Works Of Art Only A Parent Could Love

One thing every kid loves to do is draw pictures. But sometimes, kids drawings are just so bad, they’re good and we can’t help but laugh at them. The best part of it all is that these drawings are never intentionally funny, it’s just pure artistic creativity from a young mind.

Whoever Smelt It Drew It

This pint-sized artist went above and beyond when drawing their mother. Unfortunately, this less than flattering sketch offered a little too much information about their mom’s farting habit. Apparently, this little artist thinks heir mother passes too much gas. We think they should just let her fart in peace.

Not Weird At All

So, we’re not exactly sure what’s happening in this kid’s drawing, but it turned out hilarious. Perhaps by “whacked it off,” he means flies? He sort of looks like he’s levitating in the air like a fly so he could swat them all away. This one remains a mystery.

The Next Bob Ross

That is some creativity from Wade. It’s a coincidence that a kid named Wade would draw Deadpool instead of drawing a pizza like everybody else did. We like you, Wade.

Solid Haiku

Poetry is showing your creative side in school. One girl took it upon herself to write a haiku about her bunny. Her bunny is so fat because he loves to eat cabbage. We’re not so sure that this makes sense, but hey, it’s a kid’s world and we’re just living in it.

Love For The Parents

This disturbingly detailed drawing of mom and dad indicates an activity we can legally talk about. Kids don’t have an idea what really goes on in their parent’s bedroom, but…..curious minds will draw? Great job, Evan!

Breakfast Wars

In a galaxy far, far away, Darth Bacon is the father of Luke Eggskywallker. Meanwhile, Hashbacca and Toastsolo are trying to take down the Sausage Trooper.

Moms Who Love Ellen

Let’s hope that the mother of this child caught the drawing before the submitted it to their teacher. There is nothing to be embarrassed about here because c’mon, all moms enjoy watching Ellen. Next time, maybe they’ll step it up a notch by drawing their mom cooking them dinner or taking them to school.

WWE To The Extreme

Clearly, this kid had no interesting in doing the actual assignment. They took it one step further by imagining what mom and dad would be like if they WWE wrestlers in the ring. It looks close enough to both parents getting it on louder than Marvin Gaye’s 1973 hit.

Spock Says

Don’t show this to Sheldon Cooper or there’s a good chance he’ll shred it to pieces. Spock is a Vulcan and his origin of people do look mean as it is. It would have helped if Spock was doing the Vulcan salute to make it friendlier for Star Trek fans.

Proud Parents

As a parent, your kids are going to make mistakes. But having a sense of humor about it so important. We have to give these parents credit for not punishing their kid like most would. Plus, the result is pretty hilarious.

Just Do It

Sure, Nike may motivate people with their iconic “Just Do It” ads, but these piece of art speaks to us on a more relatable level. Procrastination is captured efortlessly in one painting.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

With drawing skills like this, we bet this kid will grow up to become a courtroom sketch artist. Let’s hope the family cat isn’t gone, but as the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. The cat is probably wondering what exactly happened when cats have nine lives.

Dark Painting

Unfortunately, this panda has no broads in Atlanta. The painting is a little dark, but the reality behind the writing on the painting really speaks for itself. It’s good to see kids have an understanding of the fact that animals like pandas are on the brink of extinction.

If Nicholas Cage Was A Cat

A sketch of two cats who look like Nicholas Cage would make a great addition to anyone’s living room. The cat on the left kinda looks like Steve Harvey with a mustache.

Case And Point

Mom’s can relate to this drawing. Wine is their best friend like beer is to men. Parents, you need to have a sense of humor because your kid isn’t doing this intentionally. Watch what you do in front of your kids because there’s a chance they’ll make a drawing out of it.

Stay Safe Out There

If you are in your mid-twenties and haven’t tied the knot, this kid is on your side. It’s hard enough making a commitment to be in a relationship and the same goes for marriage. This kid is not about that marriage because he set his goals. Stay safe out there, kids.

MMM Donuts

A great addition to the household. You need some true artistic skills to draw the iconic Homer Simpson. It looks like a tracing since kids can’t really draw that well at a young age. The parents who live there need to frame this for people to see when they’re over.

The Finest Art At IHOP

At least this drawing isn’t giving us the finger. It’s hilarious to see that not one employee from IHOP realized what the drawing is all about. For an added bonus and a possibility of a free meal from the restaurant, this kid should have added Bob Marley to the picture.

Don’t Fall Asleep

Dads, this is a reminder not to have the boys over for Thursday Night Football. When you have too much to drink, you’ll pass out, then your kids will come running into the room drawing a Vincent Van Gough drawing. You would expect something different like drawing a fake mustache.

