Who Is Running For President In 2020?

The next presidential election doesn’t take place until November 3, 2020, but there are already numerous candidates who have announced that they are running for the country’s most prestigious position. Some of the candidates are household names, while others are lesser known. Even more have yet to announce their 2020 plans.

One thing is for sure, the field is already very crowded. Here, we’re breaking down all the current hopefuls and some who are still undecided. It will all come to a head next year when a nominee is selected to oppose President Trump.

Kamala Harris Will Make History If She Secures the Democratic Nomination

Mason Trinca/Getty Images
Mason Trinca/Getty Images

Before she became a California senator in 2016, Kamala Harris was the state’s attorney general. If she gets the Democratic nomination, Harris would be the first African-American woman and the first Asian-American woman to be a major-party nominee for president.

In her recent memoir, The Truths We Hold, she writes: “We cannot solve our most intractable problems unless we are honest about what they are, unless we are willing to have difficult conversations and accept what facts make plain. We cannot build an economy that gives dignity and decency to American workers unless we first speak truth. … And I intend to do just that.”