Happy Meal Toys That Are Now Worth A Small FORTUNE

You’d have to spend quite a bit of time looking to find someone who HASN’T eaten a McDonalds Happy Meal at some point in their life! Along with the perfectly portioned Chicken McNuggets, fries, and milk cartons comes a toy. Some kids even seem to like the toy more than their meal. And now there is also an online market where toy collectors can swap and sell Happy Meal toys for ridiculous amounts of money. After reading this list, you may want to go through your kids’ toy chest to make sure you aren’t sitting on a pile of money!


Keep reading to see if you have any of these Happy Meal toys that are now selling for WAY more money than they used to be worth!

Mr. Potato Head Kids

Did you know that Mr. Potato Head had children? Neither did we! In 1987, McDonalds sold a line of miniature Mr. Potato Head dolls in their Happy Meals. They were incredibly popular at the time, so some people even made daily trips to the Golden Arches to try and collect all twelve of the designs!

Mr. Potato Head Kids

While this may have done some damage to their waistlines, it certainly won’t hurt their pocketbook! Those who have managed to hold on to a full set can make up to $75 selling them on Ebay! Not bad for a toy that’s actually pretty fun to play with!


Now this is an image that’s hard to get out of your mind! Despite their creepy eyes, constantly matted fur, and hard bodies that made them IMPOSSIBLE to cuddle with, Furby toys were beloved by 90s kids across the United States. But no one imagined that they would be quite as popular as they are now!


IF you’ve happened to save ALL of those old stuffed dolls that you collected in your McDonalds Happy Meals, you can expect to make quite a fortune off of them. A set of eighty recently sold on Ebay for $900! Now that’s a really nice payday!

The Lion King II Plush Toys

Let’s be honest… everyone LOVES The Lion King. So, it only follows that these plush toys offered by McDonalds were super popular when they were released in the 1990s. However, they’re pretty rare nowadays!

The Lion King II Plush Toys

IF you can manage to get your hands on one, expect to pay $50 apiece. That may seem like a lot of money to spend on a stuffed animal, but true Lion King fans with enough disposable income to spare will happily shell out all that cash! Sometimes, collectors just have to take on a “Hakuna Matata” attitude! If you want one of these dolls — No worries! Just be prepared to pay.

Beanie Babies

In the early 2000s, McDonalds delighted countless children by offering TY Beanie Baby toys in their Happy Meals. At the time, experts claimed that these adorable stuffed animals would be worth quite a bit of money one day, but it’s hard to believe that they could have predicted their value today!

Beanie Babies

To get your hands on a set of four McDonalds-branded Beanie Babies, you can expect to shell out over $400. Want to become the proud owner of a very rare Beary The Bear? You’ll need $750! That’s some serious cash for a stuffed animal (albeit a cute one)!

Yo Yogi Dolls

We aren’t exactly sure WHY these toys are so popular, given that the show they were based off of, Yo Yogi, was considered a flop, yet they certainly are! For just $100, you can own one of these cute figurines and add it to your very own collection.

Yo Yogi Dolls

That’s pretty affordable, at least compared to some of the items on this list! Yogi Bear lovers everywhere will want to get their hands on these, though — so act fast! You’re most likely to be successful in an auction if you use the “Buy It Now” option. It costs more, but you’re guaranteed a win!

Food Transformers

Back in the 1980s, McDonalds offered these strange little toys as prizes in their Happy Meals. With a little tugging and pushing, kids could transform these figurines of cheeseburgers and french fries into dinosaurs and robots.

Food Transformers

Despite the relatively simple nature of these little toys, they were wildly popular! They aren’t quite as expensive as some of the other items on this list, but they are still pretty darn valuable! For about $50, you can become the proud owner of a few of these toys. Who knows — holding onto them for a few more years could increase their value even more!

Despicable Me II

The Despicable Me movie franchise has won the hearts of people nationwide in recent years. After all, it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with those adorable minions! When Despicable Me II was released in 2013, McDonalds designed a set of minion-themed toys to offer in their Happy Meals.

Despicable Me II

Given the popularity of the franchise, there’s no surprise that these little hunks of plastic are quite valuable today! For about $120, you can get your hands on this figurine of the minion Jerry breakdancing. If you’re a mega fan, this is definitely a great steal!

Madame Alexander Disney Dolls

When a little girl couldn’t convince her parents to buy her an American Girl doll, she could usually be consoled with a figurine from Madame Alexander. These toys, offered in McDonalds Happy Meals, often came with a theme.

