Teachers Who Are Out To Get Their Students

Teachers have a tough job. They educate us while taking on the tough task of keeping a classroom under control. They’re responsible for enforcing so many rules in the classroom that many of us give teachers way less credit than they deserve.

It’s their job, but they’re bound to get sick of their students. These teachers are definitely tired of the long days and have turned to making the best of it through jokes, pranks, and sarcastic comments.

Pass Or Fail, Your Choice

Consider this a wake up call for those of you who love to procrastinate. The point here is to make the slackers not look at the clock.


If you had a difficult test, you would be checking the clock every minute to make sure you aren’t spending so much on time on one question.

Say My Name Say My Name

Most teachers use this so you might have seen it before. This would be a fun way to embarrass the student. If they hand you the paper with no name, the teacher should make you dance and sing to Beyonce’s smash hit.


It’s not that hard to write your name people!

They Know Everything

He’s got a valid point. If you stare down at your crotch, you’re probably texting someone. As hilarious as this is, it makes perfect sense to call out your students for this.


It would be funny if he kept count and displayed how many times each student looked down at their phone.

Teacher’s Favorite Beverage

Wouldn’t this beverage be salty? You know, since students whine and complain about everything in their lives? This is the next best thing to a teacher drinking a bottle of whiskey while grading papers.


It’s funny, clever, and downright mean altogether. The worst part? Refueling on different tears each semester.

Comic Sans Is For Beginners

Not going to lie, that font is a popular one amongst students. It’s actually one of the easiest fonts to use in Microsoft Word. Of course, there are teachers who are more than willing to put you on blast.


I mean, the font does go well with My Little Pony fanfiction… so I’ve heard…


In school, turning in an assignment late is bound to happen. Most of the time, teachers will give you a little wiggle room and try to help you out as much as they can by maybe just taking off a few points. But not this teacher.


Any late work goes straight in the trash giving you a total of zero points. That’s harsh teach.

First Assignment Of The Semester

You have to wonder if students actually went through with this. From a personal standpoint, I would do number two and the last one at the bottom.

They seem easier than ending world hunger by Tuesday.

He Died They Were So Bad

This teacher’s students tests results were so bad that he brought in a casket to show that his students had killed him. If that isn’t doing the most then we don’t know what is.


The real question isn’t how he got it in there, but why did he have a casket in the first place?

Selfie On The Board

“Hey, I know that guy! I sit right beside him in English.” Yeah, well, he’s on the projector for one simple reason. He had his phone out trying to send a Snapchat in the middle of class.


That’s one way for a teacher to shine the spotlight on students who disrupt the lecture.

Shrubstitute Teacher

Meet the shrubstitute teacher, Professor Bush. The bush isn’t alone either — they have their trusted teacher’s assistant, Groot along for the experience. This would be any students chance to cheat on an exam.


Plot twist: the bushes have cameras installed to catch culprits who think they can beat the system.


We think that it’s fair to say that anybody that puts #YOLO as a test answer deserves to get an immediate F. However, instead of failing them, it looks like this teacher gave them a quick glimpse of their future flipping burgers at McDonald’s.


Although funny, there’s nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s!

Making Profit As A Teacher

Well, that’s one way to embarrass your students on Open House Night.


It’s all fun and games here, but imagine how much of a profit teachers could make with this?

Teacher’s Ultimatum

Don’t fret, the dude abides by anything. Whoever stole the teacher’s bobblehead is in for some trouble. Not only is the class being threatened with a zero, but whoever fesses up will face a larger consequence.


Seeing this should remind you to never touch any of the teacher’s belongings.

Rick Astley Or?

If you know the Rick Astley tune, this should be an easy one.


Think of all the times you’ve researched the internet for tips on passing tests/assignments, only to be bombarded with music videos from the 80’s pop star.

Instant Karma

Sometimes, taking a nap in class gets you through the day. Nap too hard, and you’ll end up being a social media star amongst your classmates.


