts from using an actual glass! Just drink it back like it’s a big bottle of Gatorade. This should inspire you to do the same when you’re stuck meeting your relatives for Thanksgiving dinner.

Anything Is Possible

Yes, if you try in life, anything is possible. This person came up with a way to have more than one cereal at a time, and breakfast is changed forever. Now, cereal lovers can enjoy up to three different types of cereal!

Multitasking At The Barber Shop

You know you have a great barber when they actually care about their customers. It’s almost as if you feel naked when you can’t use your phone during a haircut. Better yet, this barber took it one step further. Seriously though, if more barbers do this, they’ll get a great tip!

Flying Taxis Are Coming

Commuters of the future could get some relief thanks to Uber. They have come up with a futuristic machine that would be used as flying taxis. It won’t be available to the public for a few more years, but this shows how advanced we’ve become when it comes to technology.

New Ways To Use Your Microwave

Some of us use a microwave for one bowl while others use it for two. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best ones. Also, take note that microwaving two bowls will take a little longer to cook.

FaceTime Your Pot Of Water

A clever hack for all you lazy people out there. The tedious act of boiling water while making pasta just got better. FaceTiming which could focus on the water while you’re watching TV is a pure act of multitasking. Basically, you don’t need to stand there for five minutes anymore.

Homemade Pool

When you don’t have a pool, a balcony pool is the only way to go. Apartment renters can now have a future with personal pools without having to go to their friend’s backyard. Long gone are the days of public pools and a ton of chlorine. All you need is a tarp, a hose, and an imagination.

Step Aside, Toaster Oven

Who needs a toaster oven when you can be innovative with a toaster? There’s a good chance the toaster oven industry will hit a downfall after people see this. Just remember — processed cheese isn’t as good as regular cheese.

Phone Of 3017

Maybe he’ll take us back in time and meet with Marty McFly and Doc Brown? The more you look at it, the more aspects you see. The birthdate, gender, and profession are notable in this. Telling by the way the man introduced himself, this puts all dating apps to shame.

His Name Is William Thompson

Once our good friend William Thompson becomes a social media trend, it will only be a matter of time before the trend gets out of hand. It might not be lined up properly, but this is the most simplistic way of making both a profile picture and cover photo work together to creep out your friends.

Filling Water Buckets Just Got Easier

Think of this as a champagne tower, but with water instead. Just look at the handle of jugs in relation to the spouts. The water is flowing perfectly, and without tipping over each can. This is an incredible masterpiece… let’s just hope he doesn’t have to carry them all.

Popcorn Hoodie

What’s the point of making any effort when you can bend your neck slightly and stuff your face with popcorn? I’m in disbelief that our society didn’t think of this sooner. You’ll have to wash the hoodie to get the butter out, but maybe somebody could do this with beer? I smell a million dollar idea right there.

Sneakers And Chargers

Finally, a portable charger that’s portable for your everyday sneakers. Now you can charge your phone anywhere your feet take you. Plus, the charger and phone act as ankle bracelets if you want to take your workout to a whole new level. I bet Nike will do one better than Reebok after seeing this.

Old Innovative Way To Wash Dishes

They might be living in 1917, but sometimes we need to improvise when we don’t have a dishwasher available. You will probably have to wash the tub afterward. Personally, this is something I would never do and I had to go through three different busted dishwashers during my time in college.