These Disturbing Images From Insane Asylums Will Make You Cringe

You never know what’s going on in the mind of an individual. Many people over history have tried to find the key to the mind. Some people try to use hypnotism, and others try to examine the human brain with all manners of experiments. Patients have been brought into insane asylums for different reasons, each requiring special treatment. We have many images about insane asylums, but looking at these may make you cringe.

A Man Wears a Dog Mask

What do you see in this particular image? Do you see an individual that has been affected by the environment around him or do you see something disturbing about this man? You really cannot tell what this individual is feeling.

Here is some information about this particular image. The gentleman in this photo resides in a mental asylum in Japan. This patient has resided in this asylum for many years and he wears an unusual dog mask. This gentleman may have adopted the mannerisms of an actual dog or may have had a connection with a dog. This man has reportedly barked at staff when he is angry.