These Post Office Workers Prove That Rain And Snow Are The Least Of Their Problems

Whenever you order a new vacuum from Amazon, or mail in your utilities check, somebody has to make sure that stuff gets from point A to point B. Somebody is responsible for making sure that your Christmas presents get delivered on time.

As far as I’m concerned, postal service workers are more special than Santa Claus. They work harder, they play harder, and they have a better sense of humor. Keep reading to see some of the best mailmen and mailwomen in America. They always know how to brighten your dog’s day or keep your mail out of harm’s way.

The Sneakest Mailman Award Goes To…

Photo Credit: Mona_Cabbage / Reddit
Photo Credit: Mona_Cabbage / Reddit

This is actually brilliant. I wish my mailman knew how to hide packages like this. Granted, I live in an apartment building, so there isn’t really anywhere to hide giant packages, but I’m sure this mailman would find a way.

The fakeout envelope by the door is just the icing on the cake.