Madame Alexander Disney Dolls

This specific set, made to look like different Disney characters, costs $130 on Ebay nowadays! That’s quite a bit of money for a toy that was likely nothing more than a passing childhood fancy! Check your toy box — you may have one of these dolls laying around! Of course, some people thought these dolls were creepy, so it may be that you pitched them just as soon as you finished your fries.

Halloween Buckets

In the 1990s and early 2000s, McDonalds delivered their Happy Meals in glow-in-the-dark Halloween themed buckets each October. These probably cost the company fifty cents each to make, but they’re now worth more than $100 on Ebay!

Halloween Buckets

Honestly, the likelihood of someone having these laying around their house is a bit higher than it would be for some of the other toys… these at least have a purpose. It may be worth taking a trip out to the garage to see if you’ve been using them to store odds and ends! Bonus points if they still glow in the dark!

Inspector Gadget

Everyone knows and loves the clever investigator known as Inspector Gadget! His fun stories and constant adventures made him a huge part of pop culture in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. We’re pretty sure that every little kid once dreamed about opening their own detective agency.

Inspector Gadget

But, if you’re looking to get your hands on this limited edition Inspector Gadget Happy Meal toy, you better be willing to shell out upwards of $350. For true fans, though, this is likely just pennies in the proverbial bucket. Sure, you may have to take out a loan, but Inspector Gadget just might be worth it.

50th Anniversary Snoopy Figurines

If it’s available in a museum, you KNOW it’s gotta be valuable! These 50th Anniversary Snoopy Figures were available in Happy Meals in the early 2000s, but they are now highly sought after by collectors all around the world.

50th Anniversary Snoopy Figurines

If you’re looking to get your hands on a set of these fun plastic creations, be prepared to shell out (Get it? It’s a “Peanuts” pun!) up to $100 EACH. That’s some serious cash for simple little figurines, but if you’re a major fan of the Peanuts franchise, it may be worth it! To each his own!

Fraggle Rock

From 1983-1987, there was a British and American TV show that focused on the interconnected lives of several zany characters from the Muppets. It was called Fraggle Rock, and while it wasn’t wildly popular, the McDonalds Happy Meal toys based on it sure were!

Fraggle Rock

For $200, you can get your hand on the complete set of four figurines, but they’re rather difficult to find. Because these toys are so old, they’re pretty rare! But, if you’re committed to it, we’re sure you can find them! Just be sure to check Ebay often and be prepared to bid high.

Muppet Babies

In the 1990s, McDonalds started offering adorable Muppets-themed figurines for the prize in their ever-popular Happy Meal toys. Given the mass fame of the Muppets franchise, it makes sense that these toys were in hot demand.

Muppet Babies

Still, we have a hard time believing that they are selling for over $50 on Ebay these days! That’s pretty impressive considering they’re just simple chunks of plastic. So, it may be worth taking a look in your kids’ toy closet next time you need to make some cash! We’re sure Ms. Piggy and Fozzie Bear will forgive you!

Clone Wars Box

Would you believe that this simple cardboard box is worth $50? It is themed after the Star Wars: Clone Wars series. Happy Meals were packaged in this box following the release of the popular TV series in 2008 and 2009, but it is still making the rounds on the internet.

Clone Wars Box

If you’re the kind of person who holds onto old pieces of trash (but who IS that kind of person, really), then you can turn some serious profit by putting these puppies up for sale on Ebay! As it turns out, Star Wars fans are VERY committed to continuing their fandom.

Sky Dancers

Every little girl has fond memories of opening up their Happy Meal box to receive a beautiful Sky Dancer toy or two. With just the push of a button, they could send these sweet whimsical dolls flying and spinning into the air, for a few seconds at least!

Sky Dancers

Nowadays, these are selling for $50 on Ebay, but they’ll go for even more if you happen to have them in their original packaging. Now that kind of cash is every little girl’s dream come true (even if it means having to part with these super glittery and whimsical toys)!

101 Dalmatians

In 1996, Disney released the 101 Dalmatians movie to the silver screen. It was MUCH more successful once it came out on VHS tape (Throwback Thursday), but nothing could stop the popularity of the corresponding McDonalds figurines.

