Who Gets the Playboy Fortune?

It is no secret that that Hugh-Hefner built quite an empire during his life. From Playboy magazine, the Playboy Mansion, and even his private plane “The Big Bunny”, he’s got it all.

Playboy Mansion

Unfortunately, he passed away from natural causes at the age of 91 on September 27, 2017. With his passing, there is one big elephant in the room and leaves a question that everyone is asking. Who’s going to inherit his ginormous fortune?

Considering all of his accomplishments and his reputation, it’s safe to say that Hugh is absolutely loaded. Last year, he even sold the Playboy Mansion, further adding zeros to his bank account. Hefner is survived by his 31-year-old third wife as well as four children from previous relationships. They are Christie Hefner (64), David Hefner (62), Marston Hefner (27), and Cooper Hefner (26). Cooper took over the role of Chief Creative Officer at Playboy Enterprises in 2006 and oversees the magazine’s operations.

His latest will and testament has not been released. However, his ex-girlfriend Holly Madison wrote in her 2015 book Down the Rabbit Hole that she had discovered a document on the bed while they were breaking up that said Hugh was going to leave the Playboy mansion to her. But that was back in 2008.

She also noted that she discovered that after his death tax, his wealth was to be distributed with roughly 50 percent to his charity foundation and the bulk of the remainder divided evenly among his four children. Madison also wrote that if she still lived in the mansion at the time of his death would receive $3 million, yet she was disgusted by this notion.

Hefner’s family has not made any comments on her remarks as of yet. However, after her book was published, Hugh made a point to note that Madison was incredibly sour at him and had no problem writing slander about him or the mansion.

It is also unclear if his current wife Crystal will receive any money. US Weekly reported that in January 2013, they signed an “ironclad” prenup before getting married. It is also reported that she was never added to his will. However, she is co-owner of a 4.995 million dollar home they bought in the Hollywood Hills.


So, aside from his legacy, he left behind quite a bit. At the time of his death, he owned 35% of the Playboy brand and all of Playboy magazine. He also had a ton of money invested in stocks, as well as other ventures he had. The mansion was also sold to his neighbor Daren Metropoulus of Metropoulos & Co for a ridiculous amount, on the terms that he Hefner got to live out the rest of his life in the mansion. All in all, he left behind a lot. Whoever gets a piece of it isn’t going to have to worry about much for the rest of their lives. Hugh is certainly a loose cannon so we’ll just have to wait and find out