These Starter Packs Will Prepare You For Literally Any Life You Want (Or Don’t Want)

For the uninitiated, starter packs are multi-panel images that represent a certain archetype, or type of person. They first hit the internet in 2014 on Twitter. The format has since inspired thousands of clever copycats.

We’ve compiled some of the most upvoted Starter Packs of our time. You may even see yourself reflected back to you in meme form. That’s what memes do best, isn’t it? They show us who we truly are…for better or for worse.

How It Begins


Photo Credit: TheKidWithCam / Reddit

Let’s begin at the beginning with a starter pack for starter packs. If you can understand this, you can understand all of the starter packs to follow.

Helvetica font is essential. Basic images are the cornerstone of the starter pack aesthetic. No fancy pants editing here.

This Is Too Accurate


Photo Credit: unicornerica_ / Reddit

Sure, she’s bright and shiny and balayage-d now, but give her a few years, and she’ll be just as disillusioned as the rest of them.

I know way too many young lady teachers who have that exact outfit. Also, what is the point of posters as school assignments? Stop marking me on my ability to arrange photos is some kind of sensical— wait, posters are just starter packs for grades.

Looks About Right


Photo Credit: persimmon40 / Reddit

Moms, please stop getting this haircut. It’s not flattering, and it suits no one. Victoria Beckham pulled off something similar for a hot second, but it should have died when she grew her hair out.

Also, it’s time to find shorts that are a different length. Maybe you wouldn’t be so angry if you had proper legwear. Keep reading for a perfect representation of that girl in every marching band.

The Fit Temptress


Photo Credit: RicoCat / Reddit

I don’t care how glossy her lips are or how well her sweat-proof eyebrow gel sticks to her face, you’re still a creep if you stare at her.

Maybe she just wants to look good for herself, and she doesn’t need any gym dudes to “show her” how to do squats.

Appreciate It While You Have It


Photo Credit: LIttleAnnieAdderal / Reddit

Teenagers, be thankful for your bed and your food and your free wifi. Soon you’ll be in your twenties living in the only apartment you can afford with a low-pressure shower and a fridge full of leftover take-out.

Your parents are great. You’ll realize this after you move out and you don’t have to see them every day.

March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum


Photo Credit: Qwertyrice / Reddit

This girl’s name is Kathleen. She is super nice, and she always lets you use her study notes. Sometimes her binders have pictures of horses on them.

After high school, she’ll invest in some cooler glasses, work a side part, and figure out how to use makeup. You’ll regret the day you made fun of her for saying “orgasm” instead of “organism” in science class. Read on for the fandoms that irk us above all others.

It’s On The Tip Of My Tongue


Photo Credit: TRiskProduction / Reddit

Hey, it’s that guy! Who was in that thing! I wonder how many times these guys get stopped on the street by people who think they know them from high school.

If you can name all of these actors without using Google, you have superpowers, and you are not real.

Floofiest Doggo Starter Pack


Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

This is the most wholesome starter pack. If only the people in your household were this happy when you came home.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for two days or two minutes, the best dogs are always excited to see your face and jump all over you.

Things People Hate Because Of Its Fanbase Starter Pack (Deluxe Edition)


Photo Credit: urbasic420 / Reddit

Good fans are hard to find. These things have unfortunately suffered from insufferable fans who are much too vocal and annoying.

I love Rick and Morty, but I don’t ever want to be seen as the typical person who loves Rick and Morty, you know? Keep reading for the artsy girl we’ve all met at some point.

Homeless 20-Something Couple In Portland, Oregon Starter Pack


Photo Credit: janewp / Reddit

This starter pack perfectly captures an entire population of weirdos. These objects are more than the sum of their parts. They combine to create an instantly recognizable persona.

That is very good apple juice, though. I kind of want some right now. Excellent apple juice marketing.

This One Is Controversial


Photo Credit: jdauriemma / Reddit

Some of these things are clearly second choices— Luigi, Firefox, Burger King. But Toaster Strudel? Toaster Strudel is flakier and more delicious than any kind of Pop Tart.

Also, Icees are always the first choice. Especially the blue flavor. That stuff tastes like heaven. Don’t @ me.

I See You, Alix With An I


Photo Credit: GRidzak / Reddit

This girl changes her hair color every month. She has a Tumblr but she doesn’t tell people about it IRL.

She’s in art school but does more blogging that art these days. She’s also dabbled in photography, by which I mean, she was gifted a very expensive DSLR camera. Read on for the starter pack that’s for all of us on some level.

Leave Your Kids At Home


Photo Credit: GunterthePenguin32 / Reddit

Brayden, Cayden, and Jayden don’t need to accompany you to a fancy restaurant. They can play with their iPads at home where I can’t hear them.

Let them loudly clink their cutlery far away from my once a year premium dining experience. I paid good money to sit here in silence.

Like, Comment, Subscribe


Photo Credit: total_balderdash / Reddit

I know, not all YouTubers. But, some. Some YouTubers are exactly this. I’d have one of those fancy gaming chairs too if I got paid to sit in it.

“Hey, what’s up guys? It’s yo boy notenoughsubscribers. Remember to join the squad and smash that notification bell so you can continue funding my hair dye habit.”

Don’t Look Me In The Face


Photo Credit: RusticMemes / Reddit

There is a reason that Dear Evan Hanson has become one of the most popular musicals of all time. It’s because we all relate. We’re all Evan Hanson.

Even the people who seem like they don’t have crippling anxiety have just been able to fight off anxiety’s crippling effects. They’re still anxious. They just keep it all inside.

How To Adult


Photo Credit: Reunculus_exe / Reddit

The day will come when you find yourself excited at the prospect of visiting the hardware store or enthralled about reseeding your lawn.

Whatever dreams you had as a child, they won’t make it into adulthood. The other day I got a new kettle, and that was the best part of my week.

The American Student Studying Abroad In Ireland Starter Pack


Photo Credit: colenotphil / Reddit

Even if you haven’t studied in Ireland, you know someone who has. You also know way too much about their experience because of all of the Irish photos they constantly post on Facebook.

I bet they don’t even like Guinness. They’re just drinking it for the ‘gram.

How Other Countries Perceive Us Starter Pack


Photo Credit: tristan10000 / Reddit

America is a big country full of many different kinds of people, but somehow, the rest of the world sees us as burger eating, camo-wearing slobs.

If we were looking to rebrand, the current political situation is not helping much. Let’s shine the spotlight on another country for a while. See how they like it.

More Like 18 To 40-Year-Olds…


Photo Credit: Glibhat / Reddit

Let’s stretch out that upper limit a bit. Living life in a good way takes a whole lot of effort. Sometimes it means planning out your meals a week in advance or actually cleaning your room for a change.

We’re all just out here trying our best.

Somebody Has To Worry About These Things


Photo Credit: LDSKI / Reddit

Dads of the world, you can chill out about the recycling. You can also chill out about the thermostat while you’re at it.

Gift this starter pack to anybody who is about to become a father. If you’re going to have kids, you need to know how to get over-excited about receiving mail.