These People Figured Out How To Make Museums Fun, And We’re Impressed

Let’s face it, museums don’t market themselves as the most exciting places. For most kids, going to the museum is something they are forced to do for class trips throughout high school, but then they grow up and forget they ever existed. But museums are an incredibly important part of society. Museums can house everything from history to art, and even science.

For years, museums have been trying to re-brand, and by the looks of it, they may be on to something. Instead of spending a ton of money on marketing, just let some people in to caption your art on Snapchat or take photos with the sculptures. Thanks to these people, museums might actually be cool again.

It’s Called Living Art

Photo credit: @boywithnojob / Instagram
Photo credit: @boywithnojob / Instagram

I’m impressed these five even found their way into a museum, but I’m thankful for it. They were probably stuck on a high school trip and bored out of their minds.

One genius realized they could pass the time way faster if they recreate statues with an incredible attention to detail.