Kurt Cobain: The Dramatic Rise And Tragic Fall Of The King Of Grunge

Kurt Cobain was a man of many things. Not only was he talented, but he was the voice of a new style of music at a time when music needed a revival from Generation X. Thankfully, Kurt, and many other bands and musicians during his time, challenged that and embarked on the evolution of a new sound.

During the early part of his life, Cobain battled several ups and downs with his personal struggles, especially during his tenure with Nirvana. The tragic end of his life is considered to be the day grunge music died. While it has been many years since his death, there is still plenty we’re still learning about the complicated musician. For one, MTV Unplugged almost didn’t happen!

Childhood Roller Coaster

On February 21, 1967, Kurt Donald Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington. He was the son of Wendy and Donald and he had a younger sister Kim. Growing in a small town just outside of Seattle, Cobain developed an interest in drawing and his talent to draw was apparent in his kindergarten class.

Photo Credit: Suzi Pratt/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Suzi Pratt/Getty Images

Unfortunately, both Cobain children had to deal with the constant fighting between their parents. That led to their divorce when Kurt was just nine-years-old and it had a major effect on his life. He lived with his parents on separate occasions and when his father remarried, Cobain resented his stepmother and her two children.