These Brutally Honest Restaurant Signs Are Setting The Bar High

Nowadays, advertising is all about capturing our attention and making someone stop, think, and laugh, and that’s exactly what the best restaurant and bar signs will do. Advertising companies spend millions crafting the ads that aren’t nearly as good at the phrase or drawing that these bartenders scribbled on a sign in minutes. Even a sign across the border is throwing shade at America to get people through their doors. These bar signs might hit a little bit too close to home, but that’s what makes them work.

Finally, A Helpful Yelp Review

Photo credit: @heyshanmurphy / Twitter
Photo credit: @heyshanmurphy / Twitter

Authentic Thai food that’s also one of the best dining spots in D.C.? This sign has me sold.

And Alexa really hit the nail on the head with her comment that she’s probably “too white” for this Thai restaurant. Most Yelp reviews are just people complaining about service. This one is a bit different and possibly helpful.