Who knows, if this teacher catches more students taking a snooze during class, he could make a 12-month photo calendar of his victims.

This Teacher Cannot Be Bothered

A lot of times teachers get inundated with incessant questions or students whining about their grades. While a teacher is there to help you, a lot of the times a student’s complaint or question is just entirely unnecessary.


This teacher has had enough of it and is trying to teach their students about patience.

Rule #1

Rule number one about college is that if there’s a possibility that your answer is in the syllabus do not ask your professor. You’ll probably get a similar reaction as this professor right here.


He’s been asked so many times that he even had to make a shirt made before he drove himself insane.

Never Get Your Phone Confiscated

When a student got their phone back after having it confiscated, they were probably pretty shocked to see that their lock screen wallpaper was changed.


These school administrators have had enough of students using their phones when they shouldn’t and decided to teach a lesson. However, we can’t say that that’s sort of an invasion of privacy…

Eyes Like A Hawk

Good luck cheating in this teachers class. He has a bird’s eye view and can see any wandering eyes with ease from his little perch.

We hope he doesn’t do this all of the time because that really doesn’t look comfortable sitting up there. Also, give the kids a break!

This can’t be real right?

Either this was an elaborate prank or this poster was put up by the most innocent and naïve school staff member ever.

never underestimate teachers abbreviaton on poster
Henricooq / Reddit
Henricooq / Reddit

Whatever you do, don’t listen to this poster.

Exam Watch Bigger Than Big Brother

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not share your test answers, I’m telling you why. Your teacher climbed into the vent to make sure you and your classmates aren’t cheating.


This is really creepy, like if Big Brother was actually happening in the classroom. Come out wherever you are, Julie Chen.

Nickelback As Punishment

Oh, boy, the last one doesn’t sound that exciting. You’re just asking for your ears to bleed. Do you really want to be late almost 10 times for class?


You’re just asking for a funeral to happen.

Reward For Missing Homework

Talk about shaming your students. Better yet, this teacher could probably use another English course. Sure, this is light-hearted and funny with the pun at the top, but no teacher should be allowed to do this.


Here’s hoping Josh will actually do his homework along with improving his grades.

Essay Writing 101

Note the horrific grammar on Powerpoint. That should be enough to get the students to pay attention since Powerpoint can be useless at times.


If no one can point out the grammar mistakes in the opening slide, then just give them a pop quiz on the presentation the next day.

Wall Of Shame

Notice the disclaimer in the middle — these students volunteered to be on the wall.


That’s one way for both the teacher and students to have some fun with failing.

Savage On Failing

Don’t be surprised to get this comment when you didn’t bother studying. There’s a good chance that teachers who put the tests of the smart students on the bottom.


That way, they can enjoy some happiness after marking 50 tests. Procrastination can be so deadly at times.

The Real Cheater Is…

Imagine writing all those names sideways? There’s a good chance one of these phones will vibrate and fall on the floor. Also, it’s one way for teachers to catch students who may be seeking answers from a friend/classmate.


Smart tip: turn your phone OFF before going to the exam, then say your phone is dead. No one will know.

There’s A Job For That

One teacher has had enough and decided to attach a job resume to a test. Now, most of us would agree this is just plain mean, but in fairness, there’s nothing wrong with working at a fast-food chain.


Especially when you plan to save up for college down the road.

You Shall Not Pass!

This poor student tried to lighten the mood of their test with a little doodle, but the teacher was having none of it. They drew a little doodle of their own and crushed the hopes and dreams of this struggling student.


The bright red ink doesn’t help either and makes it all the more painful.

Don’t Sleep In Class

Everyone knows that sleeping in class is essentially worse than not even being there. it’s not only distracting to the teacher, but to other students as well.


This teacher let this student know just how bad their sleeping in class has gotten and even attatched a little threat at the end to prove their point. Nice touch.

A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

When this student decided to write a rather rude letter to their English teacher, something amazing happened. The teacher picked the paper apart and called the student out on all of their spelling and grammatical errors.


