These Are The Leaked Secret Operations The Intelligence Agencies Never Thought You’d Find Out About

The Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation by definition are forced to keep many secrets. Their job is to be stealthy, and live in the shadows while gathering as much information as possible on potential threats.

Most of the work they do stays in those shadows, but on the rare occasion they end up getting leaked to the public. It’s in these stories that we find out the full breadth of American intel and the vast scope to which they operate. This article highlights some of the covert operations the FBI and CIA wish you didn’t know about so keep this knowledge on the DL.

Operation Mongoose

The CIA had Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba in their crosshairs for a while. It seemed that they weren’t going to stop at anything in order to neutralize him. The CIA’s Operation Mongoose had many failed attempts to assassinate the revolutionary leader.

David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images
David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images

Some of the tactics included exploding cigars, poisoned wetsuits and even having a former lover spike his drink. He once stated that if surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic sport, he’d win the gold medal.