People Who Ticked Off The Wrong Person

There are certain people you can get on the nerves of and don’t really have to worry about any sort of retaliation. People who fall into this category are often family members, like Aunt Susan, who you would always hide behind the door to scare when she walked into the house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Fortunately for entertainment sake, there are also people out there who see revenge as a bloodsport and pride themselves on the motto “hit me, I’ll hit you twice as hard.” These pictures show what can happen when you tick off the wrong person, and they’re straight up hilarious.

Won’t Make That Mistake Twice

“I’m really sorry sweetie, can we keep this on the down low though because I’ll never do it again,” he said. If she ever replied with “I’m fine,” then you know she’s about to buy a billboard with YOUR money and broadcast how big of a cheater you really are. This strategy is definitely subtle (I mean, Steven and Emily are pretty common names), but I think it will be effective nonetheless.