Creepy Tombs From Around The World That Are Sure To Cause Nightmares

To most, cemeteries are already an eerie place to be. After all, it’s where the dead are buried, whether it be that same year or decades before. Some folks like to take a stroll around cemeteries and check out the various headstones and grave plots. Tombs aren’t always sad or beautiful, however– some tombs are just plain creepy. Really creepy. From a guy who requested a window and staircase out unless he really wasn’t dead when buried, to an unmade stone bed, here are photos people have shared of the strangest tombs they came across. Who picked these?!

At Least There’s A Little Stone Dog?

At least there's a little stone dog?
Gag Loop / Pinterest
Gag Loop / Pinterest

It’s safe to say I’m not walking through this Missouri graveyard at night. If I saw that little stone babyface in the distance I would scream so loudly there is zero way I wouldn’t wake the dead. (Sorry in advance to the spirits.)

Thankfully, whoever designed this tombstone had the decency to add a tiny dog. There’s just something about a docile animal that makes things a bit less nightmarish. “A bit” being the key phrase there.