101 Dalmatians

People lined up in droves in order to get their hands on the complete set of 101 unique and masterfully-crafted figurines. Nowadays, a complete set is selling for $100-$200 on Ebay, but you can still get a few bucks if you’ve only kept one or two. Given the classic nature of the film, though, we predict these toys will only go up in value!

Space Rescue Toys

At a brief point in the 1990s, there were no major movies in the theaters and no hotshot shows about to be released on TV, so McDonalds had to come up with their own idea for a line of toys. They created a “space rescue” themed set, yet they seemed to have absolutely no purpose.

Space Rescue Toys

They don’t move, hold anything, or even help you play a game. Yet, if you’ve managed to keep track of these useless chunks of plastic, you can profit $100 off them online. We don’t totally understand this, but we certainly wouldn’t mind the money!

Madame Alexander Alice In Wonderland Dolls

It seems like almost every little girl wanted a Madame Alexander doll at some point or another. However, they were quite expensive! So, McDonalds attempted to lower these costs by featuring the dolls as toys in Happy Meals! At one point, they specialized the line by offering an adorable Alice in Wonderland theme.

Madame Alexander Alice In Wonderland Dolls

Nowadays, selling just ONE of these dolls can earn you up to $300. That’s a great payday, considering the little toys are small enough to fit right in the palm of your hand. Of course, you may love going down the rabbit hole a bit too much to part with your dolls — that’s understandable, too!

Deiner Keishi

No one really knows what these toys are supposed to be, but everyone knows that they’re worth some SERIOUS cash! Rumor has it that they are meant to be underwater aliens, but you would have to ask an expert on 1970s pop culture to know for sure.

Deiner Keishi

Today, one of these figurines sells on Youtube for $400! That’s pretty remarkable for a toy that no one seems to know anything about! They are incredibly rare, and only one full set has ever been found online. So, if you happen to have these in your basement, it’s time to log into Ebay. You’re sitting on a goldmine!

Super Mario Toys

Super Mario is the most popular video game of all time. After all, it’s easy to play, adorable, and a great way to waste hours of your time! It only makes sense for McDonalds to have capitalized on the franchise for a line of Happy Meal toys.

Super Mario Toys

They launched eight different figurines — six of Mario wearing different outfits, one of Princess Peach, and one of Yoshi. If you’ve managed to keep track of even just one of these fun little toys, you can expect to make about $100 from an online sale. Now that’s a cash bonus everyone can agree on!

Ronald McDonald Theater Takeout Box

It isn’t just the toys that are making people want to relive their childhood dreams by scoring these prizes online. Even the boxes and displays have turned into collectors’ items! Check out this Ronald McDonald Theater Takeout Box that has turned into a must-have for the fast food collector.

Meal Toys 1

This box from the 1960s is being advertised as “vintage” rather than as someone’s “fifty year old garbage.” It’s true what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s eBay business. You can score this pricey piece of cardboard for $99.99 plus shipping on eBay. It’s even signed by Ronald McDonald himself!

Batman Store Display

If you really, really want your very own piece of McDonald’s nostalgia and didn’t have the foresight to save all of those cardboard cartons from your childhood, you can save money by opting for a Batman Store Display instead of the Ronald McDonald Theater Takeout Box.

Meal Toys 4

At just $89.99 this is a steal compared to the Ronald McDonald Theater Takeout Box! Of course, it isn’t nearly as old so while you’re saving a few bucks, you’re also missing out on all those extra decades of vintage quality. But hey, it’s Batman. Batman could totally take Ronald McDonald in a fight.

Disney 100 Years of Magic

If you have any of these toys lying around, you could make some money off of them. While there are some being sold individually on eBay, you can make a lot more cash if you have a several or, even better, a whole set. One person listed their collection for $999.95, though other sellers have more competitive rates.

Meal Toys 2

Individual pieces are going for around $5 each so if you have the whole set, you could potentially make a few hundred dollars off of this. When you think about it, it means that all those Happy Meals will have pretty much paid for themselves! Now that’s real magic!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Showcase Set

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was an animated film released by Disney in the 1990s. While it was technically a children’s movie, the Victor Hugo adaptation was a bit gruesome for little kids. Hunchbacks and gargoyles are hardly the things that make for a feel-good film, especially when the hero of the movie doesn’t even get the girl.

Meal Toys 3

Despite the movie being the stuff of kids’ nightmares, the Hunchback of Notre Dame Showcase Set is still worth almost a couple hundred bucks on eBay. But hey, if you want to relieve those childhood nightmares, you can now do so thanks to the wonder of the internet.

