The Most Astonishing Makeup Fails Ever

Makeup can be really difficult to work with, even for those of us who have plenty of practice. And like anything that takes skill, that also means that there is also an opportunity for major fails.Over the last few years especially, the makeup world has seen a lot of questionable trends that we’ll be scratching our heads about in the future.

Here are some of the worst makeup fails of all time. Just remember this: If you feel like you’re bad at doing makeup, chances are it’s nowhere near as bad as these people are.

This All Around Rough Face


It’s hard to tell exactly where to start with this full face of makeup, but there are several mistakes here that most of us probably made in the beginning of our journey with cosmetics. Bright colors are definitely fun to use, but not all over your entire face. This girl probably would have been better off had she chosen a bright lip or a bright eye, not both… and it might be good for her to keep in mind that eyeshadow shouldn’t necessarily meet your eyebrows. Combine that with the blush, and you practically need sunglasses to look at this girl’s face.