Mom Looks Better With Makeup

To be fair, the art assignment was just asking for something like this, and the kid provided! It appears that their mother likes to vamp up and go out, and their effort makes a great difference because… well just see how she looks in the morning!

Unflattering Family Photo

Your family and your house are two of the first things kids learn to draw. This kid clearly needs some more work with size and porportion. Dad is as big as the buildling and both him and mom are rather plump looking. Also looks like the kid is getting crushed!

Awwww… Thanks Sweetie, It’s Beautiful

What is it? I don’t know, but whatever it is, its going to be on your fridge for the next month. It takes kids quite a while to develop their skills, and this six-year-old has a ways to go. It looks like it started as a flower then went a bit haywire.

All Rainbow Everything

One this is clear: This kid loves rainbows. Rainbow eyes, rainbow stars, rainbow arches, and rainbow… well we’re not going to make any assumptions about the rainbow featured in the middle because we’re not artistic geniuses and are not even close to this kid’s level.

What’s Papa Doing?

Here’s one of those draw-a-photo-and-write-a-sentence art assignments that needs a little more explanation. We’re not sure what Papa did yesterday but it might be cause for concern. Whatever is in red looks to be a bit suspect and the face in the background says something is wrong here…

Total Fail


What is this a bad drawing of? We don’t know exact , because it missed the mark that badly. A car? A tank? An animal? Who knows, but when they present the artwork to their parents, they better put a smile on their face and say their kid did a good job, because that’s how parenting works, right?

You Make Zero Sense

What? Wait…. WHAT? We have no idea what’s going on here, but this is what’s in this kid’s head. No wonder he can’t focus on his schoolwork, there are weird pregnant ponies with faces sticking out of them trying to crush things. We hope these visions decrease over time otherwise this kid has a million distractions in their future.

Lost In Translation

Who knew moving one letter could make such a difference? In this case the difference between Santa and Satan, which is kind of important to distinguish the two. If you don’t, the kids might think Satan is coming down the chimney and that is truly terrifying.

Alien Sacrifice

There area few things that are confusing about this picture. First, the tree’s branches look a bit off but that’s no big deal really. The other thing is that it looks like the older girl is sacrificing the younger girl to the aliens. That’s not very loving.

Farting. Ducks.

These aren’t just farting ducks, no. These are farting ducks that are crosseyed, making for a more interesting drawing. Who knew ducks could be crosseyed and fart at the same time? This kid surely did and is ahead of the curve. Mom, this better be on the fridge.

A Cry For Help?

Why the mom in this situation is about to run over the father is highly concerning. Did this child witness an attempted murder? We hope not but this could point to more serious issues in the household. Hopefully, this was just a joke and harmless artistic fun.

Scary Sight

It looks like Valerie has messed up in ways that are only fixable through death. Whatever she did to this child who drew this can’t have been that bad but you know kids always speak what is on their mind so this is a true expression of art.

I Want To Be Like Mom

What you really see above is a mom who works at Home Depot as she sells a shovel that everyone needed for the snow storm. What every other person thinks this is off of first glance is something much more explicit that involves barely clothed women. Mom knew the truth of this.

Big Lawnmower

For one, a little girl shouldn’t be cutting the grass. Leave that to the adults. Another thing, that lawnmower looks a little disproportioned if you ask us. It has an odd look to it but that’s the best this little girl could do at the time of this drawing.

Interesting Clothing Choice

The sun and three girls are seen drawn here. It looks like the sun is even connected to one of the girls on the end. That same girl also seems to be missing some clothing. Not sure what exactly is going on here but its kid’s art and the parents better appreciate it.

Hulk To The Rescue

Not many are fans of the Kardashians. You know it’s bad when a kid doesn’t even take a liking to the reality stars. In this comic book style drawing, you can see The Hulk squeeze two Kardashian sisters as he defeats them. Someone give this kid a video game.

Long Tail Or?

This is a red monkey with what looks like his tail in his mouth. Now, we are going to assume that is what we see and nothing else because a child drew this. We don’t want to jump to any conclusions about this monkey or his tail.

Were You A Carrot?

Talk about sibling teasing. Drawing one of your sisters as a vegetable is unforgivable for at least a few days because why would anyone want to be a vegetable? Perhaps, Emma could love carrots so much that this kid drew her in her past life. That’s what we’re going with.

Make Sure You Whisper

Whispering is huge for kids when they are growing up. Making sure they scale the size of someone’s finger isn’t. This person has a huge hand and it almost looks like instead of telling you to whisper, you’re being told something rather rude. We know that isn’t the case though.

More Farts

There are so many “F” words out there. But when you’re dealing with a kid, their mind tends to float to what’s funny to them. And a body with just legs and torso that farts is something that is very funny. You can’t forget to put this one on the refrigerator.