Wendy’s 1983 Circus Wagon Kids Meal Box

Do you remember when Wendy’s had kids’ meal boxes instead of bags? In the 1980s, they had boxes which were similar to the Happy Meal boxes at McDonalds. If you want to relive some of this nostalgia for yourself, it’ll cost you $32.50 for a Circus Wagon Kids Meal Box.

Meal Toys 5

If you need convincing to purchase this box, think of the history behind it! This was box is from the first year that Wendy’s offered a kids meal, a tidbit that may have been overlooked in your history books. If you want this piece of history, it’s waiting for you on eBay.

My Little Pony

Did you know that you can buy Happy Meal toys in bulk? It might seem like a strange purchase to make, although it can’t really be stranger than decades old boxes on eBay. If you’ve ever wanted 150 My Little Pony figures, this is your chance!

Meal Toys 6

For just $100 plus shipping and handling, you can get 75 #7 Fluttershy Pony toys and 75 #8 Fluttershy dolls. Each one is brand new and sealed in its original packaging. You can use them as a stocking or you can store them in your closet and wait for them to increase in value. It’s a strange investment, but it could pay off.

Happy Meal Magic Hamburger Snack Maker

In 1993, McDonald’s sold the Happy Meal Magic Hamburger Snack Maker so kids could make their very own Happy Meals in the comfort of their own homes. If you have one of these Snack Makers that has been sitting untouched for years and want to use it again, you can purchase a refill pack complete with hamburger wrappers, cheeseburger wrappers, tray liners, and mini Happy meal boxes.

Meal Toys 7

The refill pack will set you back a couple hundred dollars on eBay, though, so it probably makes more sense to go to McDonald’s and get yourself a real Happy Meal, unless you are really, really committed to reliving your childhood.

Burger King Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Toy Set

This Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Toy Set is a steal at only $34.99! While it mind sound like this isn’t the most sound investment, keep in mind that this set was released fairly recently, in 2011. It’s just a few years old and already worth $30-$40, so this could be the time to snap it up.

Meal Toys 8

Kids meal toys are popular and so are The Simpsons, so this could be the perfect time to purchase your very own Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Toy Set. In another six years, it could be worth even more money and then you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Burger King Simpsons Plush Set

Those aren’t the only Burger King Simpsons toys you can score on eBay. You can purchase a set of plush doll figures that were sold with Burger King kids’ meals back in 1990. All of them are in their original packaging for the low price of $27.99.

Meal Toys 9

You can get your hands on Marge, Homer, Maggie, Bart, and Lisa in all of their plastic-encased plush glory. If you want to purchase these plush toys or have your own to sell, now is your opportunity! The price is right to start building up your collection of Simpsons kids’ meal toys.

Powerpuff Girls Set

This line of toys was just released in 2016, but a brand-new set of toys in its original wrapping is already selling for $23 on eBay. As if that deal wasn’t sweet enough already, it also comes with a bonus toy! The set of six items also comes with a mint-condition American Girl toy doll.

Meal Toys 10

The eBay listing also makes it clear that they have been stored in a home with no smoking and no pets, just in case you were worried that Bubbles would smell like cigarette smoke and Buttercup would have teeth marks in her leg.

The Jetsons Movie Toy Set

Back before Netflix was in the business of reviving everyone’s favorite childhood shows, the best way to introduce a series to a new generation was through a film. The 1960s animated classic, “The Jetsons” got its own movie in 1990, introducing a new generation of kids to George Jetson and his futuristic family.

Meal Toys 11

Wendy’s got in on the hype by releasing a line of kids’ meal toys to promote the film. You can get your very own set of Jetsons toys for just $30 on eBay, each one in its original packaging. To make the deal even better, it comes with free shipping in the United States!

The Flintstones Dino Racers

This is a blast from the past, in more ways than one. Did you know that Denny’s gave out toys? Neither did we, but apparently these Flintstones Dino racers were pretty popular in the 1990s. You can get a complete set of Dino racers for $30 on eBay.

Meal Toys 13

Each Flintstones character is on their own Dino racer and comes sealed in its original packaging. These may be fossils in more ways than one, but it’s not a bad deal if you want to score some nostalgic toys! They also come with free shipping and handling, making it easy to bring everyone’s favorite Stone Age family into the 21st century.

