2016 Conspiracy Theories That People Really Fell For!

In 2016, fake news was spread across the internet reaching a particular demographic through Facebook. Government agencies, such as the CIA have publicly said that this was done by Russia in an attempt to put Donald Trump in the White House.


Fake News Or Real Life?

Wait. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this actually happened in real life! In December of 2016, the CIA concluded that Russia purposely acted to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances to win the presidency. This has caused Trump to publicly criticize the CIA, which is unprecedented in terms of Presidents. What a world we are living in! Well, on to some actual conspiracies that are in the same vein.

Pizza Parlor Pedophilia

One crazy theory was that a pizza parlor located in Washington D.C. was actually a front for a child sex ring which the Democratic party was somehow tied to. This all started when Wikileaks released emails after the apparent Russian hacking of the DNC (Democratic National Campaign).

Gunman Pizza Shop

More specifically, this stemmed from emails from John Podesta who was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman during her 2016 bid for the presidency. The website 4chan latched on to the emails where he was discussing pizza and decided pizza was actually code for pedophilia. The rumor spread from 4chan to Reddit, and in the dark depths of those message boards is where it really took off in a subreddit called “The Donald” for Trump supporters.