Why’s This Bride Wearing a Tent? And More Of The Worst Wedding Fails We’ve Ever Seen

Misplaced flowers, dog messes, a turtle, and torn underwear — sounds like the makings of some great wedding fails to me. There’s a reason that #weddingfails is one of the most entertaining hashtags on social media these days! We just can’t get enough.

Come take a look at some of the most bizarre and outright ridiculous wedding outfits, from the disastrous flower-girl to the ring bearer, that will stand the test of time.


I’m sure I’ve seen these outfits on a show before, but for the life of me, I can’t remember which one. Not that it matters anyway. Nothing can save this utter wedding outfit failure. Though I must admit that the Crayola company would probably be so proud of this.


I’m curious about what wretched movie or cartoon inspired this theme, although it’s clearly something related to winter and the color purple.