Fender Benders Set

When you think of places with awesome kids’ meal toys, you probably don’t think of Hardee’s, but this place has offered some pretty awesome collectibles. Check out this Fender Benders set, all in their original, unopened packaging. These toys were given out with Hardee’s meals in 1990, and each one featured a Hanna-Barbera character riding in a vehicle.

Meal Toys 14

You can get Dick Dastardly and Mutley, Huckelberry Hound and Snaglepuss, Magilla Gorilla and Wally Gator, Quick Draw Mcgraw and Bobbalou, and Yogi Beat and Boo Boo for just $32 on eBay. They might not be the most expensive collector’s item out there, but they’re still pretty cool!

Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Christmas Toy Set

In 2002, Hardee’s offered a special holiday toy set with their kids’ meals. For a set of Charlie Brown Christmas figurines, it’ll cost you just $35 on eBay. The toys might be kids’ items, but they are also pretty awesome holiday decorations that can be used to bring some seasonal flair to your home.

Meal Toys 15

The set includes Snoopy on his dog house, Linus with a Christmas Tree, Charlie Brown with a snowball, Charlie Brown sitting on a sled, and Lucy ice skating. Hardee’s also goes by the name “Carl’s Junior,” so if you want to buy this set of toys you might want to search for both names to get the best deal.

Bean Plush Pals

Dairy Queen is yet another fast food chain that you don’t think of as giving away toys, probably because most people don’t go to Dairy Queen for anything but ice cream. In 1999, Dairy Queen issues a set of “bean plush pals” featuring Dairy Queen characters that are more than a little bit creepy.

Bean Plush Pals

If you want to induce nightmares and own your very own 6-inch plush of an ice cream cone with arms and legs, then you can get a set of these plush toys for $19.95 on eBay. Be warned, though, that these characters are a bit bizarre, so you might not want to give them to your kid unless you want to scare them.

Speed Bumpers Set

Subway also got in on the kids’ meal toy gimmick. This set of 1997 toys is available on eBay. For $13.95 plus shipping and handling, you can get a complete set of four speed bumpers in unopened packages. Each one has a different bumper car or go cart.

Meal Toys 17

Who even knew that Subway had kids’ meals for sale? These were given out in a simpler time, before Subway advertised itself as a weight loss diet food and before Jared, their spokesperson, faced shocking criminal charges. Who would not want to relive a simpler time, when Subway offered toys and really big sandwiches?

Star Wars “Complete the Saga”

Burger King has offered some pretty awesome toy sets with their kids’ meals, and you can get a pretty decent sum of money for them. For a set of 17, a seller on eBay is asking for $65 plus shipping and handling. Another seller is offering the complete set of figurines for $48.99.

Meal Toys 18

That’s not too shabby for a set of toys that came free with the purchase of a meal! The toys are also in mint condition, with each figure being sold in its original packaging. If you are trying to sell or purchase a set of these figurines, may the force be with you!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Another franchise that Burger King partnered up with for its kids’ meal toys was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In 1990, they offered a set of four cups with their kids meal toys, because nothing makes kids more excited than plastic dishes of their very own.

Meal Toys 19

The set of four cups is available for $25 on eBay and each one features a different design. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were popular in the late 80s and early 90s and are currently gaining popularity again as new films have been recently released, so these cups could very well increase in value in the near future.

Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian is probably one of the most underrated animated characters of all time. Subway recognized this and tried to increase the popularity of this iconic alien invader by releasing a series of toys in 1998 as part of Marvin’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Meal Toys 20

For $20 plus shipping and handling, you can score this set of four toys on eBay. Each one is in its original package and each one has its own name. The set includes “Ruler of the Universe,” “Spaceship Stamper Set,” “Galaxy Crayon Case,” and “Clipboard and Notepad.” You might not take over the universe with this set, but you can conquer your kids’ meal toy collection!

Hand Puppets

In 1993, McDonald’s decided for some strange and creepy reason that has been lost to history, to manufacture these frightening hand puppets, because who hasn’t wanted to carry around Ronald McDonald on their hand?

Meal Toys 21

If you missed out on your opportunity nearly a quarter of a century ago, it isn’t too late to put on your own creeptastic puppet show. For $39.02, you can purchase this vintage Ronald McDonald hand puppet and his sidekick (or nemesis, depending on how you want to look at it) Hamburglar. Unlike other toys, this set does not come in mint condition, so it’s probably been used by someone whose hands were fresh with french fry grease.