They even left a little note at the bottom to let them know who’s really the boss.

Don’t Forget Your Supplies

This student forgot his pen, so when he asked his teacher for one, he obliged. However, he didn’t give him just any old ball-point pen, he gave him the most inconvenient writing utensil to use on the planet.

Nothing like taking notes with a gigantic quill pen!

Don’t Get Caught With One Of These

This teacher also doesn’t like when their students come unprepared to class. So, although they still need a pencil to write, they are forced to use one of these.

In high school, being caught with one of these can mean weeks of torment. Your new nickname would also probably have something to do with being a Belieber.

Weeding Out The Weak

This teacher wasn’t playing around. They really wanted to see who was even paying the slightest bit of attention.


If a student managed to circle D, they might as well just quit while they’re ahead, because school is only going to get harder from here. Let’s hope nobody actually chose D.

Well That Didn’t Work

This student thought that threatening the execution of his teddy bear doodle would get him an immediate A.


Turns out, he was dead wrong. Instead of the teacher just writing a quick no with the letter grade, they went and drew their own dead bear. And right next to the dead bear is a very big red C.

No Walk-Ins

A professor had this on their office door to let their students know that they did not allow walk-ins for office hours. Although that was probably a bummer for a lot of students to learn, it’s a pretty funny way of getting your point across.


We wonder if this professor teaches film?

Public Shaming At Its Finest

This student’s English teacher took public shaming to a whole new level when they posted this student’s grammatical error on Facebook.


It’s one thing to draw this on a paper and give it back, but to put it on Facebook for the whole world to see it. However, they should probably know it’s serial and not cereal by now.

Very Subtle

These paper holders were designed for any teacher with a good sense of humor. They even come in various colors to spice things up.


Something tells us that there weren’t any clips that didn’t have crap printed on them because they are all meant to intimidate the students. What a nice scare tactic.

Better Luck Next Time

There really is nothing worse than failing a test that you cheated on. Not that any of us have ever cheated on a test…Anyway, this student was so close, yet so far from getting away with it.


Hopefully, they didn’t need those 10 points in order to pass the class.

So Bad It’s Unhealthy

Wow, this teacher really didn’t hold back letting this student know just how bad their work was. We’ve seen some pretty funny notes from teachers, but this one is afraid they might end up dying if they continue on.


This should be a wake-up call that maybe this student needs to go to tutoring.

Patience Is A Virtue

There’s always one or two (not so) “cool” kids smoking in the bathroom at every school. And even though it’s not allowed and you can easy smell it, they will do it.

teacher waiting for student outside bathroom to catch them for smoking inside
Photo Credit: Reddit / dspman
Photo Credit: Reddit / dspman

Well this teacher wasn’t letting that happen on his radar anymore and is patiently waiting for that door to open, a whiff of smoke to come out, and for him to catch them in the act.

You’re The Reason I Drink

We guess that when you’re a teacher, one of the only ways to make it through an essay grading session is to drink a few beers. We can’t blame them for it, and it might just even end up helping out your grade.


Just hope your paper is on the bottom and not the top of the stack.

No Exceptions!

it will never get old when students don’t think teachers know when their font is a couple of sizes too big, or they use a font with different sized letters in a paper. They’re teachers, it’s their job to catch those kinds of things.


At least this teacher was courteous to give a warning before they started setting papers on fire.

Caught him Sleeping

As we’ve already learned, sleeping in class is usually a bad call. This teacher took things to a whole new level and got down on the ground and tied his student’s shoelaces together.

Although this may be hazardous we’re sure it was quite funny when the bell rang.

This Teacher Is A Little Monster

Based on this selection of elements, it looks like this chemistry teacher might secretly be one of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters.

That, or he found the opportunity to make himself laugh a little bit whether his students caught this joke or not… because something’s got to spice up his dull life trying to deal with students.

