Cashing In On Church: The Richest Mega Pastors In America

Although much of a church’s revenue goes to helping others, that isn’t always the case. The rise of evangelism has spawned an upsurge in the number of mega-churches, which can attract hundreds of thousands of supporters around the world. As a result, the pastors of these churches commonly make quite a pretty penny themselves. Read on to learn about the richest mega-pastors around and how they earned their massive fortunes.

Charles E. Blake

Charles Edward Blake Sr. is the current Presiding Bishop of the six-million-member Church of God in Christ, Inc. Blake, who resides in a 10,000-square foot mansion, supposedly nets $227,750 per year for his work with the Church (according to HuffPo).

Bishop Charles Blake delivers the sermon
Earl Gibson III/WireImage
Earl Gibson III/WireImage

He earns this massive salary from the help of 25,000 members and 50,000 online weekly participants. Blake was named one of the 15 “Greatest Preachers in America” by Ebony magazine in 1982.