Siblings That Probably Wish They Were An Only Child

If you’re fortunate enough to have siblings, you know you have to take the good with the bad. Usually after fights, you would try to get back at each other by whatever means necessary. Sure, there’s usually some savagery going on in each household, but it’s all out of love… usually. From swapping family photos with celebrities to scaring your sibling from under the bed, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Every Sibling Should Name Their Boat This

Every Sibling Should Name Their Boat This

Arguments from your childhood so memorable that you named your boats after them. That’s more proof that there are some things you never grow out of, and grudges can indeed last a lifetime. Boats can be expensive, but not so much if you have a well-paying job or you and your siblings went all in on lottery tickets.

Not Fooling Anybody

Not Fooling Anybody

This kid is such a savage. She may just be in her early teenage years, but she is a master of her skill. But you know what? The oldest sibling has to look out for the younger kids, and seeing this would most likely give them a minor stroke. Just be grateful it wasn’t a pregnancy test.

Turning Lucky Charms Into Alphabets

Turning Lucky Charms Into Alphabets

We know that Lucky Charms are a beloved breakfast cereal and your sibling has the habit of ruining everything that makes them great. Without the marshmallows, it looks like Alphabets, which hardly counts as a cereal. This is at least better than having to say “It doesn’t matter” for what you want for breakfast.

A Generous Donation

A Generous Donation

We’ll take a wild guess and assume this sibling never had their Bris when they were a baby. Better yet, it’s quite impressive to see your sibling know how to write a check at such a young age. Obviously, no bank will ever bother accepting this check, but it’s the thought that counts.

Dear Sister

Dear Sister

When you aggravate your sibling for stealing $20, they’ll hack into your computer and hide your science project. It wouldn’t be cool if they deleted the project (hopefully they didn’t) but this is something out of an after-school special of Saw. Remember, don’t take money from your siblings. They’ll make you pay for it.

It Doesn’t Matter

It Doesn’t Matter

The “It doesn’t matter” meal has some major disadvantages. A small portion of a pancake is one way to get your sibling to stop being a wisecracker. This is why you should always be direct, no matter who is asking the questions. Don’t tell your sibling to save you food at Thanksgiving dinner, because they might not have your best interests at heart.

Monsters Under The Bed

Monsters Under The Bed

That little girl is going to hate her sibling for a very, very long time. Being the victim who’s in the bed sleeping will probably have trust issues growing up for a very long time. This is why people have fears of going down into the basement, even when they’re an adult and it’s fully furnished.

Nothing But Sibling Love

Nothing But Sibling Love

Birthdays are such a challenging time for siblings. Emotions are at an all-time high, none of the gifts are for you, and it feels like you hit rock bottom. It kind of looks like the gun was the one that blew out the candle. She’s all smiles for now, but baby bro looks like he’s ready to make a scene.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s Your Dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s Your Dinner!

When you tell your sibling to “save you a little bit of everything for Thanksgiving dinner”, chances are you will get this plate of sadness. What good is one pea anyway? If the tiny turkey coma gets to you, don’t be the one to fall asleep first. You’ll see why in a bit!

The Single Sibling

The Single Sibling

If you have siblings who are in relationships and you aren’t, that’s okay. Being single means more independence and less time spending time with your significant other’s parents. The sibling on the bottom right is so on point about the single life. Those Chipotle chips are the best thing to happen since Tinder.

Christmas Gift Prank

Christmas Gift Prank

Giving your loving sister a 365 Note Jar for Christmas just came with a unique twist. Making a few revisions takes this prank to a whole new level. As thoughtful and cruel as it the gift is, it would make a great gift if your siblings birthday fell on April Fool’s Day. This is some serious commitment.

Don’t Be The First One To Fall Asleep

Don’t Be The First One To Fall Asleep

A classic sibling prank. If you want to take it one step further, then go get a cup of warm water and put their hand in it. While this sibling was busy wasting food, most sibling rivalries revolve around who ate all the snacks. This could make your sibling head to the freezer and eat ALL of the ice cream you were going to have after going to the gym.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

It doesn’t get any creepier than this. Walking into your Bachelorette Party when your sibling made your friends wear a mask of your fiance’s face. I would never do this to my sisters when they tie the knot. It’s just way too disturbing to even look at. Hopefully there weren’t too many tears. That would be a bad sign.

