Simple Hacks Every Parent Needs To Make Parenting A Breeze

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever have. While it is certainly rewarding, it’s not without stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Make certain aspects of it easier by using some of the simple hacks in this slideshow. We bet you’ll love the hack that helps keep clothes clean.

Hold WiFi Hostage

You’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t have a device that’s connected to the Internet. Considering withdrawal sets in pretty quickly for them if they can’t get online, changing the WiFi password daily and not giving it to them until they complete their chores is genius.

Put Those Delivery Boxes To Good Use

Use delivery boxes to keep kids entertained by letting them draw on them. Not only does this save paper, your kids will love getting inside to draw. An added bonus: if you make them stay inside the box to draw, all coloring materials will be kept inside to make cleanup easier.

No More Getting Locked Out

If your little one has a tendency to lock bedroom or bathroom doors, then you’ll love this hack — hook a rubber band on the doorknobs to keep the lock from latching. When they try to lock the door, you won’t get locked out anymore. Keep reading for another door hack that we love.

Make Taking Medicine Easier

This hack is great for parents of infants and younger toddlers who haven’t given up their pacifiers. Simply cut a small hole in the tip of the pacifier, put the medicine dropper in the open end, and watch as they suck the medicine down. For older kids, try dipping liquid medicine in suckers.

Reduce Slippage

Do you have an independent infant who wants to hold their bottle, but struggles because it keeps slipping? Try wedging their bottle into an infant O-ball. They can grip the ball quite easily to guide the bottle to their mouths and hold it in place. No more drops or bumps on the head.

Prevent Smashed Fingers

Don’t buy pricey finger guards to keep your kid’s fingers from getting smashed in doors. Instead, use a pool noodle to prevent smashed fingers. Cut out a section of the noodle and slip it over the side of the door. Want more safety tips? Keep reading to find a way to prevent falls.

Easy Glitter Cleanup

Glitter is the bane of every parent’s existence. It gets everywhere and is a total pain to clean up. Make cleanup less frustrating by rolling a lint brush over the glitter, and it’ll easily pick up the glitter. Use this hack for crafts that involves beads or other hard to pick up items.

Look Ma, No Drips!

Speaking of making clean up time easier, you’ll love this hack that will prevent messes. Popsicles are notorious for making hands sticky and staining clothes. Cut a hole in a cupcake liner and slide the popsicle stick through to prevent messes. The liner will catch drips, plus the kids can drink whatever is melted.

Sock It To Me

Hardwood floors are much nicer than carpet, but they can be difficult for kids to walk or run on while wearing socks. Reduce falls by using puffy paint on the bottom of socks to make them non-slip. Make potty training easier by using the hack coming up.

How Are We Just Finding Out About This?

It’s no secret that kids are messy, and this often leads to them ruining clothes. If you’re tired of throwing out perfectly good shirts, then put Press and Seal liners on for dinner time or craft time. Pull it off after they’re done and marvel over the non-stained shirt.

Make Craft Time Less Messy

Keep all of your kid’s art supplies — and the mess — confined to one area by using cookie sheets. Find these at any dollar store and designate them for different activities, such as coloring or painting. Bonus: since the cookie sheets are magnetic, you canput letter magnets on them for learning activities.

Potty Training Just Got Easier

Potty training is difficult, so make the process less painful by letting toddlers draw on the toilet lid with dry erase markers. This will keep them on the toilet longer and eliminate the tears. Hate cleaning your kid’s toys? Find out how to make this easier in an upcoming slide.

Up Your Child Safety Game

A child getting lost is every parent’s worst nightmare, but this bracelet hack may help ease those fears a little. Use beads to put your cell phone number on a bracelet for your little ones. This way, if they get separated from you, they can ask someone to call.

More Fun In The Sun

If you have a baby who puts everything in his mouth, let them play on a fitted sheet to keep the sand away. Put something in each corner of the sheet to keep it raised, and you no longer have to worry about Junior putting sand or seashells in his mouth.

Cut Down On Cleaning Time

Cleaning and sterilizing a kid’s toys doesn’t have to be a pain anymore with this dishwasher hack. Put plastic toys on the top rack and let the dishwasher work its magic. Are your kids scared of monsters? Find a way to reduce that fear in the slide coming up.

Make Toys Less Noisy

Sometimes toys can be obnoxiously loud. If you’re tired of getting a headache from hearing music blaring from your kid’s favorite toy, put a piece of clear tape over the speaker. This will make it quieter, but not completely silent, so your kid won’t whine about it too much.

No More Shoe Confusion

Sometimes younger kids struggle with tasks like putting on shoes. You can make this easier for them by cutting a sticker in half and placing it in the bottom of each shoe. When they see the stickers side by side, they’ll put the shoe on the right foot.

Monster Spray For The Win

Most kids go through a phase of being scared of the dark. Reduce those fears by labeling a spray bottle Monster Spray and telling the kids that spraying it will keep monsters away. They’ll be able to rest much easier knowing that monsters can’t get into their rooms.

LEGO On The Go

Whether you want to reduce screen time on trips or keep them entertained in the doctor’s office, this lunchbox LEGO kit does the trick. Use a hot glue gun to glue a baseplate in the bottom of the lunchbox, throw in some basic LEGO pieces and a couple of LEGO minifigures, and you’re set.

Snack Time Just Got Easier

If you’re tired of wasting paper plates and don’t want to wash dishes after every snack, try using coffee filters. They’re great for holding popcorn, chips, and other snacks, plus they’re dirt cheap. Cleanup time will be much easier with this parent hack. We’ll take less fuss, less muss all day long.