Legendary Musicians’ Famous Last Words

Legendary musicians often lead tumultuous lives. From the famed 27 club to being murdered by deranged fans, musicians have met their end in some of the most tragic, if not poetic, ways imaginable. It’s no wonder, that even in the end, these legends would leave the world in an iconic way. Check out this list of legendary musicians and their famous last words. Some of these musician’s last words were poignant while others were absolutely heartbreaking—but all made for memorable endings.

Jim Morrison


Getty Images

Legendary Doors front man, Jim Morrison, had an extremely tumultuous life. He struggled with alcohol and drug addiction as well as difficult relationships with friends, family, and even his own bandmates.

Jim was known to be an accomplished poet, penning many poems which were posthumously published. At the time of his death, a poem considered to be the last known written words by Morrison was found amongst his things in his Paris apartment. The last lines he ever wrote were, “Last words, last words out.”

Since then, the musician’s death has been shrouded in controversy mainly because Jim’s cause of death was heart failure, but an autopsy was never performed. Regardless of the underlying cause, the beloved artist lost his life at the age of 27.