Steve Buscemi Is Your Adopted Sibling

Steve Buscemi Is Your Adopted Sibling

One sibling took it upon themselves to swap family photos with pictures of actor Steve Buscemi. It’s natural to wish your sibling was someone else when a fight breaks out, but you should probably keep your aspirations in check. A sibling who can pull off something like this is a true hero in my books.

No Ice Cream For You!

No Ice Cream For You!.jpg

Now you know who ate the whole tub of ice cream. Few things are worse than getting home after a crummy day and reaching for the ice cream box, only to find a box of lies and sadness. The only thing worse than this is having an empty watermelon on a hot summer day.

Eye Pad

Eye Pad

Get it? It’s such a clever pun and prank to do. It’s easy to get your hopes up for Christmas, but always take a gift with a grain of salt. The whole “fake box” thing has been pretty played out at this point, but there’s always time for some good old fashioned word play.

Where’s Your Sister?

Where's Your Sister? .jpg

A harmless game of Lego is how her claustrophobia started. My sisters locked me in the bathroom once, so I know how this poor little girl feels. Being the youngest is a pain the butt. So many repressed memories will come back to you if you ever had to go through something like this.

Watermelon Anybody?

Watermelon Anybody?

The key to any prank on your sibling is to not leave any evidence behind. After all, who even looks at a watermelon and thinks there something wrong with it? Nobody. Other than that, the watermelon raises no red flags. Imagine the highs and lows that went through this person’s mind.

The Owner Of The Netflix Account

The Owner Of The Netflix Account

The truth is a harsh reality for anybody, but parasite number two seems okay with it. My older sister has the Netflix account under her name, and it’s her duty as the oldest to make sure her youngest siblings get the entertainment they deserve. It comes with the territory.



Your sibling can lift you up when you’re feeling down, but they have of way of making your life difficult. They make a crappy situation even crappier by taking all of the toilet paper and leaving you empty-handed. Good luck trying to explain why the bathroom is all brown. This is why you always look before fully committing to your business.

Access Denied


There’s something so satisfying about using your sibling’s electronics when you’re not supposed to. You get an adrenaline rush because you never know when they’re going to walk through the door. However, it looks like this sibling was sick of their brother using their computer, so they set up this little roadblock so they can’t get in. Busted.

Close Enough


Everyone has that one sibling that is convinced that they’re the best animal caretaker of all time. They beg your parents for an animal and other people have to pick up the slack. This girl’s sibling decided to have an experiment of their own, replacing her goldfish with carrots. It’s been three days and she didn’t notice. Does that mean she didn’t feed them for three days?

Worse Than A Nightmare


Even if you’re not afraid of spiders, nobody wants to wake up with a giant one on their head. Personally, if my sibling did this to me, it would take me years to plot a revenge to get her back that would compare to the emotional damage they gave me. Take this as a lesson. Never sleep around your siblings, ever.

Ninja Skills Required


When you come home after a long day at work or school only to see this contraption set up by your sibling, there’s only one thing to do. You need to go into their room and take over their bed, refusing to get up until they clean up the mess they’ve made. Also, make them apologize to the teddy bear that they trapped

No Mercy


Most people wouldn’t do something like this to their worst enemy, but when it comes to your siblings the game changes. We can all admit that we’ve done something this low to our brother or sister, I know I have. What really gets my sibling going is if the rows aren’t all even, so I make sure they never are.

Extreme Makeover: Sister Edition


When this girl’s little brother went to sleep at a friends house, she decided to give his room a little makeover. Although we can still see his boyish-sheets underneath his new Care Bear blanket, the sister went so far as to even change the pictures on the walls. Hopefully, he doesn’t come home with a friend only to see this.

