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Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The 1960s were a tumultuous time for people in the United States. While the Civil Rights Movement raged through the South, women were fighting for their rights and exercising their sexual freedom. Americans saw three major assassinations happen, not to mention even more casualties as a result of the strongly objected Vietnam War. Sure there were some positive things that happened in the ’60s, but times were definitely changing and gave way to an era that is now looked upon as the “Radical ’60s.” A lot certainly happened during this decade, but do you remember all of it? Test your knowledge!

Apollo 11 made a historic landing on the moon on July 20, 1969, because it was carrying __________.

Multiple high-profile assassinations occurred during the ’60s, but which one of these wasn’t one of them?

On September 26, 1960, America saw the first televised presidential debate. Who were the two candidates involved?

Which year did Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver his famous “I Have A Dream” speech?

Who assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963?

Who was sent to invade Cuba’s Bay of Pigs in 1961?

Who became the host of The Tonight Show in 1962?

In 1964, which British band performed for the first time in America?

In 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr. led a march to Montgomery, Alabama to register black voters in the South. From where did the march start?

Upon its publishing in 1966, this provocative novel of fiction was proclaimed as the world’s most popular novel by Guinness Book of World Records.

1967 was the year of the first-ever Super Bowl. Who played?

Sean Connery debuted as James Bond in 1962. Which was the very first Bond film?

On October 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy delivered a televised address to alert the American public of what?

What was the U.S. government’s immediate response to the Cuban Missile Crisis?

In 1962, who became the new anchor of the CBS Evening News?

This car was debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. What kind of car is it?

Which of the following did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 not do?

In 1969, the Woodstock Music Festival was open to the public, free of charge.

Rob and Laura Petrie were the married couple on which ’60s sitcom?

February 25, 1964, was a historic day in boxing when the reigning champion Sonny Liston lost the heavyweight crown to whom?

Which one of these fashion trends emerged in the ’60s?

The Graduate was released in December 1967. Who did not star in the film?

Which one of these cities did not host an Olympic Games during the ’60s?

In regards to the Vietnam War during 1961, how many U.S. military personnel were originally sent to Saigon?

By June of 1965, how many U.S. combat troops were stationed in Vietnam?

By 1967, with 500,000 U.S. troops in Vietnam, casualties were reaching the hundreds of thousands, which upset many Americans. Where did the most prominent anti-war protest happen?

Which one of these soap operas did not premiere in the 1960s?

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered in 1968, starring who?

In 1968, a 22-year-old Palestinian man by the name of Sirhan Sirhan committed what crime?

On March 31, 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson made a shocking announcement. What was it?

Who were The Weathermen?

In May 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson gave the University of Michigan commencement address and asked for the students’ help in realizing what?

Who introduced French cuisine to the American public when their book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, debuted in 1961?

This singer became the “voice of a generation” with songs that appealed to the civil rights and anti-war movements throughout the ’60s.

When he became the U.S. president in 1969, Richard Nixon announced “Vietnamization” which entailed what?

In 1964, programs such as Head Start, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid were all created as a result of what?

Where did the Free Speech Movement take place?

After he was traded to a Philadelphia team in 1969, who did Curt Flood sue?

“Turn on, tune in, drop out” was a phrase that promoted what?

During a broadcast of the Army-Navy football game in December 1963, CBS used what for the first time?