Totally Frightening Pictures That You Should Only Look At During the Daytime

Dark woods, the thought of something coming up from behind you, or clowns? If any of those bring terror to your heart then you’ll definitely only want to check out these terrifying images and their back stories in the daytime.

They will surely make you want to look behind you twice. We hope that you are not faint at heart because not everyone can handle the images they are about to see. Make sure to send this along to a friend once you are done to see if they can handle it better than you did as a challenge.

Joseph ‘The Cannibal’ Metheny

Joseph was a serial killer who admitted to at least eight murders dating back to 1976. He would lure “workers of the night” into his apartment, where he would dismember them and freeze their meat for consumption. He later operated an open-pit beef stand where he would serve the meat of his victims.