These Sassy Teachers Had The Funniest Responses To Their Students’ Bad Test Answers

Sometimes teachers receive work from students so… interesting… it demands a clever response. Instead of actually trying on tests, some students prefer to draw pictures. Some students just guess wildly. And of course, some students just write a note to the teacher about why they should pass instead of answering the question. Because that strategy ever worked!

If Only Math Class Was Cinema Class Instead…

This student knew they never stood a chance on this test. Sitting in class must have been awful, like journeying through the desert with no water and no end in sight. After expressing their frustration with this drawing of them only almost making it to the door, their teacher made sure to get the last laugh.

Using a classic scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, this student’s teacher let them know their brutal fate. All is fair in school and war. One funny drawing deserves another, and this teacher definitely deserves some kind of award for their creativity!

That One Time Nicholas Cage Made A Cameo

This student gave the most obvious answer possible. White cement is, in fact, white. While the student isn’t wrong, their answer failed to give three other properties. White cement is also hard, dense, and is often used in the production of swimming pools. Of course, none of those answers are what the teacher was looking for on this chemistry test.

This teacher responded simply and brilliantly to their student’s lack of effort. The image of Nicholas Cage shouting, “you don’t say?” from the movie Vampire’s Kiss is also one of the most popular memes on the internet.

When In Doubt, Give Dating Tips

This student admits to hating science, and their science class, but still wants to be friends with the teacher after. To save face, the student boldly asks the teacher for a little dating advice. This both lets the teacher know that the student clearly values their opinion, but also clearly didn’t study.

The “sensitive” teacher gives the student the zero they deserve on the test but also answers the question. The best part is that the teacher answers the question by giving the student the answer to the test question. What a boldly hilarious move!

This Teacher Gives Negative Credit For Creativity

This student tried their best to convince their teacher an elephant got in the way of their problem. Their teacher wasn’t buying it and gave the student minus three points for the incorrect answer. Who knows what would have happened if the student had included a tail in their drawing. This simple mistake seems to have been their academic undoing.

We give this student credit for being brave enough to try and sway their teacher. After all, claiming “an elephant appeared on my paper out of nowhere!” is far more original than “the dog ate my homework!”

When In Doubt, White It Out!

Poor Jackie, she thought she had solved every student’s biggest problem; hard test questions. Her solution was actually pretty clever, using white out to make the question disappear from the test. Unfortunately, poor Jackie did not get the result she was hoping for.

It turns out Jackie’s teacher probably knew how many questions were on the test. It’s also pretty clear from the photo above that something has been erased below the chart. As it turns out, as good as whiteout may be at getting rid of spelling mistakes, it really doesn’t erase test questions. Maybe next time Jackie will study.

This Teacher Is Nothing But Honest

There is no way to know what the test this student turned in was about. We do know that whatever it was was, it was not good. The student clearly knows it, apologizing to the teacher about how depressing the assignment is going to be to grade.

The teacher, in response, acknowledges that the test was just as depressing to read as the student laments it was to write. At least both parties in this scenario suffer together! Then again, this student’s grade only affects the teacher’s grade book.

That’s One Way To Combat Phone Use!

This clever instructor let his students know that it’s not hard to tell when they are using their phones. After all, who stares at their crotch for that long? Who knows if his students stopped texting in class. What’s important is he tried, and there is no greater lesson students can learn then it is always better to try then text. And to always look up when your teacher is lecturing.

It’s clear from the picture that at least one student got the message. Her head is raised and she is paying attention to every word her teacher is about to say!

According To This Teacher, Love Hurts

This student’s answer to one of life’s universal questions could not have been more wrong in the eyes of their teacher. Taking what appears to be a science test, the student answered the extra credit question with a more philosophical answer. This teacher did not find the answer to be correct, or funny. Luckily for the student, getting the extra credit problem wrong won’t affect their grade.

Also, at least the student didn’t pick “pet rock” as the answer to the final question. Who knows what that would have inspired the teacher to write on their test.

This Teacher Trolled His Students In The Best Way

This teacher takes a pre-emptive strike against his students. First, he teases them with a shared file on the class network. To the students, it appears they have full access the answers for their upcoming test. Those willing to take a peek are given the surprise of their lives when the Rick Astley music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up,” starts playing.