When Your Teacher Can Meme

Looks like it’s science project season and this science teacher found the best way to reach out to their Internet-obsessed students. There’s nothing better than seeing a teacher who knows what memes are and actually knows how to use them.


Kudos for actually applying them to a lesson plan.

The Unexpected Response

A lot of teachers put silly bonus questions at the end of their quizzes and tests, probably to get a little amusement out of the boredom of grading papers.


When this teacher told his students to put something on paper that would impress him, this student responded in the most surprising way. Needless to say, the teacher was impressed.

The Pity Points

A lot of students draw silly images like this in an attempt to get their teachers to give them a decent grade.


Well, it looks like this student’s awkward drawing made his teacher take pity on him and the rest of the students apparently. They all probably didn’t do as well as the teacher had hoped.

Follow Instructions Carefully

We wonder how many of this teacher’s students actually got to the end of this list before realizing the teacher was making a complete fool out of them.


On the one hand, it’s kind of a cruel joke, but on the other, it’s a good way to see if your students are actually paying attention. This teacher probably got a kick out of this test too.

Teaching The Students Resilience

When a rude classmate drew an inappropriate image on this student’s homework in pen, they didn’t know what to do but left it on there because they still had to turn it in.


This teacher took the situation and turned it into a positive lesson about coming out of negative incidents.

He Who Has The Red Pen

Another desperate attempt to save a grade with a sorry doodle. This teacher recognized the student’s plea but unfortunately had to let him know that ultimately, he was going to give the student the grade that they deserved.


In school, you really have no power until you have the red pen in your hands.

Who Is Helen Waite?

When professors assign papers, many students will do anything to get the best grade possible. They will insist that their papers get read right away so that they can make the necessary changes.


But it gets a bit much when all of your students are asking you at once. This professor found a simple way to deal with that.

The Teacher With A Snappy Comeback

This person just had to share an overheard conversation between her teacher and a fellow classmate. When said classmate rolled her eyes at the teacher, the teacher had the best response.


A lot of adolescents do have attitude problems and many times their teachers have to deal with it on a daily basis — and they’re not even their kids!

High School Hormones

A lot of teenagers have no chill when it comes to PDA, especially at school. Unfortunately, school administrators have to bear witness to this behavior on a daily basis.

A teacher at this school decided to poke fun at the situation by pointing out what all these “in love” couples look like.

A Teacher With A Special Request

The last question on this test has students impersonating Borat for extra credit. The teacher knows that not everyone would be so bold as to actually attempt this and embarrass themselves, but they think surely there will be one student so desperate for the extra points that they would go for it.


We so hope someone did.

The Ol’ Eyesight Ain’t What It Used To Be

For some reason, every year there’s that one student who writes incredibly small. It’s very neat and all, but sometimes the teacher has a hard time straining just to read the student’s work.


This teacher straight up gave up and just asked the student what grade they wanted.

A Cold Taste Of Reality

An astronomy teacher had this poster up in their classroom. What you think would be an inspiring reference to our favorite Disney movie, turns out to be a dark message.


It’s true that stars are dead by the time we see them, but now we’re just going to be depressed every time we do. Thanks a lot, Teach.

Teachers Are So Sarcastic

One teacher couldn’t bear this student’s inability to try. For one, the student only put one of three required answers and two, the answer they did put probably isn’t what the teacher was looking for.


This teacher responded in the best way they knew: drawing the Nicholas Cage meme and nixing the points for that question.

It Was A Fair Warning

Stuck in the classroom for a majority of the day, some teachers have no chance to let one rip. This teacher just let it happen but immediately knew that it was a mistake.


At least she warned her students ahead of time instead of making them suffer and incredibly awkward encounter.

The Brutal Response

Ouch! This girl’s essay was so bad, that her teacher went to extreme lengths to let her know.


It’s rather macabre that a teacher even had a dead fly on hand to put on this girl’s paper, but it certainly was quite a way to make a point. We hope the poor girl wasn’t too offended.