Rugrats Go Wild

Released by Burger King, this Rugrats go Wild toy set is proof that the Rugrats were still alive and well in 2003. After the release of The Rugrats Go Wild movie, their popularity began to rise once again.

Rugrats Go Wild

Although at the time, these toys were worth about as much as a jr. cheeseburger, now, the entire set is worth around $60 dollars on eBay. With $60 you can afford to fill up your car with gas, or own this sweet Rugrats Go Wild toy set which you can put on your desk and watch it collect dust. The choice is yours!

The Simpsons Spooky Light Up Toy Set

In 2001, Burger King released a new line of Simpsons toys just in time for Halloween. These were the Simpson’s Spooky Light Up Collection. If you didn’t already have enough Simpsons toys and memorabilia at the time, Burger King was making sure that you were never in want.


Aside from their cool light-up feature, they’re now worth of $80! Bet you wish that you hadn’t lost yours in the car over a decade ago! However, these are rather cool collectibles that can double as Halloween decorations. You’ll have the most expensive decorations in the neighborhood!

TY Beanie Baby Toy Set

In 1997, McDonald’s came out with heir Beanie Baby promotion. Now, if you have all 10 of the mint conditioned, unopened characters, you could sell them for $370 on eBay! For that kind of money, I’d start looking around in my closet and garage to make sure that I don’t have any just lying around.


Apparently, they’re worth their weight in gold today. So, if by some chance you managed to be patient and held onto all 10 without opening them, it’s time to cash in and take yourself out to a nice dinner.

Power Rangers

In the 1990’s McDonald’s came out with their Power Rangers Happy Meal toys. These were a smashing success since it was a hit TV show at the time, and all of the boys and even the little girls wanted their own Power Ranger figurines.


Not only did you get the character, but you got a ninjazord as well whether it was a car or an airplane. The kids ate these up, and if you still have one sitting around from the 90’s they are going for about $35 on eBay right now.

Snoopy World Tour

After the success of the 1989 release of McDonald’s Charlie Brown and Snoopy Happy meal toys, McDonald’s continued to make newer and newer collectibles. So, in 1998, they released the Snoopy World Tour Happy Meal toys. On eBay, they are being sold for $315.


However, although this is the asking price, there currently have been zero bids on the collection, so it’s highly possible that the seller is asking for a little too much for these happy meal toys. Somebody must really have to like the Peanuts if they’re going to buy what was once a free toy for $315.

Teenie Beanie Boos

Although it is basically the same concept, these Teenie Beanie Boos are different from the Teenie Beanie Babies of your childhood. These new toys came out in McDonald’s Happy Meals in 2017.


If you have managed to collect all of the Boos, you have the opportunity to sell them for around $50. On eBay, it is not surprising for Beane Baby lovers to spend around $48 in order to add these to their collection. That’s a pretty good amount of money for a free toy that came out earlier this year. I may have to buy a Happy Meal sometime soon.

Walt Disney Plastic Glasses

In 1994, Burger King came out with their Walt Disney Classic Collector Series glasses. They came with a kids meal, and there were eight of them to collect. The glasses had images from classic Disney movies, as well as a little summary on the back.


Although they once cost 89 cents with the purchase of a Kid’s Meal at Burger King, now, a collection of all eight of them is worth around $40 on the internet. If you’ve managed to keep them for this long, you can sell them and maybe save up for some real glasses.


In 1995, after the success of their Beauty and the Beast toy line, Burger King released their Pocahontas moveable parts toy collection. There were eight different parts which meant you had to buy at least 8 different kids meals in order to collect them all.


Even though these either broke that day or got lost in the car on the ride home, now, a collection of all eight is being sold for $30 on eBay. Who would have thought that people actually still want these plastic little toys that were essentially just a choking hazard to your younger siblings.

Toy Story Pals

Also in 1995, Burger King came out with the Toy Story Pals plush toys. You could collect all four to eventually have Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Hamm. The toys were hand puppets and quickly grew in popularity.


During the holiday season of 1995, the puppets became such a hot commodity that Most Burger King locations sold out of them. Now, they aren’t quite as in demand and the entire set of four can be bought on eBay for around $20.


During the mid-1990’s Scooby-Doo was receiving little to no attention. With the new obsession with Disney films and new cartoons that were coming out, the classic Scooby-Doo began to disappear off of the radar.