The classic “Rick Roll” is one the earliest and most hilarious forms of internet trolling.The original prank supposedly happened in 2007, the song appearing after users clicked a link for a video game trailer. This awesome teacher gets the win for taking the prank off the internet and putting it in the classroom!

This Teacher Just Wants Well Formatted Papers!

This teacher has had one too many papers turned in that were poorly formatted! He’s choosing to be as clear as possible, but hopefully won’t actually be burning anything! Not only would that be unethical, it would also be a fireable offense!

Even though his message is clear, docking the student points would be a more effective and less traumatizing experience than watching the paper you spent hours writing burned in front of the entire class! That’s the stuff nightmares are made of!

Saturn Is Not A “Single Lady”

Another student, another Beyonce reference. This hilarious teacher has had enough! The question asked on this test seems simple enough. Saturn has rings, most likely, because an icy moon got too close to the planet while orbiting it. The planet tore the ice moon apart, resulting in ice chunks that now orbit the planet as a ring.

This student made a funny guess, and their teacher gave a great response. Maybe next time the student will pay attention in class. This teacher obviously isn’t giving points for guessing, or rings for that matter!

Formal Essays Aren’t Supposed To Be Fun

It appears this student had too much fun writing their essay, so their teacher reminded them that formal essays aren’t supposed to be fun. It’s really not clear why Maddux ended her paper with a smiley face. Unfortunately, her teacher was not impressed.

Of course, Maddux’s teacher is also teaching his student an important lesson. Formal essays are supposed to be professional. Ending a paper with a casual emoji is a serious academic no-no! In college, a simple mistake like that could result in a zero. Hopefully, this teacher was the forgiving type, even if they don’t believe in happiness.

Manners Matter To This Teacher

This student needed a lesson in manners after writing a mean joke as the answer to this question. Their elementary school teacher was quick to let them know that they need an attitude adjustment. What’s really funny, is the student answered the question to the test correctly.

What’s not funny is that the student took their answer a step too far. We’re also not sure why the student ended their answer with a question mark. Whatever the reason, the sad face given by the teacher is fantastic and a perfect response to a good answer going bad.

This Teacher Takes Different Test Version Too Far

Teachers using different versions of a test so students can’t cheat off each other is pretty common practice in schools. This brilliant educator took the concept to a hilarious extreme with his “simple” 10 question final exam. One version was complete with nine false answers and the other version consisted of nine true answers. Some teachers just want to watch the world burn!

What’s really funny is how much pleasure this teacher clearly takes in having a little fun with his students’ egos. And pulling this trick on a final exam, that’s just cruel! Hopefully, the final score wasn’t a huge percentage of his student’s final grades.

Every Good Paper Needs An Ending

When writing a paper, whether in college or grade school, no part is more important than the conclusion. This teacher would love to know what happened to this student’s final paragraph. The brilliant use of the classic “Y U No” meme is hilarious proof of that. It’s a surprisingly accurate drawing of the meme also. This must not be the first time this teacher has resorted to this.

From the papers hidden underneath this one, it looks like the teacher didn’t just leave this one funny remark. We’d love to know what some other funny comments or drawings this teacher made were!

This Teacher Must Have Been In A Good Mood

This teacher was in a giving mood when they gave a student one extra point for a drawing that had nothing to do with their test. The student made a good plea for a few extra points on an assignment. It’s awesome the teacher acknowledges the noble attempt of their student with a little note of their own.

Of course, Perry the Platypus is pretty endearing. Just look at that tail and oversized eyes. This student’s teacher would have the heart the size of the Grinch not to give extra points.

Our next teacher has no heart or will to teach anymore…

This Teacher Gives Up

This teacher didn’t see a point in trying to read their student’s tiny writing. Instead, they just let the student assign their own grade. Who knows if the student was honest with the grade they gave themselves. What’s most important is the grading loophole they seem to have discovered in their fight for good grades.

Then again, not all teachers would be as forgiving about illegible penmanship as this teacher. This essay could very well have been scored a zero and ended up being a tough lesson. Instead, we get a hilariously droll teacher note about getting old.

Not Everyone Is Meant For School

This teacher takes his students lack of success to an extreme, attaching a McDonald’s job application to the back of their paper. This was either done to motivate the student to try harder or provide them with an alternative path to success. It’s also a flat-out hilarious way to try and get a message across to this student about their effort level.