Let’s play A Game


This girl’s little brother is just one of those people that just want to watch the world burn. We’re not even sure if his sister did anything to do deserve this, and the chances are, she didn’t. We have to admit, it’s a pretty clever prank, especially for someone whose writing still looks like they’re incredibly young. We wonder if she ever got it open or if she just gave up.

Happy Birthday To Him!


This brother thought he was in for a treat when his sister got him two presents for his birthday. However, you know that something’s fishy when your sibling tells you that they got you two things. Of course, the sister wasn’t technically lying and did get him two things. A file because he makes her want to scratch her eyes out and a penny because that’s all he’s worth to her. Sibling love at its finest.

It’s The Thought That Counts


When your little sibling runs up and hands you a note like this, it can be a little confusing. They hate you enough that they want you dead, but love you enough that they want you to go to heaven. We’ll take what we can get in situations like this. This person should just be happy their sibling wanted them to go up and not down.

Must Have Been Pretty Bad


If your little sibling went out of their way to get you an air freshener for your room, this may not be so much of an insult as an attempt to help. What would have been a good prank is if they had given their sibling a terrible smelling sent, just to rub in how bad their room actually smells. If I were this person I’d gladly accept the gift. Who doesn’t want their room to smell like morning mist?

Never Letting Them Live It Down


Because of this, now we will always be cautious when a sibling gives someone a mug as a present. You never know what kind of embarrassing picture might show up when someone fills it with a hot liquid. While this person’s parents may try and forget that their kid was in jail, this little brother wants to make sure that this never happens.

Ethan, Run!


it looks like Ethan did something to seriously anger his sibling. They went so far as to make a list of all of the plans they had to ruin this sibling’s life. Most of it seems reasonable except for selling his black bear, that’s low, man. We’re also sure that tearing his Minecraft poster is what will probably be the most effective form of revenge.

Clean Up Your Hair Or Else


Siblings will go to great lengths to prove a point, even if that means saving your hair and tying it into a bowtie for you. To us, this looks like more effort than it’s worth, but we’re sure that there’s more backstory to his whole situation. Also, what a nice present to give your sister on her birthday.

That’s Reason Enough


In the age of cell phones, yelling at your sibling to bring you toilet paper or shampoo from the bathroom is a thing of the past. Now, you can just send a text to them while at the same time threatening them with horrifying pictures if they don’t hurry up. The real question is how did they send this text if they were in the shower?

When You Try To Do Something Nice


This person tried to do something nice for his little brother and let him play Pokemon Go on his cell phone. Unfortunately, his brother thought that you threw the phone at the imaginary Pokemon, missing the purpose of the Poke Balls, Of course, he ended up breaking his brother’s phone and now his older brother wishes he was never born.

A Lovely Birthday Cake


If your sibling ever volunteers to take care of your birthday cake, you shouldn’t be surprised if they bring you a fish with a lit candle hanging out of his mouth. We’re also going to assume by this girls reaction that she probably hates fish too, which is exactly why her sibling did this to her.

Always Lock Your Phone


If you have a little brother, not having a lock on your phone or leaving it around him is an amateur move. If they can, they will take it and do something to inconvenience you. Luckily for this person, all their brother did was change their backgrounds. he could have done some serious damage in the text message department if he really wanted to cause some damage.

This Is Plain Evil


Regardless of how cruel this prank is, I have to tip my hat to whoever is responsible. It’s clever, takes, skill, and will certainly be effective. Nobody goes to the bathroom thinking that they’re going to get hit with a prank of this caliber. The only thing I was is that we got to see the aftermath and the text messages that followed.

Love Ya, Sis!


Mailing a potato to your sister is the perfect way to remind her that you love her, right? Maybe she’s a starving college student and appreciates the gift, but probably not. It’s more likely that she doesn’t check her mail and now has multiple potatoes growing spores out of them. Maybe that was the brother’s plan all along…

This Is Dark


While we’re pretty sure that this is a joke and this guys’ sister isn’t actually coming home from rehab, it’s a pretty dark joke. But when you’re a little brother, jokes are never too dark when it comes to your older sister. Surely, this girl got some intersting looks on her way out of the airport. Just what her brother wanted.