Major Territory Disputes Around The World

Territory disputes have been around since humans first learned to draw a line in the sand to separate sides. No matter how much we either try (or don’t), not everybody can always end up happy. While some disputes are more serious than others (with the threat of war, for example), others can just be childish and greedy. Whether these fights are centered on resources or religion or something else entirely, here are the most unusual and most serious territory disputes happening around the globe right now.

We’ll learn what makes a small rock in the Atlantic Ocean so important.

Guantanamo Bay Is A Massive Controversy


Photo Credits: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

With the end of the Spanish-American war in 1898, the United States was left in control over Cuba and a few of its surrounding areas. In 1902, the new Cuban constitution gave the US rights to build a naval station on its soil. The United States began leasing the base and by 1934 was charging $ $3,386.25 a year.

However, in 1960, Fidel Castro had ordered a removal of the United States from the base since he considered the occupation to be against Cuba’s will and therefore illegal. Only one of the United State’s rent checks was cashed after the Cuban Revolution and has since refused to cash any of the other checks in protest of what they see as an illegal occupation.