We hear McDonald’s has great career opportunities for those applicants looking for a new challenge. There’s plenty of chances to move up and become a general manager. The discount on the food would be worth filling out the application for alone!

When In Doubt, Quiz Shame!

It is important to note that this teacher only publicly shamed students who were willing to have their reputations put on the line. It’s good when teachers have a sense of humor about these things. It’s even better when students do too!

Beyonce Makes A Great Point

One of the biggest nightmares teachers have occurs when students turn in really good work and forget to put their names on it. This teacher gave their students a brilliant reminder to label their work appropriately. Beyonce sings, “If ya liked it then ya shoulda put on a ring on it,” giving this teacher a brilliant canvas to create their own lyrics.

The images on the poster are absolute gold as well. Hopefully, this incredibly clever warning poster did its job. Just seeing it reminds us of the pain it caused realizing the one mistake we made was forgetting to put our names on papers in school!

Bad Essays Kill!

Sometimes a student’s work is so consistently bad, that the teacher just can’t take it anymore. Despite telling them to do proper research, cite their sources correctly, and turn in their assignments on time, some students just don’t have any respect for their educator.

This teacher has clearly had enough and is done sugar coating the feedback they give to this student. While a stroke is definitely not something to joke about, we don’t doubt that having to grade this work for sure made them feel some stroke-like symptoms. We have to admit their brutal honesty made us giggle!

A Lesson In Hashtags

It’s not in the job description, but part of being a teacher is keeping up with the latest slang students are using, like #YOLO, which means “You Only Live Once.”

Rather than leaving this question blank on their quiz, this student decided to try their luck by answering #yolo. While they may have thought they were being clever, this teacher sure didn’t! She was quick to provide her own on-point hashtags, including #minimumwage, #future, and #mcdonalds. Ouch!

This Is Not an Award You Want to Receive

Most schools give out superlatives each year to highlight something students are good at. But this teacher found herself in a confusing situation when she had a student with no award…and nothing he really should have been awarded for either.

Enter this glorious award for Josh Hance, a student who clearly has used the “I can’t find my homework” excuse one too many times.

This Teacher Has a Good Sense of Humor

This student took a risk when he thought he bombed a test — and it paid off thanks to this teacher’s good sense of humor. When he started doodling a man-dolphin for fun, he probably never thought his teacher would laugh — let alone give him and the entire class extra points on their tests.

Being a teacher is one of the toughest jobs out there. In between subpar salaries and disrespectful students, they truly have to put up with so much. So it’s extra nice to see a teacher with such an A+ sense of humor!

It’s All the Same

This teacher has seen enough failed exams and plagiarized reports that they are D-O-N-E. They are so done that they aren’t even pretending like there might be an assignment worth their time!

Let’s hope for this teacher’s sanity that there was at least one A+ assignment in that bunch.

Enough Is Enough!

We’re not sure what’s wrong with Judy, but it’s pretty clear she has no respect for her teacher. While she may have thought that adding in her own answer was funny, her teacher sure didn’t.

Her teacher is done babying her throughout the school year and finally let her know enough is enough. We’re just curious if there was more written by the teacher. We’d be requesting a parent-teacher conference by now!

This Teacher Wants Students to Adapt and Overcome

As if you needed more proof that teachers don’t get paid enough, this is it! Many students put more effort into impressing their classmates than their teachers, often at the expense of their teacher’s sanity.

This student thought it would be downright hilarious to turn in their test with a graphic drawing of the…human anatomy. Instead of calling out the student right away, this teacher did something even better. They carefully “edited” the photo and added a message we could all use: “Improvise, adapt, overcome.”

This Teacher Just Wants You to Know the Difference Between Cereal and Serial

This student made a harmless (albeit funny) mistake on her paper when she used the word “cereal” killer instead of “serial” killer. This teacher saw her opportunity and took it by drawing man stabbing a box of cereal with a knife and adding the caption bubble, “Why won’t you die already?!”

Sure, this teacher may have had a laugh at this student’s expense, but we guarantee she will never spell the word wrong again!

Caught Red Handed

If a teacher sees a student cheating, many times they will call that student out right then and there. But not this teacher! This teacher is playing the long game. They knew this student was cheating on their test but still managed to only pull a C- grade.