However, in 1996, Burger King brought Scooby-Doo back to life by offering Scooby-Doo toys in kids meals. This helped to remind kids about Scooby-Doo as well as interest the kids too young to remember. There was nothing particularly special about these toys, except they were a reminder of the classic cartoon. Now, they are available to buy in a collection for around $30.

Universal Monsters

Much like with the Scooby-Doo toys, Burger King released another line of nostalgic kids meal toys. However, this time, they were Universal monsters from movies well-beyond and kids at the time. Yet, that’s what made the toys so successful, because the kids had no idea where these monsters are from, yet are cool-looking enough that they want them as toys.


The toys included Wolfman, Dracula, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and Frankenstein. They all came in their respective cases which match the character. On eBay, the set of all four goes for around $40.


In 1999, Burger King released their Rugrats toy collection. There were five different characters in the entire set and they worked as a wind-up toy. You could collect “Hero on the Move” Tommy, “Jumpin” Chuckie, “Tandem Triking” Phil and Lil, “Wind Blown” Angela, and Reptar Alive.


These toys also did incredibly well since all of them performed nicely, and there wasn’t a bad toy in the set. Now, if you really wanted to buy them all, you can get the whole set for $20.


In 1999, the Burger King promotional toys were a set of toys distributed with Kids Meals at Burger King from November 8 to December 31, 1999. These toys came about as a promotional tool for the filmPokémon: The First Movie. All of the toys paired with trading cards that were made specifically for the promotion.


There were 59 toys in total, and there was even a set of six 23-karat gold cards which came in Poké Balls that could be bought at the Burger Kings that year. Eventually, stores began to run out of the toys so they distributed promotional posters as well. Now, you can make a pretty penny if you have all 69 toys which average about $5 a piece.

The Little Mermaid

Upon the release of the 1997 Disney movie The Little Mermaid, McDonald’s took advantage of it for free marketing. They then released The Little Mermaid toys in their Happy meals which were gold and floated in water.


There were eight different figurines to collect, and there was even a box that you could store them all in. Now, on eBay, the complete set with the box included is selling for around $35. Not a bad deal for holding onto something for 10 years.

The Jungle Book Wind-Ups

After the release of The Jungle Book, it was all the craze. So, of course, in 1990, McDonald’s came out with wind-up Happy meal toys of The Jungle Book characters. Although nobody ever thought that they would be worth anything, people either lost them or threw them away.


However, if you managed to collect all four of them, you could make almost $50. So, go start digging through your old toy box, because these little toys may have been in investment you didn’t even know you made.

The Lady and the Tramp Activity Book

In 1987, McDonald’s and Disney paired up for the first time ever and released The Lady and the Tramp sticker activity book. Although it was just a test, it turned out to be incredibly successful, therefore establishing a solid long-term relationship between the two titans.


Whenever a new Disney movie came out, McDonald’s supported and market for Disney and Disney helped to promote for McDonald’s. However, due to the issue of obesity and McDonald’s, Disney no longer works side-by-side with them anymore. If you didn’t manage to use the book or lose it, it can be sold for around $30.

Nickelodeon Game Gadgets

In 1992, the kid’s TV channel Nickelodeon was extremely popular featuring shows such as Rugrats and Doug. When McDonald’s saw how successful it was, they decided to get in on the action and released four Happy meal toys inspired by Nickelodeon.


If you have ever managed to get any of them, let alone four, you could cash them in up to $20 on the internet. It’s not much, but it’s better than having four useless toys laying around your house.

Dinosaur Talking Books

In 1989, McDonald’s Happy Meals came out with books that contained dinosaur stories. Also included was a tape of the same story so, you didn’t have to just read the book, but could listen to it, or follow along with it for a beginning reader.


Online, if you have all four books and tapes, you can make about $12 from people that either really miss those stories, or it’s part of their childhood that’s just too good to pass up. Certainly, this was one of the more high-end McDonalds toys, which also shows their focus on education at the time.

Camp McDonaldland

In 1990, McDonald Happy Meals contained actual working camping gear although they were all plastic. it had a first aid kit, camping cutlery, and even a working canteen. If you managed to keep all of these, you can make around $20.


This is one of the toy campaigns that most people ended up keeping because they were pretty sturdy toys, and didn’t break as easily as easily as some of the other prior toys. maybe if you’re lucky, you can find them mixed in with your parents camping gear.