These Knockoffs Aren’t Fooling Anyone

We all have that one friend who loves to buy knockoff products, whether they want to admit it or not. Knockoff products are cheap because they’re generally pretty low quality. But while some knockoffs are convincing, others miss the mark so much that it’s downright hilarious.

Why buy any big name, expensive product when you can buy cheaper options like Sour Frittles or head to the nearest Sunbucks?

Forever 20

20 Forever.jpg

Forever 21 is already so cheap and their clothes so low quality that we can’t even imagine what a garment from Forever 20 is like. If we had to guess, maybe the name doesn’t come from a play on being forever 20 years old, but from the clothes lasting only 20 days before they fall apart.

Trust The Crust


Crust toothpaste doesn’t sound too promising. All that comes to mind is the toothpaste drying out the second you put it on your toothbrush. Just picture someone buying this than showing it to their dental hygienist afterward. Let’s hope there isn’t a mouthwash.

Okay Not Olay

Okay Shampoo.jpg

It’s not the best shampoo, but it’s okay. The duplication of the popular shampoo brand looks like one product you could easily buy without noticing it’s not the real thing. Sure, there might some difference in ingredients, but what’s the worst that could happen?

Wait until you see the fellow companion to Skittles! It’s more than just the rainbow.


PSP Knockoff.jpg

This is perfect for the video game junkie on the go. We weren’t aware that Mario had a sister named Mary or that Luigi had a love affair with Linguini. It kind of makes you wonder what type of video games they sell. Maybe games like Grand Theft Transportation or a knockoff edition of Madden NFL?

It’s Me, Video Game Guy!

Super Mario Knockoff.jpg

Those are some nice looking suspenders you got there, Video Game Guy! From the looks of it, we can tell it’s a cheap version of the beloved Mario. Better yet, there’s a costume that’s similar named Video Game Guy’s brother. I can’t wait for the Super Video Game Guy Odyssey!

Go For The Rainbow!

Like Skittles.jpg

Where’s the rainbow? What kind of counterfeit candy is this? You aren’t fooling anybody with your “sour frittles” Any sour candy doesn’t seem that appealing actually, especially this one.

Sour frittles is a thing, but when there’s more than one brand of Dr. Pepper, you won’t tell the difference and you’ll see that shortly.

Land Wind

Range Rover Knockoff.jpg

Oh look, a car that celebrities in Hollywood drive that’s also popular for celebrities in China! You know what though, this Land Wing might be much more reliable than an actual Land Rover. Within a few years from now, another Land Rover knockoff will come up with something better: The Land, Wind, and Fire Rover.



As the old saying goes “The more you eat, the more you toot.” This really doesn’t sound that trustworthy as much as the real Chipotle is. Basically, you’re setting yourself up for a whole night of sitting on the toilet after eating this. Be sure to bring the Pepto Bismol!

Will The Real Dr. Pepper Please Stand Up?

Dr. Pepper Knockoffs.jpg

We almost can’t believe all the cans that suspiciously look like Dr. Pepper actually exist. We just wonder how many of them actually taste like the real thing. We’re not going to find out though.

I’ll see your Dr. Pepper knockoff and raise you a breakfast cereal that’s the complete opposite of Tony the Tiger which is coming up shortly!

Sounds By Steve

Sounds By Steve.jpg

Maybe this was a prank by Dr. Dre’s long-lost cousin, Steve, or it was electro house musician Steve Aoki doing this as a joke. They’re probably better quality than Beats By Dre. You know what though, Bosche headphones would likely sell faster than Sounds By Steve.

Game Child

Game Child.jpg

This “Gameboy” looks uNintentional if you catch my drift. It probably comes with games we’ve never even heard of, but they’re probably cheaper than a game for PS4 or Xbox One. Nevertheless, there is a chance you could make a good profit of this by selling it to a hipster.

Thhheeyyy’re Acceptable!


Talk about having a bowl full of Frosted Fakes. His backward hat makes him look so much cooler than Tony the Tiger.

Have you ever heard of a knockoff version of butter? You won’t believe it with your own eyes in a few slides shortly!



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Superman’s second alter ego, Specialman! We aren’t too sure what super abilities SpecialMan brings, but that would make a great movie title if someone made a parody of the legendary superhero. SpeicalMan’s archnemesis would have to be Rex Ruthor.


Sunbucks Coffee.jpg

The logo looks creepy as hell and it would steer us to another place to find a cup of coffee. Only in China will you come across weird and bizarre places that are similar to what we have in North America. Do you think they would serve more lattes or boba tea?

It’s Not What You Think It Is

This Is Not Butter.jpg

Knowing how many times you come across this, it might not even be margarine either. It’s almost a warning against buying it since it’s fake as it is.

Let me ask you this, have you ever seen a knockoff edition of Kit Kats? You’ll find out soon enough about that!



You’re probably asking yourself “What is a trans warrior?” Well, much like the rest of the knockoffs, it’s pretty much a crappier version of Transformers. Heck, they even have some weird names that look like they were randomly drawn out of a hat since they couldn’t be more creative than that.

Baet Simpson


Okay, Simpsons fans will be fast to point to big flaws in this t-shirt. First, it’s Bart Simpson and not Baet. Secondly, “Baet” doesn’t say “Don’t Have A Box, New!” it’s “Don’t Have A Cow, Man!” Oh, you knockoff manufacturers, when will you finally get it together and not sell ripoffs like this?

Give Me A Break

Knockoff Kit Kats.jpg

Some cheesy person from Minnesota probably thought of this. Twin Fingers is kind of similar to the Twin Cities, but clearly, this person thought they were a genius. Knockoff corporations like this need to come up with another candy bar like Coffee Crisp of Oh! Henry.

Duffin Dagels

Duffin Dagels.jpg

You’re witnessing the Spanish version of Dunkin Donuts. The ripoff of the American coffee chain actually exists since Spain has a weird relationship with copyrights. It looks like a crossover between a donut and a bagel but would they have both to offer at the store?

Cleveland Cavailers


One of the most annoying things a sports fan can do is buy jerseys from knockoff websites. Honestly, they aren’t that trustworthy to being with. Sure, you save a couple of dollars here and there, but cheap jerseys come with bad results. For the sports fans out there, you’ve been warned.