Admiring Their Art

Talk about being proud of your artwork. Showing admiration towards the hard work these kids put into the drawings shows that you can be artistic- if you put the effort into it. You know what though, this puts my broccoli tress from high school art class to shame.

No More Mommy

It’s not hard to love a kid. It becomes harder when said kid is painfully honest. AFter mommy saw this, she must have felt some type of way. Still, you can’t be too upset at the honesty. You just have to accept it and hope no other true drawings are done about you.

Go To Church

This is highly alarming. How does a kid see demons? There shouldn’t be a demon in the first place. This kid is either playing a prank or he is the kid from The Sixth Sense. We’re hoping for the former but you never know these days.

What Seems To Be Going On?

Did he get Timmy to sleep for good? Did Timmy see the pearly white gates during this nap? Hopefully, the mother intervened when she saw this and asked how Timmy is being put to bed because this is a bit shocking. It doesn’t even look like they are on the bed.

Beer-Loving Dad

Here’s another painfully honest drawing. It hones in on the harsh realities that father faces every day. He’s letting the work-life get to him and as a result, he drinks. This child just drew it out for others to know too. We’re not sure how dad felt about this.

Such A Scary Looking House

Where does this child live, in a home from American Horror Story? A woman with a blue face and red hair is similar to one of the X-Men mutants too. The parents probably just smiled calmly and asked who these people were in their house.

Grave Dancing

Showing this to dad probably wasn’t that great of an idea. But as the theme is, only a parent could love this. The child probably meant no harm and was hopefully showcasing a lighthearted side of this tragedy. Still, if anybody else were to see this out of context, it would be bad.

Where’s Dad

First, dad was missing for dinner. Then dad didn’t show up the next morning and mom packed the child’s favorite pudding. By the look on mom’s face in this drawing, one might assume that she is losing it waiting for dad to come home. You be the judge.

Evil Mother

There’s a lot going on here if you don’t pay attention. We don’t know what type of snake that is even though it says “EUIL Snake”, whatever that is. But on the snake, you see a mom who apparently, hates people. Makes sense for an evil mom to be on a snake, they’re usually bad.

Beer Freak Rick

It’s always a happy day when you can drink a beer. Just ask Rick, the beer freak. He has his arms up high like he’s yelling don’t shoot. He’s probably just looking for someone to put a beer in his hand. The kid should have drawn a cup in his hand.

Finish Him

There are a few things you can do with a leprechaun if you caught one. One of those things is making it give you the pot of gold. And according to this kid, you can also kill them if you wish to. Why this kid want’s to do this is a mystery.

One Scary Future

This kid is clearly watching too many movies and television. This isn’t the way the world is going to end in the future only because there aren’t large snakes that can consume a planet whole. Maybe an explosion would have been more realistic for the future of the planet.

You Are Fat

It’s supposed to be a Merry Christmas but when someone gets told they are fat then things might go from happy to sad, angry or indifferent. The honesty kids show is unmatched except by the elderly. You still have to love them for it, however.

Rapunzel Eater

We’re assuming this was a young girl who drew this to be talking about Rapunzel. But to put her in the belly of the beast is not nice at all. We know you have to like their art but this one might call for some intervention.

Breaking Free From Tombs

This kid must be some type of zombie. One thing is for sure, he is very ambitious to be thinking that he’s going to be breaking free from his tomb after his death. But who knows, he might still be alive so this drawing would have been all for nothing.

A Pretty Horrifying Coffee Shop

A mass murder taking place at a coffee shop is scary in real life and scary on paper. This kid needs to see someone about this. Why would he or she have the audacity to draw something this cold? This is one you might have to skip the love and go to the doctor.

What In Tarnation

This drawing is quite confusing. It looks like a mouse head is attached to the body of a regular person. That person is also on their head or their back smiling with hot pink smudges on him. Whatever is going on here, please let us know.

Even In Death

This is love right here. Even in death, Sarah is going to be loved by the illustrator of this image. There have been a few dark drawings on this list but this one really isn’t that dark. It’s just showing how things will be when that times come.

More Violence

Some kids can be so violent but when you’re around them, they seem like they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Their artistic expression is important and it often just expresses what’s on their mind or what they feel. This little girl wants her father’s head off.

Exotic Dolphins

There is nothing funnier and better than a misconstrued image that a child ends up drawing. Dolphins are acceptably hard to draw for a little kid so we can give them a pass but the results on this one are priceless. These are some funny looking dolphins.

Interesting Card Here…

We don’t want to jump to conclusions but we hope this kid wasn’t intentionally giving his mother the bird when he drew that happy little boy in the middle right there. Mom probably got a hoot out of this once she asked what the image was depicting.