The World’s Most Eligible Royals & The Salacious Relationships Of Princes And Princesses

Just because you’re a member of a royal family it doesn’t mean life is all caviar and lavish castle living. Many members of royal families have been called out for their salacious relationships, lavish parties, and general troublemaking. Even after getting engaged or married, many royals face cheating scandals, stories of illegitimate children, and other controversies.

Stéphanie’s Second Bodyguard Lover

Stéphanie and Daniel divorced in 1996. Two years later, the princess gave birth to a third child, Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb. The baby’s father was not listed on the birth certificate. It’s assumed her father is Jean Raymond Gottlieb, who was also one of Stephanie’s bodyguards. Jean was head of security but resigned his position when he and Stephanie became lovers. Since they never married, Camille is not included in the line of succession.

The princess was unable to make the relationship work with her second bodyguard boyfriend. In 2001, with three young children in tow, she ran off with not one, but two men in the circus.