Instead of calling the student out during the test, they waited patiently to grade the test and leave this note. Honestly, it strikes a little fear into our hearts!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

We love everything about this image. At the end of a test, this teacher included one final section, which wasn’t a question, but rather a place for students to write something impressive. While most students would probably search their memory for an interesting fact, this student simply wrote: “why.”

This teacher could have reacted negatively and punished the student for giving this sort of answer. But instead, they responded with “Good. Always question the man.” This is the type of teacher we want!

Good Job Ryan’s Dad

Rugyverse/ Pinterest
Rugyverse/ Pinterest

Poor Ryan thought he was finally going to get a perfect score on his homework, even though his dad is always doing most of it for him. But he gave himself away when he wrote the word “appraised” instead of “disappear.” While we don’t want to doubt that Ryan couldn’t have gotten this answer without his dad’s help, we think it’s highly unlikely — and his teacher agrees.

Try as you might, but there’s no fooling a teacher!

This Teacher Just Wants You to Study

Students love getting creative when they don’t know an answer on a test. Case in point this student who decided to mix creativity and faith. Unfortunately for her, this teacher wasn’t buying it.

As it turns out, Jesus isn’t always the answer, at least according to this teacher, who added a note saying, “Jesus didn’t save you this time.” Time to hit the books.

This Creative Teacher Finishes His Students’ Doodles

Lots of students get carried away doodling in class. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it can cause a student to gloss over important information the teacher is giving. This teacher welcomes doodling and even finishes his student’s drawings on their tests!

This student for example handed in their test along with a doodle of a group of penguins. This clever teacher added a bus, making it look like the penguins are hopping aboard.

No Negotiations

Blinkadink / Pinterest
Blinkadink / Pinterest

This student gave a last ditch effort to get a good grade on a test they knew they scored poorly on. Why they thought a doodle of a man holding another man hostage in exchange for an A was a good idea is beyond us.

This teacher could have simply ignored the student’s drawing, or worse, punished them for it. Luckily, she’s got a good sense of humor and replied, “I don’t negotiate w/ terrorists.” Better luck next time, kid!

Who, Who, Who…

This student didn’t provide any snarky commentary on their test. All they did was doodle a smart cartoon with the words, “Who lets the dogs out?” While lots of teachers would have overlooked the small drawing, this teacher decided to add their own clever additions!

Not only did this teacher finish the next line of the song (“Who? Who? Who?) — but they even added three cartoon owls. We bet this teacher makes learning fun for their students.

IDK Is Really IDS

This student threw in the towel when he got this quiz handed to him. He didn’t know the answer but instead of leaving three of the answers blank, went with “I don’t know.”

Sure, this wasn’t a lie, but his teacher called him out for what really was happening. It wasn’t that he didn’t know because he hadn’t been taught the information — he didn’t know because he didn’t study. Sometimes you need a good teacher to call you out when you’re not doing your best!

This Teacher Wants More Info

We love seeing teachers who aren’t total sticklers when a student acts up. Sure, this student definitely shouldn’t have drawn all over their test instead of providing thoughtful answers, but this teacher clearly understands that stuff like this happens.

Instead of admonishing the student for his drawings, she deducted the points, but then wrote, “Give details.” This simple gesture might just make this student feel more open and comfortable reaching out for help next time!

This Teacher Has a Creative Side

This student clearly wasn’t engaged while their teacher was giving a lesson and seems to have been more interested in drawing than learning the periodic table of elements. From the looks of it, their teacher can totally relate!

Rather than giving this student a bad mark for doodling on their test, this teacher finished the doodle for them — even incorporating a small science lesson in the mix.

Ask and You Shall Receive

We’ve seen a lot of students now who have draw cartoons on their exams requesting (and in some cases demanding) a passing grade. While it has a 99 percent failure rate, sometimes it works!

This student drew a ninja on their test and wrote, “This ninja prevents any grading of less than 100 percent.” This teacher obviously loved it, because she rounded the student’s 98% up to a perfect score.


Teachers really do put up with so much — like ridiculous test answers like this one. When asked the question, “What is your favorite hue?” this student responded, “Jackman.” Immature? Maye. Funny? You bet.

Clearly, this teacher agreed. She may not have given this student points for his answer, but she did note that she thought it was clever.